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Delicious Gourmet Foods this Fyora Day!

Welcome! Each Fyora Day, minds across Neopia turn to the elegant ruler of Faerieland, Queen Fyora.

by _brainchild_
13 of the Best Desserts to Celebrate Fyora Day

Happy Fyora Day to everyone! Celebrating Queen Fyora and her coronation means spreading kindness, happiness, and merriment all around Neopia. Collab with maddyf24

by tamimarieb
All that's Fyora is not Purple

“It’s not purple. It’s pink...” claimed Fyora once, and whoever is familiar with her Blessing should be familiar with this famous quote.

by water_park1993
13 Questions with Queen Fyora

In honour of Fyora Day, The Neopian Times (NT) wanted an exclusive interview with the honouree. Collab with littlebitdancer

by marinarasaucy
Fyora’s Five Finest Qualities

Today is Neopia’s finest day of the year! It is a day to celebrate the fairest and most powerful faerie in the land. Collab with oi_tio_to_na_globo

by tylerhuyser
Eat like Royalty: 10 Fyora Themed Foods

Have you ever dreamed of sitting at Queen Fyora’s Dinner table? Or perhaps, you're looking to add a little more ‘fancy’ to your typical dinner rotation? This list is here to help!

by notooryous
Queen Fyora's Book Club Picks

Hello everyone! It’s your lovely Neofriend Rachu here, ready to discuss all things reading.

by rachu816
Is That REALLY Fyora On The Faerie Queen Doll Avatar

Is That REALLY Fyora On The Faerie Queen Doll Avatar? And Other Avatar Mysteries SOLVED Collab with spitfyre_momma

by ella171rose
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Delicious Gourmet Foods this Fyora Day!

---Starring Lerlifia the Chocolate Draik, Lervilia the Candy Draik, and Christine, their owner!--- Christine: Welcome! Each Fyora Day, minds across Neopia turn to the elegant ruler of Faerieland, Queen Fyora. A lot of Neopians idolize her, in fact, as evidenced by the many Fyora-themed items across Neopia. Therefore, in honour of Fyora Day, my foodie pets, Lerlifia and Lervilia, and I will be sampling some Fyora-themed foods. All are gourmet, so rejoice, Gourmet Club members! Without further ado, here are the foods: ---Deluxe Fyora Day Cake--- Christine: This luxurious cake was baked to honour everyone’s favourite Faerie Queen! At 200,000 NPs on the player market, the price isn’t too out of control. Lervi: Or you can restock it rarely at the Faerie Foods shop. Lerli: Very true. Anyway, this cake is HUGE. We will definitely have some leftovers! Lervi: ---chomps into cake--- Lerli: Cut a piece instead of taking a bite out of the whole thing, you animal! Christine: Please do not use the word “animal” as an insult, Lerli. I love animals! Lervi: Anyway, this cake is delicious! It tastes just like a birthday cake. Lerli: ---cuts slice--- Not bad. Christine: ---eats cake--- I could eat this whole thing! Lerli: You had better not. I want some leftovers, too... ---Faerie Queen Smoothie Bowl--- Lerli: Because this item is priced at 800,000 NPs no matter where you go, I went to the Faerie Foods shop and stole the cook’s recipe book. Now I have made my own! Christine: ---sigh--- Lerli, please go return that book. Lerli: Not until I have copied all the recipes! ---sticks tongue out--- Lervi: Anyway, let me try it. ---takes a spoonful--- The berries and cream are delicious, but I think this would be easier to drink out of a cup. Lerli: Very true. You have food dripping all over your clothes, you Ownow! Lervi: ---scowls--- At least it’s tasty. ---Lerli pours the remaining liquid into a cup and drinks it.

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