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Continued Series

Identity Crisis:Part Three

Lichen paused. Her pets looked up at her expectantly.

"I need a drink."

by debbie1188

Hitomi the Witch:Part Eleven


by downrightdude
Elaine's Expedition:Part Four

The next morning, Elaine walked into the kitchen area of Jaycin’s hut attempting to appear as calm, relaxed, and rested as possible.

Even though she felt none of those things.

Also by afsheen_27

by milkshakes004

Mundo The Grundo vs The Alien Aishas:Part Two

What will happen this time?

by randmar
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Yummy: A Box of Chocolate… Petpets!

Hi everyone! My name is Ryder and I’m here to talk about some of my favorite creatures in all of Neopia: Chocolate Petpets! I will discuss some of my favorite Chocolate Petpets and I will provide some additional information about why these Petpets are so amazing and elusive. Let’s get started! The first thing you should know about Petpets that appear to be painted Chocolate, is that they aren’t actually “painted” Chocolate. In fact, the only way to obtain a Chocolate coloured Petpet for your Neopet is by getting a lucky zap to a Petpet from the Petpet Lab Ray.

Other Stories


A day with Kanrik, leader of the Thieves Guild
This is a short story focusing on one my favorite characters on Neopets (Kanrik) and one of my own Neopets Veifira.

by k3l26


A Favor for Baelia
Ever since Tavi had helped her escape from Jennumara's magical cage, the Grey Faerie, Baelia, had gone to Faerie City to live under the protection of Queen Fyora...

Also by semmy_genius & kt_roo2

by xoxcharm


Have you ever thought of how important the use of scrap items is in Neopia as a whole? Well we have and we certainly believe that they need more love than they currently receive. Scrap items don’t get as much praise as they should because they are taken for granted in most Neopian’s everyday life.

by water_park1993


5 things to do AFTER you get your dream pet
So you have spent months or even years working hard to get that special pet that you have always dreamt of. You might have played thousand of games and lived your Neo life on a tight budget to save for that paint brush or morphing potion. Or you were constantly on the Neoboards, trying to trade for your “dreamie”.

by _mg


What do you think you're doing???

by butterflybandage


Turmy Meets His Mini-Me
He's so cute...

Comic idea credited to springsummer_

by bouncyhanyou

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