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Is Your Chia a Fruit Yet?

by alienigenosidad


Chias are known all around Neopia for their particular essence. A funny looking, somewhat potato shaped Neopet that is the only one, along with Kikos and Blumaroos, that you can’t really compare to any sort of living creature in the real world. A Chia is indeed a charismatic partner, ready to be there for you in all of your adventures on Neopets; but what is it that makes them so especial?

Have you ever seen those edible looking Chias around Neopets? Well, you were right; Chias are the only Neopets species that have the particular trait to convert themselves into fruits or vegetables. How did this happen? We are not really sure; there are a lot of theories about it. Perhaps Dr. Sloth had something to do with it, but we certainly know for sure that might be the reason why Lupes are so tempted to bite off some Chias.

Now, here’s a complete list of all of the edibles you can turn your lovely Chia into, in alphabetical order:

• A: Agueena, Apple, Asparagus, Aubergine, and Avocado.

• B: Blueberry.

• C: Carrot, Chokato.

• D: Durian.

• G: Gooseberry, Grape.

• L: Lemon, Lime.

• O: Onion, Orange.

• P: Pea, Peach, Pear, Pepper, Pineapple and Plum.

• S: Strawberry.

• T: Thornberry, Tomato.

Agueena and Chokato Chias are Neopets fruits!

And there might even be more to come!

So, are you a fruit or a vegetable person? Well, with a Chia you are able to show around all of the other Neopets users what is you all time-favourite good! But how do you make your Chia look like one? There are only three ways to make this particular event happen.

1. Chia Pops: if you haven’t happen to run up to one of these, Chia Pops are sweet fruit/vegetable flavoured pops that any Neopet can eat for a nice treat, especially on those hot summer days, but watch out! Because there are two kinds of Chia Pops that can be found. How can you recognize them?

There are Magical Chia Pops (Magical [flavour] Chia Pop) and normal Chia Pops ([flavour] Chia Pop).

While the magical kind have no further effect on another Neopet species that is not a Chia rather than just bloating them up, if you feed your Chia with a magical pop of any kind of edible, they’ll magically turn into the edible the pop was made with. So, for example, if you really want your Chia to turn into a lovely Thornberry, you’ll have to feed him or her a Magical Thornberry Chia Pop, and that’s how simple it is!

Where to find these magical sweets? You can buy them at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop, located on the Terror Mountain, where they sell both magical and normal pops, so you better watch out for what you’re buying! Because you might end up with a simple Apple Chia Pop in your inventory out of the excitement of shopping.

2. The Lab Ray: as you must already know, the Lab Ray is responsible for the hugest changes in our Neopets, capable of turning your gorgeous Faerie Cybunny into a plain old Yellow Skeith; but the Lab Ray also do wonders! If you’re lucky enough, it can change your Chia into any fruit or vegetable available color in just a zap. Just remember, these events are totally random, so you might have to give it a few tries before your Chia turns into a wonderful and tasty green apple.

3. The Fountain Faerie: this wonderful and rare faerie is recognized for granting Neopets users with their biggest wishes, the Neopet of their dreams. Succesfully making one of her really uncommon quests will turn the magic of her fountain back up and she will be granting you with any color (of her reach) for you to get your dreamed Neopet, and that includes any available edible Chia color!

    Before you get all excited and tell all of your friends about the wonders of the Chias, not everything is as easy as it seems. This guide is ready for all of your concerns and the go-wrongs in order to get your Chia to look like a graceful orange!

1. Sometimes restocking is a little hard when there are too many users trying to go for the same rare and expensive items, and the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop is not an exception. Sometimes even your internet connection makes it hard to refresh a shop and get the item you were longing for to find, but don’t get your hopes down, because you can search for any Magical Chia Pop in user’s shops, auctions and trading posts. If you’re feeling lucky, you can even try and go at the Igloo Garage, at the Terror Mountain, and see if you can pick one up, but that’s a toughie!

2. The Lab Ray will grant us with only one zap per day for us to go after out most wanted Neopets, and since some of us are not of the patient kind, we can grant ourselves with extra daily zaps! Noda’s Fortune Cookies can grant you with a Lab Ray Fortune Cookie, which by just 125 NC, after opening, you will receive up to 1, 2 or 3 zaps per day for one week. That makes the chances of getting your edible Chia faster!

Where to get them? At the NC Mall.

    3. The Fountain Faerie quests are what all Neopets users hope for the most for sure. They’re their one big chance to pick any possible color of her reach to convert their Neopets into what they have always wanted. As faerie quests are given out randomly throughout the website as random events while you’re feeding your Neopets, talking about games on the Neoboards, or just checking out Neopia Central’s shops, Noda has got some really good news for you! With a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie (100 NC) for 9 days from opening you’ll be guaranteed with one daily quest by any faerie, increasing your chances of being elected by the one and only Fountain Faerie!

Where to get them? At the NC Mall.

(You can still be eligible for receiving a random faerie quest just like usual)

    Pssst! Are you the Avatar Collector kind? Then there are greater news for you! If you equip your Pea Chia with the Battledome weapon, the Super Attack Pea, you’ll receive one of the most rare and expensive Avatars in Neopets!

Now that you know everything about getting a fruit (or vegetable) Chia, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one of these yummy looking fellows, and have yourself some healthy fun on Neopets.

So, are you a fruit person, or a vegetable person?

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