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Which Valentine's Gift Are You?

by jjensen687


Ah, Valentine’s Day. The season of hearts, glitter, and roses. The air is full of love, our hearts are full of joy, and- if you’re anything like me- your mind is awash with the same question you face every year:

     What in the world do I get them?!

     Gift giving is hard! You want to impress your valentine, but you don’t want to be too showy. You want to show you care, but your wallet is only so deep. Maybe they’re picky. Maybe YOU’RE picky! It’s a nearly insurmountable challenge.


     Not so fast, dear reader! I’ve taken the time to construct what I believe is a fool-proof method for devising the best possible Valentine’s Day treat: A personality quiz! Classic, right? If it’s not a listicle, it’s a quiz. Simply fill out this quiz from the perspective of your valentine (or maybe give it to them to fill out, if you don’t mind ruining the surprise). If the gift goes unappreciated, I can guarantee your money back.*

     *I cannot guarantee this at all. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, just… do your daily quests or something. You’ll probably make your money back.

     Now, without further ado, I am proud to present…

     The 100% Accurate Lovey-Dovey Valentine’s Day Gift Quiz!

     1: Where would you most like to go for your Valentine’s Day celebration?

     A - To a charming Cafe overlooking Altador!

     B - Happy Valley on Terror Mountain. Ice cream, anyone?

     C - Neopia Central for a shopping spree! School supplies, plushies, Usuki dolls, candy…

     D - Mystery Island! I want to explore both the sandy beaches of the main island and the mysterious forests of Geraptiku,

     E - Deep into the Haunted Woods. Maybe we can play some games at the Deserted Fairground?

     2: Which Paint Brush do you find most charming?

     A - The Royal pets are absolutely stunning, aren’t they? So regal and proper…

     B - Christmas pets are so versatile! They’re adorable in seasonal outfits and also make great subjects for cross-paint outfits.

     C - The 8-Bit pets! Just mind the corners- they’re pretty sharp!

     D - The Eventide pets. The beauty of the night sky and the glory of a sunrise, all in one? Don’t mind if I do!

     E - The variety (and spookiness!) of Halloween pets is incredible. One of my favourite looks for sure.

     3: You’ve decided to get a Petpet! Which do you pick?

     A - An Angelpuss, of course! How could I say no to such a cute face?

     B - Candychans are so iconic! Their curiosity for life is so adorable.

     C - Meepits are so cute. With those big eyes… and menacing teeth… and propensity for causing trouble… How precious!

     D - Slorgs might be slimy, but they’re also super charming and loyal. They’re a great choice.

     E - I love the Meowclops. So many colour options, each more precious than the last!

     4: At the Styling Studio, what do you ask Umbra for?

     A - Faerie, please! So colourful- and the wings are a nice perk, too!

     B - Nothing for me, thanks! None of the styles really speak to me.

     C - I’ll take a chance on the Regular Styling Studio Supplies and let Umbra pick. I like my odds!

     D - Grey for me. You can’t have sunshine without a little rain- I know plenty of Grey Neopets who are plenty happy and satisfied under the surface.

     E - Darigan for me. Spooky and evil? Sign me up!

     5: If given the chance to have dinner with ANY Neopian, who would you choose?

     A - It’s gotta be Queen Fyora. She’s noble, generous, and kind.

     B - Hannah, 100%. I’d love to learn about her adventures all across Neopia. Maybe she’ll bring Armin along, too!

     C - The Lab Ray Scientist. I want to know all of his secrets! What is it that powers the lab ray? How many Petpets turn into sludge every day? I must know!!

     D - Do members of TNT count? I’d love to hear what it’s like, and give them my thanks for keeping Neopia so vibrant.

     E - Jhudora for sure. She’s my favourite Faerie, and I’d love to hear her stories.

     6: Your Valentine cancelled your get-together! What do you do with your extra free time?

     A - Watch a movie with my pals! They’ll be excited to do a Palentine’s celebration.

     B - I’m devastated! I’m curling up with a good TV show and a pint of ice cream.

     C - Go out exploring to get my mind off things. Maybe a nice hike through Shenkuu, or swimming in the seas around Mystery Island.

     D - Hang out with my friends. They’ll help keep me entertained, and they’ll be a shoulder to lean on- the perfect mix of support and entertainment.

     E - Wallow in my sadness and write some poetry. Maybe stare wistfully at the moon for good measure.

     7: Ka-ching! Collect 500 NC. What are you spending it on?

     A - A shiny new capsule! Who knows what I’ll get?

     B - A cool Background. With a fancy Background, you can go just about anywhere in the world- all from the comfort of your wardrobe.

     C - All the accessories!!!

     D - The food items in the NC Mall are so fun! With 500 NC, I can buy a LOT of them!

     E - A striking new outfit. Maybe a wig, or a new dress… something to really change up my look.

     8: The Altador Cup is coming up in just a few months. How do you show your team spirit?

     A - Yooyuball all day, every day! I’m getting out on the field to support my team.

     B - Slushie Slinger is my favourite! Just don’t tell anyone that I sneak a taste every now and then…

     C - MAKE! SOME! NOISE!!! My voice is LOUD and READY TO SHOUT!

     D - I’m busy posting on the Neoboards in support of my team- and sending some lighthearted jabs towards my opponents!

     E - I abstain from the Altador Cup out of principle. Much too loud, much too excited… Much too much!

     9: Which daily quest is your favourite to do?

     A - Playing games, of course! With the Classic Game Room open for business, there are more options than ever!

     B - Dressing my pet in a comfy, warm outfit.

     C - Spinning the wheels! Who knows what I’ll win? I just hope I don’t get the Wheel of Misfortune… I’m always unlucky with that one.

     D - Feeding my Neopets. I’m getting rewarded for taking care of them- it’s a no-brainer!

     E - Grooming my Neopets. A little eyeliner here, a hairbrush there…

     10: With a plot on the horizon, how are you choosing to prepare?

     A - Training in the Battledome! Gotta get ready to protect Neopia from any threats.

     B - Poring over the Advent Calendar comics. Who knows what clues are hidden behind a seasonal veneer? There are secrets in those comics, you know!

     C - How can I prepare for something so mysterious? I’m taking it day-by-day- no need to prepare so far in advance.

     D - I’m spending all my time hoping I won’t have to pick a side. I could hardly choose between Illusen and Jhudora during the Faerie Festival… I can’t imagine picking a team for a major plot!

     E - Rooting for the bad guys. I’m already working on a void-themed banner- gotta show my support.

     Now, onto the results!

     If you answered mostly A’s, your gift is the Valentine's Heart Shaped Chocolate Box!


     You’re classic. You’re reliable. You might be a little bit predictable, but who said predictability was a bad thing? You’re the sort of person who can win just about anyone over- you might make fast friends, or just generally get along with everyone. You’re a perfectly palatable friend, which makes you this perfectly palatable present.

     If you answered mostly B’s, your gift is the Icy Heart Candy!


     I know, I know- you read “icy heart” and think “Woah, this person is COLD!” Uncaring, aloof, standoffish. This is wrong! You might be a little slower to warm than others, but that just makes your love all the more special. You reserve your time and attention for the rare few who truly deserve it- making this gift perfect for you.

     If you answered mostly C’s, your gift is the Valentines Negg!


     You’re quirky. You’re fun. You’re a little unpredictable. Are you an egg or a fruit? Who knows! The mystery is the fun of it all. You’re spontaneous and entertaining, two traits that make you an absolute joy to be around. The Valentine Negg is perfect for you- just the right amount of on-theme while still maintaining an element of fun.

     If you answered mostlyD’s, your gift is the Happy Heart Chocolate Covered Pretzel!


     Alright, maybe your tastes are a LITTLE on the more expensive, frivolous side… but so what! You’re bursting with joy and fervour for life. Not to mention the nuance of it all- you’re sweet as candy, but you’ve got a salty side too! You’re a complex individual who demands a complex gift, making the Happy Heart Chocolate Covered Pretzel (say that five times fast…) perfect for you.

     If you answered mostly E’s, your gift is the Black Licorice Hearts!


     Insert moody quote from a Neovian poem here. You might be a little on the dramatic side, but what would life be without some theatrics? A traditional Valentine’s Day celebration just isn’t for you. Much too bright, much too colorful, much too cheesy. You probably prefer something just as emotional, but much more soul-stirring. Maybe you can enjoy this snack in a graveyard?

      And… that’s it! Hopefully, this quiz has helped lead you in the direction of the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. If it didn’t, maybe take the quiz again? Second time’s the charm! Or third. Or fourth. Alright, maybe move on and see what comics are in this issue, eh? Until next time, dear readers!


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