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There are many players that take this site very seriously, who are well into their 30s (or nearing), who will work for free. As a community effort to get Neopets into top shape. I am sure there will be real resumes with real contacts. No more power than just being able to delete a post that did not coincide with the rules. That is it. Just to delete. Not being able to give any sort of warning. If you see mass deletion in the logs without just cause, end of volunteering. We just want to help.. ~~princess_zelda_22
Hi, Sadly this was discussed once in an Editorial in issue 316. That has not changed, we would not be able to have volunteers working for the site due to legal ramifications around a volunteer situation. You are of course welcome to apply for any openings by going to Jumpstart's employment page! You can also help by reporting any issues you see to the monitors on duty so they can take care of it for you.

This has been on my mind for a while... is the item "Pease Porridge" supposed to be spelled that way? Like is it a foreign spelling or a typo? ~~mopsihog
Hi, This is not a mis-spelling at all. This is a real item, but not a dessert like you might be thinking. This is a dish made from yellow split peas, onions, carrots and a few other ingredients which can be served with ham or steak.

So I was recently on my way to the boards and I just typing in the URL and let by browser autofill the rest, anyway I noticed the number and it got me thinking what are all the boards in order? So I went and had a look, some boards just don't exist and that's fine, but I'm sure I remembered a board 18, am I miss remembering was it all a dream? or is there a very real chance that a board will be lost in the conversion? ~~emily5martin
We don't know yet if any boards will be lost in the conversion so we'd have to say wait and see for that one. But you are right that there are some numbers that don't exist anymore, they could have been event boards or boards that at one time where removed completely or consolidated with other boards.

Is there any kind of internal guideline to how big different Neopets are in relation to each other for doing art? ~~toyboxescapecool
Hi, I went around and searched for some information about this, so here is what I found for you:

There is an interesting article from not too long ago about pet sizes at //

Now if you wanted to draw your pets in the right sizes to your other pets you can find that information on your petpage. So you can go to // and it will actually show you the Height and Weight of your pet.

However, keep in mind though that these heights and weights may be inaccurate if your pet has changed species. These specific heights/weights are determined by which species you first created, and therefore will not change when you change your pet's species.

Hello there TNT, I was wondering how one would go about pronouncing the pet species "Vandagyre". Is it "Vanda-jire", "Vanda-guy-er" or something else entirely. It is of utmost importance that I get to the bottom of this. Thanks again!
A very important question indeed! The proper pronunciation is "Vanda-guy-er" :)


Thank you so, so much for giving me my old account back, with my favorite pet waiting for me! And just in time for the big birthday! ~~roleplayerofscifi

Thank you TNT for creating the coolest Vandagyre outfit EVER! *chef's kiss* Please give the artist who designed the Kung Fu Vandagyre my compliments!

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