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Hi, I wanted to ask you that why aren't you making Neopoint Wearables. You make so many NC items that its crazy. I work so hard trying to make my pets look fashionable, but I can't because you only make NC items. Don't get me wrong my pets wear NC items but you can't earn NC and Neopoints you can. So stop making so many NC items and start making Neopoint items. Please consider this idea. ~ pinku0422
Hi, we do regularly release neopoint wearables. Keep an eye on the New Features page to keep up with the latest releases. Another great way to collect the latest neopoint fashions is to participate in site events - as wearables are usually prize options!

Hey there CQ! I am very sorry to bother you at this time, but I wanted to bring up something that was kinda forgotten - the Magma Pool! I really wish to paint my pet Magma, but the Tonu guard always seem to be awake and claiming I am not wise enough. Could you please please please give a hint on what it takes to gain access to it? :c ~ simbologies
I have no helpful hints on how to become wise enough to be allowed to enter the magma pool, you'll have to figure that out on your own. However, persistence is key - keep visiting at different times to find your time when the Tonu Guard is dozing off if you're determined to have a magma pet! Good luck!

Oh Country Queen, the July Premium neodeck card shows a yooyo relaxing in a pool. COME ON! Who relaxes during the Altador Cup! Get Real! ~ A new AC All-Star with serious questions! Xx0oDT
No one! The yooyus take a well deserved rest come July though.

Hi CQ :) I was wondering, can you have more than one thing published in the NT at a time, for example, if I were to submit a comic specific to the 750 ed that obviously I'd want in that ed. but just in case also entered a short story also, which could be published any week at the same time, also hoping to get into the 750 ed. what would happen if they were both accepted? Would the story be carried over as its not specific? Even if I requested in the notes it be for the 750 ed. what if one or both were collaborations? Obviously I'd want the friends I worked with to get their weewoo avvies too! Please remove my username.
Hi! Unfortunately, no, we generally try to avoid someone having two pieces published in one issue. If you specify two pieces for one issue, one will be rejected if the other is accepted. If you specify one but not the other, and both are accepted, the non-specific one will be held over for a different issue. Hope this clears things up!

Im back on Neopets since a big hibernation... *lol* And Im addicted again, and I was wondering if you can give us a hint for the next event :D That would be awesome :) ~ axomus
Welcome back! Hope you got some good rest. Now, I can't give you much of a hint on the next event, as it's still in the very early planning stages, but I have a good feeling it will be worth sticking around for :)

Hey TNT *throws gluten free white chocolate chip brownies at the TNT crew* So, I was actually wondering why pets can't have, well parents. I mean, Sophie and Bruno had parents in the plot-line of the event between them. So why is it that our pets can't have a family relationship or at least parents? It makes no sense because Sophie and Bruno had parents so I don't comprehend why our pets can't have a parent or parents as a whole. I mean, if there's a pet, there should at least, in my honest opinion, be a parental concept. The plot for the Haunted Woods showed us a set of parents for Sophie and Bruno so I'm completely bewildered as to why there can't at least be a romantic relationship between two pets as parents. That makes no sense to me. Anyways, I hope you guys have a FANTASTIC summer and happy month of Swimming!!! ~freak4pokemon901
*Eyes gluten free dessert uncertainly, takes a bite* Hmmm, these will do! Quite tasty indeed. Anyway, pets can indeed have parents, there just can't be a romantic relationship between the pets. So a pet can have a mom and dad and you can mention that, but you can't write about any romance between those pets.

Hi! Some have noticed a couple of small things fixed around the site. Thank you! I was wondering if it would be possible for a staff member to maybe post a list on the TNT board or the "Coming Soon" page, or elsewhere, as to what's on the agenda to be fixed and what has been fixed? If you cannot list what you're working on, then maybe at least update us when you've fixed something so we know you're still out there working hard? :P Please remove my username. ~ username removed
Hi! Good eye my friend, we did push a batch of fixes live yesterday. Some more tweaks to Trudy's Surprise to get that working perfectly were done, as well as improvements to ranking gallery items, naming/renaming categories, quick removing multiple items from your gallery, and the neomail event updates. The "Return All" option for NC gifts got some updates too! Enjoy y'all!

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