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7 Reasons to Adopt a Uni

by _koolness_


Consider this: you have a pet slot burning in your inventory, freshly purchased from the NC Mall. Or, more realistically, you’ve used all your Pet slots and have some Pets up for trade but aren’t exactly sure what you want in return. Or maybe you have a nice name you want to keep, but don’t know what kind of Pet it should be. Whatever the scenario, this guide should help you settle on the exact type of Pet you should add to your account - a Uni! Here are seven reasons why you should adopt this wonderful Neopet:

     1. Popularity

     Unis are one of the original Neopet species - dating back to prehistoric Neopia - and count themselves amongst the most recognizable. Being an equine creature with a twirled magical horn and a pair of (usually) feathered wings, they boast an aesthetically pleasing design that isn’t bogged down by complicated elements. They rank 6th on the official Neopet species popularity list and are even represented on two Altador Cup teams. Adopting one will surely elevate your pet collection.

     2. Colours

     As Unis have been available to adopt since the site’s inception, they have racked up an impressive array of available Paintbrush and lab-exclusive colours to choose from. As of writing this article, there are 73 colours currently available for the Uni species. These include classics like Maraquan, Halloween, and Baby, and also some of the newer colours like Steampunk and Oil Paint. Some notable Uni colours are Spotted, which have a pinto pattern unique to the colour, and Brown, which have a light-coloured blaze and sock markings. I’m quite partial to RoyalBoy Unis myself. With so many extravagant colours to choose from, a trip to the Rainbow Pool is in order to find your favourite!

     3. Customisation

     The possibilities for customising your Uni are endless! Wing wearables work well with the species, replacing their natural wings without looking out of place. Of course, Pet Unis do not have hands, so handheld wearables will be placed on the ground or displayed on unique stands. Some handhelds, however, will be placed in their mouth, like the Handheld Maraquan Rainbow Pride Flag. How adorable! As for other customization, a Uni wearing pants and sneakers doesn’t look nearly as bizarre as other non-biped species - have you ever seen a pair of shoes on a Tuskaninny? Some wigs don’t look particularly amazing on Unis, but who would want to cover up that luscious mane anyways?

     There are plenty of lovely species-specific clothing that only Unis can wear. The Uni Knight set and Dark Uni Cloak are among the most common Uni-specific clothing I’ve seen throughout Neopia. Some Paintbrushes give great Uni clothing, like the padded armour from the Stealthy colour or the bridle and harness from a Halloween Paintbrush. With Uni Day a few months away, we hope more bridle and saddle-type clothing is released for this wonderful species!

     4. Unconverted Potential

     There are 3 UC colours available for Uni that span the entire range of the user-determined UC tier list: Darigan (low-tier), Grey (mid-tier), and Plushie (high-tier). For the antique Neopets art connoisseurs, this is a very small selection. Only 12 Neopet species have fewer UC options, 3 of which have no UC options at all! However, what UC Unis lack in quantity, they make up for in quality. Each type exudes personality without sacrificing anatomy (looking at you, three-legged UC Darigan Gelert). UC Darigan Unis have a curved horn, wild mane, and angry eyes - very dark and cool! UC Grey Unis live up to their colour with tiny, scraggly feathered wings, a drooped posture, and a long, matted mane. UC Plushie Unis are stitched to perfection, with a unique-styled mane and round features that make the Pet look very soft and huggable.

     With NC UCs on the horizon, it’s important to consider the UC Unis that could be added to the current roster. Of the previous Uni art, these colours had differing circle poses that were left behind post-conversion: Baby, Royal, and Tyrannian.

     5. Hygiene

     If there’s one thing everyone knows about Unis, it’s that they can be very vain creatures. While this may seem like a negative trait, all that grooming and preening does pay off. Because most Unis put so much care into their appearance, they can perhaps be one of the cleanest Neopets to own. You’ll never have to worry about them stinking up your NeoHome - unless you don’t like the aroma of perfume and hair spray! Just be sure to keep an eye on your finances, as keeping up this level of vanity can be expensive.

     6. Style

     Similar to the previous point, Unis have an impeccable sense of style. Just like how you won’t see a Uni leave the Neohome without a perfectly curled mane, you’ll never see a Uni walking out in public in drab clothing. They love accessorising! From hair clips to necklaces to hoof polish, there are tons of ways for these equines to accentuate their look. Having a dolled up Uni by your side will surely turn heads. Who doesn’t want to look rich and fashionable?

     7. Transportation

     Being one of the largest Neopet species, they are capable of carrying other creatures on their back or pulling heavy loads attached to them. Some of the most famous Unis are mounts or couriers for Neopia’s royalty - Prince Jazan is the Nightsteed’s best friend and only trusted rider, Shonee is the noble steed and trusted advisor of the Air Faerie Avaray, and Solarin is King Hagan’s steed trusted with protecting Roberta during the events of The Darkest Faerie. This means adopting a Uni rewards you two-fold: owning a Pet that can fly you across Neopia, and make you look very important!

     Clearly, Unis are a cut above the rest. They come in a variety of beautiful and popular colours, are easily customisable, and keep themselves very clean. They also can be a great utility and will show you lots of love and loyalty. Why not stop by the Pound and adopt a Uni today? Just make sure to take a trip to the Grooming Parlour afterwards!

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