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Blossoms~ The Talk Epilogue

"...the confidentiality of any and all information disclosed to Queen Fyora..."

by twillieblossom
BLACKOUT with a Vengeance - Part 6

Home at last...

by shellshocks

Those years start coming and they don't stop coming!

by the_hoshi_pixi
404: Celebration Not Found

Happy 21st birthday, Neopets!

by t0tor0
Art Will Lift Your Spirits

For all you artists who might be feeling Grey: pick up your art supplies and paint yourself a rainbow.

by lolamartinez1
Happy 21st Birthday, Neopets!

Make the most of Neopets' birthday!

by mucka33
Growing Up

Finally! Collab with carmyyyyy and quigglebaby

by eggfruit
Spoons - Happy Birthday, Neopets!


by xixiwang242
Birthday Crossword Puzzle

Happy birthday, Neopets!

by varshie
Songs for Neopets 21st Birthday

Adee, the Chia, is releasing an album for you to listen to on Neopets 21st Birthday. Collab with fishmas and ghatna

by acara_575
Neoquest II: Heroes vs. Devilpuss

Being an angelpuss was fun, but being a devilpuss is so much more fun! Collab with xixiwang242.

by gloonks_spoons
Neopets 21st Anniversary Cake Maze!

Can you help TNT blow out the candle? Please, no wax on the cake! Collab with javascripter and mimiweasley

by gamador
The Apple of Kad's Eye

I'm so hungry! collab with profebest

by elipsis4k
Spot 6 Differences!

Can you spot all six differences? collab with emanuelle_rockgirl and belindaword

by milla_mussi
Games and Random Events - Part 1

Hate to disappoint you but...

by akezis
A Candles Conversation

What did one candle say to the other? Collab with im_not_finished_yet

by fizztop
How is it Possible?

Seriously... how?

by nico_andresss
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"The Best Gift Ever" by carmyyyyy
It was late afternoon, but the sunlight was still coming through the glass windows of the Uni’s Clothing Shop. Neopians were lucky to have such warm and sunny weather on that day. “Good afternoon, Ma’am!” Farrah, the shopkeeper, quickly greeted Anya right after she entered the store. “Oh… and where are my manners?” Farrah blushed for a moment. ”Happy Neopia Day!” said Farrah, while flashing a big smile. “Afternoon.” After heavily sighing, that was all that Anya replied. Anya figured that the shopkeeper might have thought she was being unexpectedly rude and moody, but Anya knew her for a long time now and didn’t care that much. Actually, it was more than “not caring”...

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The Best Gift Ever
One Neopian struggles to celebrate the birthday of Neopia. Collab with quigglebaby and eggfruit

by carmyyyyy


A Neopets Birthday!
This article lists out 11 things happening around the site on this fantastic day!

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Having a Hoot: The Vandagyre Way
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Mira Squad Tales-Portals
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The Coffee Tavern: Beginnings
A small town Neovian coffee shop on the brink of failure tries risky, new recipes from a lost Meridellan boy.

by cyberfall

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