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Need Help Picking a Neo New Year Goal?

by califorthehomeless


     Ahh a new year! I’m not sure why, but the thought of a new year makes people think of new beginnings or a fresh slate. But this year, you aren’t sure what you want! Well I’m here to help. We aren’t going to focus on losing weight, a promotion at your job, or getting better grades. We are going to focus on your neopet new year goal! I’ll give you a list and you can consider your options. My advice is not to pick out of reach or too many goals! You can always alter my goal suggestions to something that is harder or easier for you. Today we are going to focus on improving your account.

     1. Raise that avatar count

     You might already be an avatar collector who has 350 avatars, so if that’s you there’s other goals to focus on! But if you’re below 300 avatars, there’s plenty more to get! First I would use a checklist to see what avatars you still need! Jellyneo and The Daily Neopets have great tools! Then I would figure out which avatars are easiest to get on your list! The petpage ~Avatiers has a great tier system that helps people figure out which avatars are best for them to work towards next! If you’re like me and loathe game avatars, I would start out easy! Suteks Tomb and Evil Eliv Thade are both very achievable avatars. Just remember that games take practice. If you’re amazing at games and need pet or lendable avatars, check out the Avatar/Neosignatures board! There are plenty of pet lending checks, avatar pets in the pound, and friendly users who will lend you items.

     2. Try for some new trophies

     Like I said before, I am no gamer. I get frustrated and my patience is thin, but there are some very achievable trophies out there! In previous Neopian Times Issues there have been plenty of easy trophy articles! A few examples are Cheat, Snow Wars, Pyramids, and Go Go Go. You could also try to get a high enough score when the trophies reset! There is usually a board on the games board of users who do that! And even guides with the lowest scores to achieve the trophy during reset. Even games still aren’t your thing, you could always try feeding Kadoaties, submitting a poem, or trying the art gallery! Even beating punchbag bob will get you a trophy.

     3. Improve your pets

     There are several ways you could improve your pet! You could paint them a new color or try customizing them. If you already think they are perfect in that way, you could improve their statistics! Training your pet at Mystery or Krawk Island can make your Battledome statistic better. Dubloons are cheap for lower level pets. You could also try doing job at the Faerieland Job Agency, where it’s also super easy to make a profit. There is also feeding gourmets and reading books to your pet! Also, you can’t forget fishing level! That’s an easy way to make your pets statistics stand out.

     4. Give writing a shot

     I think everyone can write, whether it be a creative story or a short poem! This year try out a few contests or writing for the Neopian Times! A poem doesn’t need to be too long and you can usually write one in around 30 minutes to an hour! Staying with the theme really helps your chances. The storytelling competition is just continuing the story on, so there’s no need to write a beginning or ending, just get creative and decide what happens next! There are several options for writing for the Neopian Times. You can write an article you’re knowledgeable about, write a short story about one of your pets, or even write an epic series! Everyone gets denied from time to time, but there’s no hurt in trying. With these things, you can a shiny trophy for your lookup!

     5. Become a collector

     There are so many cool items around the site, becoming a collector is easy! You could pick a theme for your gallery and start there. Big galleries make your profile look put together and you could even enter the gallery spotlight! Stamps are another option. There are several albums, with varying prices. Completing certain albums will even get you an avatar! The count appears on your profile under your avatars. Another thing you could collect is trading cards for your Neodeck, which also appears on your profile! Most of these hobbies start out cheap, but the rarer the item, the more expensive it can get.

     6. Make some money

     Sadly, most worlds revolve around money! But the great thing is it isn’t hard to make in Neopia! The easiest way is restocking. I would start by picking shops you could stare at for long periods of time. I loathe the food shop and can’t stare at it very long, but enjoy looking at spooky foods! Out of the shops you pick I’d research which items make a profit. There are a lot of guides that suggest buying the 2,500 and 5,000 Neopoint items. Sadly, they don’t make the profit they used to! Research your shop and soon enough you’ll be snagging unbuyables! Another easy way to make money is food club! Even if you don’t understand food club, there are several betters who put their bets on petpages for you to look at! This is a super quick and easy way to stock up your bank account.

     7. Upgrade your profile

     Nothing looks better than a nice profile! While scanning others, I do tend to judge when there’s broken pictures or code. There are several wonderful users who made premade layouts for others on the site! The great there is there are a variety of styles. If you’re more a minimalist type like me, or if you want a lookup covered in Kougras. There are often users advertising their page, or you could visit sites like Sunnyneo or Jellyneo and spice up your profile.

     8. Join a guild

     A guild can offer a person a lot of things. Companionship, avatar lending, collaborations for stories, roleplay, and even fandom guilds! First, I’d decide what kind of guild you’re looking for and then head over to the Guild Board! There are tons of guilds being advertised every single day. I enjoy being in a guild because you get to know other neopets users, like yourself. It also shows other users I’m dedicated to this site by staying active and relating to other people.

     And that, is the end of my own neo goals suggestions! I hope you have a wonderful new year and that you smash you goals and reach your dreams!


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