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The Top 10 Best Places to Vacation in Neopia

by goldie11147


For those of you Neopians who are burnt out or tired from tending to your shops, taking part in dailies, and participating in the Altador Cup, why not consider taking your Neopet on vacation? Now, I know what you're thinking: there are so many places in Neopia to visit, I can't choose! This article will provide you with a list of the ten best potential vacation spots in Neopia.

10. The Haunted Woods

This is a perfect place for thrill-seekers who want to go someplace different. Now, the Haunted Woods has gotten a reputation for being scary, and a bit sketchy, but it can be exciting if you know where to look. With attractions such as various quests (like the Esophagor, Brain Tree, and Edna), the Haunted House, and the Deserted Fairground, anyone is basically guaranteed to have the time of their lives! A personal favorite of mine is the Game Graveyard -- where you can live out the nostalgia of your childhood if you're one of the older Neopets players. :)

9. The Lost Desert

The Lost Desert has been a popular spot in Neopia for years, with many different activities to participate in. If you plan on going here for vacation, I would recommend staying in Sakhmet (no offense Qasala), because it offers more things to do. While in Sakhmet, why not play games such as the Fruit Machine and Lost Desert Scratch Cards? Afterwards, head on over with your winnings (if you're lucky) to Osiris Pottery where you can buy various pottery that can potentially be placed in your Neohome. It's a souvenir that you can keep forever. Another worthwhile shop to check out is the Battle Supplies, where you can find a plethora of different weapons that can be used in the Battledome.

After checking out Sakhmet, I recommend going into the Lost Desert itself and visiting the attraction Coltzan's Shrine. The shrine is known to give out items on occasion and help with your Neopets' stats.

8. Maraqua

While Maraqua is underwater, it still offers a lot of activities that you and your Neopet can take part in. With a very detailed and interesting past, Maraqua is one of the places in Neopia that you can learn more about if you just take time to focus on the details. I recommend starting out in the new part of Maraqua, where you can find shops that sell Maraquan petpets, Battledome items, and seashells (a great souvenir). Maraqua is also the home for the exclusive Kelp restaurant, which serves gormet food for expensive prices -- only Neopians who are willing to spend some serious Neopoints should go here. From there, you can venture off to the best attraction (in my opinion) -- the Maraquan ruins.

The actual ruins of Maraqua might not look like much, but there's more to it than initially meets the eye. The Fishing Vortex is actually an incredibly popular spot for Neopians to go while on vacation. It's a great way to spend time with your pet and increase their fishing level in the process! If you're particularly adventurous, try clicking on the abandoned building in the top right corner. ;)

7. Virtupets Space Station

The Virtupets Space Station orbits Neopia and is a great place for the more adventurous Neopians to visit. Although it was involved in the Y2 plot with Dr. Sloth, the space station has since been converted into a recreational area. The station itself looks rather stark, but is full of great things to take part in. Since there are three levels -- the Hangar, Supply Deck, and the Recreation Deck -- this section of the article will be divided into three parts.

The Hangar is the lowest level of the space station, and the most boring. The best part of the Hangar is playing the game Typing Terror, and watching the ships leave the station.

The Supply Deck has more activities, including places to buy weapons and defense items for the Battledome, petpets, and the mysterious Lever of Doom (use at your own risk). The lever itself has only taken Neopoints from me, but I still feel compelled to pull it... You will have a great time, if you ignore what is announced over the loudspeaker.

The Recreation Deck is the main attraction of the space station. The deck itself provides numerous games that you can play with your Neopet and the famous Grundos Cafe, which you have to visit at least once before you leave. Old favorites from the cafe include Cheese Manicotti and Cherries Jubilee.

6. Meridell

There is a reason why Meridell made the list instead of its counterpart (Brightvale). While it may seem a bit primitive, Meridell is actually one of the best places to go in Neopia because it is so versatile -- it's perfect for both adventurers and those just seeking to have a relaxing stay. For adventure-seekers, I recommend taking part in a quest for Illusen (you can find her in Illusen's Glade) and, if you're really brave, having your petpet visit Turmaculus -- the King of all Petpets. Warning: while Turmaculus can give you items, or do nothing at all, there is also a risk of your petpet being eaten. Visiting King Skarl in the castle is also a good way to spend your time -- if you can make him laugh you might get a nice reward. Be warned, he might kick you out of the castle if you fail to tell a good joke.

For those travelers that are just looking for a good time, try playing some of the nearby games, such as Turble Racing or Round Table Poker. Cheese Roller is also a favorite pastime for many Neopians, because you can keep the cheese if you roll it down the hill in the right amount of time. There are also a vast amount of places to shop, including Ye Olde Food Shoppe, Ye Olde Petpets, and Kayla's Potion Shop (located in the castle).

Located down the road, Meri Acres Farm makes for a good day trip. At the farm you can play games such as Potato Counter, Guess the Weight, and Extreme Potato Counter. A popular vacation spot is also the farm where you can pick your own berries.

5. Altador

Ah, Altador, the home of the famous Altador Cup. Altador is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Neopia, and one of the most mysterious. For newcomers, start off by checking out the shops where you will find places to buy magical items, food, and petpets. Then, venture over to the Hall of Heroes where you can view the great legends of Altador. Strangely, there is a statue that appears to have been destroyed.

Finally, complete your stay by visiting the Archives, where you can talk to the archivist. For those Neopians who have not discovered the mysteries of Altador, you might end up staying for longer than you think. :)

4. Krawk Island

Of all the places in Neopia, Krawk Island is unique because it mostly uses one type of currency -- dubloons! Before visiting Krawk Island, it's a good idea to purchase some dubloons from user shops, or try activities such as Anchor Management or Coltzan's Shrine to see if you can get some for free. Having dubloons on hand will make your experience even greater, but don't be discouraged from going to Krawk Island if you don't have the Neopoints.

On the main island, why not visit attractions such as the Governor's Mansion, Smuggler's Cove, or the Academy? All of the places are unique to Krawk Island and great to check out. The Academy is popular because it will train your pet in exchange for dubloons. Possibly one of the only places in Krawk Island that will except Neopoints is the Buried Treasure game, which you can try your luck at to win Neopoints, prizes, or nothing. Warf Wharf is a good area to go to if you're looking for more shopping and the famous Food Club.

Possibly one of the most famous places to go to in Krawk Island is the Golden Dubloon restaurant. The Golden Dubloon requires dubloons, like most places in Krawk Island, but it's completely worth it. Take your Neopet to dine in one of the most famous, and exclusive, restaurants in Neopia. Like Kelp (the restaurant found in Maraqua) you may only pick ONE item from each part of the menu. With gormet food such as Cap'n Threelegs Cutlass Crusade and the Forbidden Plunder dessert. If you're lucky, you might even be able to take some food home with you.

3. Terror Mountain

Terror Mountain is one of the best places to go if you want to celebrate the winter holidays all year round! Since there are so many things to do, I'm only going to cover the highlights.

The journey to the top of the mountain begins with Happy Valley, a perfect place for those who like shopping and slushies. :) If you are vacationing in December, be sure to check out the Advent Calendar -- it gives out prizes every day of the month! If you're short on time, be sure to check out the Scratch Card Kiosk and the Slushie Shop. The Ice Cream cart is also an interesting attraction, but you can only purchase ice cream if you have a coupon.

The Ice Caves are the next step to the top of the mountain. While they are beautiful, the Ice Caves are possibly the most dangerous part of your journey. If you're brave enough, try visiting the Snowager (if you visit while he's sleeping, your pet may be able to snag a cool item), but beware -- if he catches you stealing, you could be blasted by ice. Another fun place to check out is the Neggery, which requires tokens to purchase anything but is always fun to look around. If you are too afraid to venture into the Ice Caves, it is possible to make it to the top of the mountain from Happy Valley!

The Top of the Mountain is the most mysterious part of Terror Mountain. Once you've managed to make it to the top, why not take your pet to play a rousing game of Snow Wars? If you get too cold, I recommend checking out the Shop of Mystery and the Igloo Garage Sale. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, try visiting the Snow Faerie for a quest.

2. Faerieland

Although it has not returned to its former glory, Faerieland is still one of the best places to visit in Neopia. To start off, try visiting the famous Healing Springs to see if the faerie that lives there can heal your pet. Sometimes she even gives out magical items! The mysterious Faerie Caverns and the Wheel of Excitement are also great places to visit. You can even visit Jhudora to see if you can do a quest for her (if you dare).

Once you're done exploring the main part of Faerieland, go to Faerie City where you can shop as much as you want and even take a personality quiz to see which faerie you are. You can even find the legendary Hidden Tower if you look hard enough.

1. Mystery Island

You may be wondering why I chose Mystery Island as the best place to vacation. The answer is simple -- there's something for anyone here! For those who just want to relax, go for a walk on the beach, take a Tiki Tour, or try your luck at Tombola. For the more adventurous types, why not try going to the Lost City of Gerapiktu? There are so many adventures that you can have there.

Mystery Island is definitely not lacking in places to shop, either. You can buy tropical food, souvenirs (at Tiki Tack) and even go see what's up at the Trading Post. For those who like fortunetelling, try going to see the Island Mystic, who will give you a fortune. Be warned, sometimes he doesn't say what you want to hear...

Other fun things to do include going to the Haiku Generator, Techo Mountain, and having your pet take classes at the Training School. Like Krawk Island, the Mystery Island Training School will help increase your pets' level or stats, in exchange for codestones.

In conclusion, Neopia is full of great places to visit. I hope this guide was helpful in your great vacation search. Vacations are great for making memories with your pets and having time to relax from your busy Neopian life. :)

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