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What do you think you're doing???

by butterflybandage
Armed to the Teeth

I know I've been MIA, but it still feels like a kick in the teeth.

Also by minnesotan

by rooftopchicken

A Crumby Pun

So punny I can't handle it...

by kennielee
The Lever

Even royals make mistakes.

by trishabeakens
Prince of Fools: Trimming the Tree

That's not exactly what I meant...

by moonlightfear
Random Oddness - Wraith Resurgence #3

Stop helping him! He can't take much more.

by mistyqee
Turmy Meets His Mini-Me

He's so cute...

Comic idea credited to springsummer_

by bouncyhanyou

How to make: Chokato Toffee Apple

Make this delicious and super healthy snack with some ingredients that you surely have ♥

by neko_purrr
The truth behind every regular neopian

Struggles of the neopian life...

This is a collaboration with the user Drabkin

by hatsuomi

Maybe They're Both Great? (Part 3: Cheer up, Manda!)

Show me my past...

Also by star_tennis_player

by rivera_ice_princess


Forever waiting...

by doug_henrique
Sugar Squad: Delicious!

Just scrape off the black bits, it's completely edible.

by newenglandquizzer
No magic

The rainbow pool is broken!

Also by cherie_nicole

by keruza



by daniel_santos09
The Floating Islanders: Bi-Weekly Resurgence

I've got my battledome priorities straight.

by yankeesrule244444456
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"Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas:Part Two" by randmar
Last time, on Mundo Grundo vs The Alien Aishas A friendly, intelligent, but anxious Grundo named Mundo was going about his happy little life up in space. He was working in school on his final project, synthesizing healthy food into unhealthy food to create a combination so delicious and so nutritious it would turn Neopia on its head. After a failed test drive, he headed home with a brain full of inspiration to work on the next day. The future was looking bright, and he had a clear path to success... When, all of a sudden: "BREAKING NEWS," the news reported spoke sternly from the television. "Virtupets Space Station is now in a state of emergency. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PODS FOR ANY REASON. I REPEAT, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PODS FOR ANY REASON. We are now on lockdown. Stay tuned for more updates." Mundo’s family sat in shock at the broadcast they saw. It was happening, all the things they had told Mundo growing up about how his generation was due for a space tragedy any was all happening right now, right in front of Mundo’s eyes.

Other Stories


A day with Kanrik, leader of the Thieves Guild
This is a short story focusing on one my favorite characters on Neopets (Kanrik) and one of my own Neopets Veifira.

by k3l26


A Favor for Baelia
Ever since Tavi had helped her escape from Jennumara's magical cage, the Grey Faerie, Baelia, had gone to Faerie City to live under the protection of Queen Fyora...

Also by semmy_genius & kt_roo2

by xoxcharm


How to Nickname Your Badly-Named Neopet
You’ve impulse-adopted from the Pound. A color and species you just couldn’t resist. You’ve always wanted that Candy Kougra, that Woodland Grundo, that Ice Xweetok, that Plushie Gelert. But you didn’t stop to consider just how terrible their name is.

by newenglandquizzer


List of Activities to do during the Wintertime!
Now that everyone’s favorite Neo-winter activity is over (you guessed it, that would be Advent Calendar, with all the free items, neopoints, and fun daily animations), there are still a ton of things you can do with your Neopets during the coldest season of the year.

by k3l26


Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas:Part Two
What will happen this time?

by randmar


The Whispering Wail Sword
Most Neopians are not fully aware of what lies beneath Meridell Castle. Lost in the pages of dusty books in rotting libraries lies the truth most know only as an old faerie’s tale.

by purplehopper

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