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by water_park1993


     Have you ever thought of how important the use of scrap items is in Neopia as a whole? Well we have and we certainly believe that they need more love than they currently receive. Scrap items don’t get as much praise as they should because they are taken for granted in most Neopian’s everyday life. From being creative and helpful to being communicative and protective, scrap items really changed the way we view Neopia. We appreciate them and we want you to appreciate them!


     Scrap paper

     Qualities: Creativity and Communication

     One of the most unappreciated qualities of the Scrap paper is the creativity it brings to the table. One can easily draw and paint on the paper to create the next masterpiece and show it off in the Art Gallery. In addition, you can easily cut up the paper into smaller pieces to make confetti and take with you at parties. Scrap paper has helped Neopia become more creative and we are very grateful for this. In addition, it aids in communication. It has helped bridge the gap between Neopians by sending letters. You can write your letter on the paper, tie it on the leg of a Weewoo, and send it off to your Neofriends, or use the public post.


     Left-over scrap metal

     Qualities: Helpfulness and Creativity

     Left-over scrap metal has proven to be a very helpful and creative piece of item. It has changed the lives of many Neopians due to its unique helpful attributes. From mending broken pipes in your Neohome, to fixing that rusted piece of metal on the roof, it is always there when you need it. Whenever something might seem broken or uncertain, the left-over scrap metal has always been of great help, aiding wherever it was possible. Furthermore, you can get creative and build your own machinery using the left-over scrap metal. Unique machines which can change the fate of Neopia are only a creative idea away. Remember that robot Meepit army you always wanted? It is time for you to allow this excellent piece of item work its magic on robotic machinery! Creativity never seems to cease when using this scrap item.


     Space Scrap helmet

     Qualities: Protection and Communication

     The space scrap helmet has two important traits that are worth mentioning. It is known for its protection as well as the communication it provides, according to Neopian folklore. Its obvious attribute is the protection it provides to the user. It can be used in dire times of need, surrounding those who wear it with assured protection and comfort about the future. It is as if the helmet creates a barrier around the user, rendering him immune to incoming missiles. The space scrap helmet is known for trying to keep everyone protected all over Neopia. The second attribute stems from Neopian folklore and we are unsure whether it is true or hoax. It is claimed that it can also be used as a telepathic communication device to fulfil the most desired questions of all walks of Neopian life. The helmet can help Neopians in need to communicate with someone who can help them solve their problem, in a sensible time frame.


     Space Scrap shield

     Qualities: Helpfulness and Protection

     Similar to the Space scrap helmet, the space scrap shield is a very important item in Neopia. It can obviously be used in the Battledome to protect the user from incoming attacks. It has never let anyone down in protecting worthy Neopians when mostly needed. Furthermore, it is known for being helpful due to its multiple uses. Has it rained a lot in Kiko Lake and the lake became one with the land? Hop on the shield for a quick hand-made boat! Has the snow on Terror Mountain frozen all the sleighs underneath the snow? Use it as a creative sleigh or even as a shovel to dig out the snow! The possibilities are endless with how helpful the shield can be even outside the Battledome.


     Scrap plushie

     Qualities: Excitement and Reliability

     The Scrap plushie might look like any other ordinary scrap item, however it brings two important attributes to Neopia. Who wouldn’t be ecstatic to look at this plushie every day? Whenever anyone feels down due to the hardships of life, the plushie is used as means to invite excitement and joy. Play with it, throw it in the air, comb its hair; the possibilities are endless. Let the plushie feel you with the excitement that it has brought to Neopia. In addition to the excitement it provides, it can be seen as a very reliable scrap item. Fellow Neopians appreciate the fact that one can come home every day to their little plushie which brings them such solace and enthusiasm to go about their adventures. They know that the plushie will always be there for them, through thick and thin. No matter how difficult a situation might seem, the scrap plushie will always have your back.

     We couldn’t finish off this list without an honourable mention about another underappreciated item on Neopia.


     Jade Elixir

     Qualities: Dependable

     The Jade Elixir is an underrated magical potion rumored to be created by the tears of a Jade Scorchstone. Fellow Neopians depend on this elixir to help them during the hardships of their battles. The tears embrace your sorrows and leave you with a heart-warming feeling to continue on with strength and confidence, even when times get hard. When combined with the scrap pieces, Neopians will be able to walk around with their heads held high, gleaming with courage, creativity, safety, and infinite knowledge, thus creating the wonderful world that is Neopia.

     Thus concludes our article regarding the underappreciated scrap items. Through our examples, we hope to have proved to you why the scrap items are immensely important in every Neopian’s life. Fundamental qualities of the items are creativity, communication, helpfulness, protection, excitement and reliability. Imagine if these traits were not present on Neopia. We are sure that it would be a very difficult period indeed!

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