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13 Questions with Queen Fyora

by marinarasaucy


13 Questions with Queen Fyora

     In honour of Fyora Day, The Neopian Times (NT) wanted an exclusive interview with the honouree.

     “Queen Fyora, hello and thank you for taking time out of your busy day ruling Faerieland to fit in a 13 question interview with The Neopian Times.” I, Archibald Grimsley, The Neopian Times celebrity and culture writer, said to the Faerie Queen as she opened the Hidden Tower door.

     “Oh, it’s not a hassle at all!” Fyora replies, gesturing for me to enter the Great Hall.

     To ease the excitement and anxious energy of being in Her Majesty’s presence I think of a quick question to break the ice. “So what has been keeping you occupied these days?” I humbly asked as I gazed at all the banners and portraits that decorated the hall. Wow, she has quite the collection.

     Queen Fyora, simply smiled at my wonder and replied “ Oh, just managing my shop and spending time with my fellow faeries.”

     Humble, too? I thought…or is she being aloof? Here is a great way to dig deeper, to get to know the real Fyora. “What do you like to do to relax after a stressful day of ruling?”

      “I love a long luxurious soak in the Healing Springs. Marina has a secluded spot always ready for me” Fyora responds with a reminiscent look upon her face.

     Hmmm, these questions seem to be working! Keep going Archibald! I tell myself. Fyora directs my attention to her esteemed collection of rarities. As I admire one of the many display cases filled with priceless artifacts, I ask “What is the most annoying part of your day?”

     Fyora gives a short laugh and says very bluntly “Requests for discounts in my shop.” Oof. Touchy subject. A note to my readers it would be wise when shopping at the Hidden Tower to be prepared to pay full sale price.

     We make our way to the following room, which seems to be an armoury. Various staves and wands of size and shape cover one wall. “Wow, how many wands and staves do you think you own?”

     “Too many to count! Although I’m sure it's above fifty. My signature staff is my favourite item. I’m never seen without it. I hear you can purchase a candy replica at the Chocolate Factory.”

     Does the Queen partake in the occasional sweet? “Have you ever purchased one yourself?” I smirked.

     “Hahaha, of course!” Fyora laughed. “They have quite the collection, candy crowns, wands, and more! The Chocolate Factory shopkeeper had these creations as the main display for his Annual Chocolate Ball one year.” Fyora proudly said.

     I always wanted to attend the Ball. Only the elite and noteworthy Neopians are invited. Perhaps one day I will become a famous writer and see the wonders and marvels of the event.

     Speaking of marvels, adorned on the opposite wall were several crowns and tiaras. The sun shining through the windows made them sparkle and caught my eye. “I see your lovely collection of crowns. Which one is most treasured?”

      “They are all quite special to me and each has a unique story to them” Fyora remarks. It is obvious that items are of great value to her, not just in monetary worth.

     “Care to share one or two of those stories?” I gleefully asked. This is it! My big break! I’ll have an exclusive story from the mouth of Fyora herself. I start to shift weight in anticipation.

      “Ah, I am afraid those will remain close to my heart.” Fyora answered. I quickly try to hide the disappointment from my face and remain professional. Change the subject Archibald!

     “What was the first spell you learned?”

     Fyora pondered for a moment and replied “Just a simple spell of silence. As a young faerie I grew up near a burrow of Faerie Faellies and because they had very sensitive ears, they always hid at any loud sound. Wanting to help, I ended up casting a little spell that created a dome of silence to create a safe space for them.”

     There’s the Queen we all know and love. She has always been kind and caring.

     Fyora leads me into her modest kitchen where a fresh batch of Earth Faerie Brownies lies on the counter. “This is Ramona Hearthlight, my cook. She always has a snack prepared and a meal in the works.” The old Pink Acara cook approaches and offers a brownie to me.

     “When Ramona is off duty, what is your favourite place to eat?” I queried as I munched on the delicious brownie.

     “Well of course Faerie Foods is quite delicious and convenient, however, Tropical Food Shop on Mystery Island has some of the best refreshments in my opinion.” These brownies are heavenly, with Ramona as cook, I wouldn’t want to eat anywhere else, I thought to myself.

     We exit the kitchen and meander over to her large bedroom with an enormous walk-in closet.

     “In all of your major appearances around Neopia, you wear purple. Is there a reason or symbol behind it?”

     “No. It’s a beautiful color, why wouldn’t I want to wear it?” she answers as she twirls in her floor length lavender gown. She does look quite stunning in the color. It coordinates with her hair nicely. I know many Neopians try to paint their hair or fur to get the exact same shade.

     Suddenly a loud horn blared a tune off in the distance, just loud enough to hear in the tower. “Oh, it’s time for another race!” Fyora said excitedly. Oh! Is she a race fan herself?

     “Do you go to the Poogle races often?” I curiously asked. No one has ever reported spotting the Queen at such events.

     “Oh yes, I find it quite exciting, although I never attend in person. I watch from a distance. It’s not befitting for a Queen to attend such events.” she says proudly. Yes! Here is the ground-breaking information I wanted. This will surely help my reputation at the Neopian Times. I need to keep digging.

     “Is there a certain Poogle that you like to root for?” I asked, containing my excitement of a shared passion and my lucky break.

     “I always root for the veterans. The older Poogles are so cute even if they aren’t the fastest anymore” Fyora said. Once this hits the presses, I’m sure many more Neopians will be betting on the older Poogles to follow the Queen.

      “Well, I thoroughly enjoy the event as well and tend to root for the favoured winner. The winnings are sometimes more than my salary at the NT.” Note to the editor: I absolutely love my job and all grievances about my pay are said in fun.

     “Haha. Indeed it does.” Fyora agreed.

     Realizing that the current race marks the time that has passed, I think of a closing query. “Queen Fyora, our time is fast approaching the end. What is one thing about you that Neopians do not know?” I asked as we made our way back towards the Great Hall entryway.

      Fyora contemplates for a moment or two, smiles, and says “I love collecting stamps. It’s where I spend most of my earnings from my store. Some of these stamps have outrageous prices!” Fyora angrily says. “I’m trying to complete my coconuts album and the sellers keep hiking the prices up.” I laugh along with her at her antics. At the Neopian Times, we get many editorial requests to address the inflation.

     As she opens the door, I say “Thank you again Queen Fyora for taking the time today to give an all exclusive interview. The Neopian Times and I understand how busy you are and appreciate the Tower tour. Best of luck in completing your coconuts album!”

     Queen Fyora waved as I trekked my way back towards NT headquarters eager to put pen to paper about today’s intriguing interview with one of Neopia’s greatest celebrities. I hope that this article brings you, readers, closer to the Queen of Faeries as you might find you share one or two interests.


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