Preparing Neopia for the Meepits Circulation: 197,125,118 Issue: 964 | 15th day of Swimming, Y24
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Guess the avatar by my really bad drawing of it [Puzzle]

by mutantmetal

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Snowballs shouldn't be a prize...
Always with the snowballs...

by conveyance


Profiles of Players
"The Moehog sits across from me, and even the most discerning eye would be hard-pressed to find evidence of nerves. Nothing about him gives away that this cool player had just minutes earlier finished a hair-raising game of Cheat."

by sleepythegrown


Bad Idea, Dude: Apple Bobbing
This is not the time for puns.

by fluffy_bumbkin


A Yooyu for Every Season
"Everyone loves the Altador Cup, and really, who wouldn’t? It’s a special event that can both bring together all Neopia and spawn bitter rivalries between normally friendly residents of different lands."

by speelyrox

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