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21 Neopian Years: 21 Things You Can Do in Neopets

by mimiweasley


Neopets is getting a year older this year. While we had some significant changes this year – the beginning of the Beta era and the discovery of Dacardia – some things haven't changed from years prior and are still pretty popular with today's Neopets users. This article will list twenty one things – in celebration of Neopets' twenty one years of existence – you can do in Neopia to enrich your Neopets birthday experience and live it the fullest!

     1. The first thing you can do is make friends from all over the world. There are plenty of tools to help with this, like the many different NeoBoards subjects of discussion. Are you a collector? There is a board for you! Do you like to write stories about your Neopets or other Neopia related subjects? There is a board for you as well! Are you an avid gamer, or an avid restocker, or an avid trader? Guess what, there are boards for that as well! Also, you can be a part of a neopian guild, a more private place that puts together many different people with the same objectives and interests. Do you love Faeries? There is a guild for you! Do you want to improve your account? There are also many guilds for you! Do you like writing for the Neopian Times or writing jokes? There is probably a guild for that as well!

     2. Speaking of jokes, there is a king in Meridell who loves them. King Skarl is sitting in his castle waiting patiently for you to tell him a joke that will get a chuckle out of him or get him hysterical (or perhaps be sent away if he doesn't get pleased with your joke). Twice a day you can tell jokes to him. If you are lucky and he gets pleased, you can get out of the castle with some prizes and even an avatar!

     3. Another famous Neopian figure lies hibernating on the Ice Caves. The Snowager can be woken up three times a day at specific times. If you are lucky, he will let you go unharmed, and can even give you some prizes like keychains and Neggs. However, if he gets angry… you better be prepared to receive an icy blast directly from him!

     4. Neopets is quite democratic when it comes to interests. For the collectors out there, there are four different collections for you! You can collect stamps, and have the most completed stamp album in Neopia! Or maybe you are a card collector and want to trade cards with fellow Neopians? If you are really a good gamer that could rival the likes of AAA, you can collect trophies. If you are a collector of all things, the avatar collection was made for you!

     5. Are you feeling lucky? If you are, there are plenty of luck-related games, like scratchcards! In Terror Mountain, there is a Wocky that can sell you five scratchcards a day, in which you can try your luck and win some neopoints, plushies, and even some Battledome stats for your pets!

     6. Speaking of the Battledome, every two weeks, you can choose a faction to fight for on the Obelisk Battles in Tyrannia. Even though you can choose only one out of three, there are six different factions to choose from, and they alternate every two weeks.

     7. Are your pets bored? Perhaps they are just tired of playing every day. Why not take them to the Concert Hall to watch a concert of one of the many famous Tyrannian bands? Every day of the week there is a different concert to watch! Is your pet into Rock, Pop, even Jazz? There is a band for every musical genre!

     8. Are you and your pet more into finding treasures? Say no more, there is also an activity for you! Up to eight times a day, you can try to find the Hidden Treasure in Krawk Island! Only a small fee is charged for this search – or, on November 15th, the finding is free of charge!

     9. Neopians can be very generous. Speaking of generosity, in exchange for some items, nine different Neopians can give you and your pets the biggest variety of rewards. You can win some nice Spooky foods from Edna, some Battledome stats from the Faeries and the Kitchen Chef, even Ice Cream tickets from Taelia! Some quests can be triggered right away, and some need to be rewarded by a random event.

     10. Speaking of Neopian generosity, not only faeries and other characters can be generous – other users can be as well! Either by donating or discarding items of your own, you can help other Neopians in need to get some Neopoints, food for their pets and other items from the Money Tree and the Rubbish Dump. From each one of those locations, you can get up to ten items a day.

     11. Neopets is a website with users from all over the world. To enrich everyone's experience, the site offers support for eleven different languages, such as English, Portuguese and French! You can even speak in your native language in the Neoforums!

     12. In Maraqua, the land underwater, there is a special spot to take your Neopets fishing. Every twelve hours you can take each one of your Neopets to go fishing in the Underwater Fishing place. You can win some funny items such as Old Rotten Boots, fish some different fish, and even reel in the line and get a Titanic Giant Squid!

     13. If you are one artistic Neopian, you can enter in thirteen different contests! Every kind of art is contemplated! If you are an avid writer, there are the Storytelling and Poetry Contests and, of course, the Neopian Times. If you are good with programming, you can try the Userlookup Spotlight. If you are a collector of a specific category of items, you can enter the Gallery Spotlight. If drawing is your thing, the Art Gallery is for you!

     14. Is luck by your side? You can try the Wishing Well fourteen times a day and have one of your wishes granted! There are a few rules for that – a donation must be made of at least 21 Neopoints and the item cannot be rarer than r89 – but, besides that… try your luck on the Wishing Well and you might be rewarded!

     15. Of course, we couldn't forget the main reason behind all of this fun: on November 15th Neopets has its birthday! The day is full of events and tiny celebratory stuff, so don't forget to show up this day and enjoy all the celebration!

     16. Every year for the past fifteen years, one of the most famous Neopets events happens every Summer. Next year, is the time for the 16th Altador Cup to take place. This event reunites lands from all over Neopia in Altador to determine which teams are the best in four different events. The Altador Cup can be considered the most important event, and brings back to the site players from all over the world to defend their favourite lands.

     17. Speaking of games and events, games and trophy collecting are a huge part of the experience of many fellow Neopians. Each game has seventeen different spots that reward trophies: gold, silver or bronze. If you are either lucky or have enough abilities, you can manage to get one trophy to show off in your userlookup!

     18. The Altador Cup main event can be pretty charming and competitive, but there is also the Staff Tournament to pay attention to! Every week during the Cup, you can choose from a variety of eighteen different staffers to mount your Staff Tournament Team: one goalie, two defenders and two forwarders. At the end of the week, the five players you chose determine how many points you get that you can spend in a special shop at the end of the tournament!

     19. Is your pet an explorer? Neopia has nineteen different lands to explore! There are plenty of things to do in each land. Your interests must align with at least one of those places – take your pet exploring and enjoy the beautiful views of any Neopian land!

     20. In the Neopian Plaza, there is a place called the Kadoatery. At given hours during the day, you can try to feed one of the starving Kadoaties that appear. Up to twenty Kadoaties can be fed each refresh, so you have twenty chances to make a Kadoatie happy! If you do, your username will appear right below the Kadoatie's name, and he will be forever thankful!

     21. And for last, but not least… for the past twenty one years, Neopets has given us the biggest of all joys. We have spent too much time to count on this website: restocking, collecting, trading items, buying from user shops, playing games, customizing our Neopets, being a part of the contests, trying so hard to guess the answer of the Daily Question or the Mystery Pic… making friends we can take for life, chatting on the Neoboards, debating if the Jelly World exists or not! We cannot thank Neopets and the Staff for all the memories we gathered all those past twenty one years. Here is for twenty one more!

     Collab with emanuelle_rockgirl and diblila

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