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Are you a Neoquest Addict?

by aspirina


Playing Neoquest is a major pastime for Neopians of all walks of life. The premise of the game is an age old one: the lone warrior must work his way into the center of evil to purge their world of the plague that vows to destroy them. The twist in this Neopian game is that you are that warrior, and the evil you must combat comes in the form of many scary, cute, and hilarious-looking enemies (*cough* Metal Devourer *cough*). Though an ancient game from 2002, Neoquest has earned itself a significant following within the site. The rich, the poor, the outgoing and the shy alike all enjoy the immersive role-playing experience that is Neoquest. Battling Noils, evil kings, and “Metal Devourers”?! Count me in! But for some Neopians, the allure of Neoquest is simply too much. There are several ways to spot a Neoquest-addict. Most often, however, the best way to spot a Neoquest addict is by looking at their gallery, their bank, and their pets.

First, many sufferers of a Neoquest addiction could have galleries stuffed with Neoquest-related items. Fans of Neoquest will always be impartial to the Krei Stamp, the Black Wadjet Plushie, or the The Archmagus of Roo Trading Card. But those who harbor true obsession with the text-based game will gravitate towards expensive, exuberant galleries with nearly every Neoquest-related item. With hundreds of plushies, stamps, and cards, Neoquest is one of the most popular subjects of art and items within the land of Neopia. A collection of all these items would take quite a bit of time, and an insanely large amount of neopoints! A Neoquest addiction is no cheap addiction to have. Be this as it may, many addicts of Neoquest will still relentlessly publicise and fawn over their complete neoquest gallery, speaking of its greatness to any and all that will listen. And why shouldn’t they? Those who have committed themselves to collecting every Neoquest item has certainly spend more than an arm and a leg-- and should certainly be showing it off whenever they can!

Because of the financial strain of collecting the hundreds of Neoquest-themed items, the next area that shows off the addiction of a Neoquest fan is the bank. Namely, many Neoquest-addicts have very little when it comes to pure neopoints. Their cup runneth low. For Neoquesters all over this great land, financial strain happens to be just one of the sacrifices they make to continually save the world from possible Neoquest-related enemies and attackers. Their financial woes are due to a multitude of reasons, all centering around the addicts outstanding commitment to defeating the enemies of Neoquest again and again. First, Neopians who have an addiction to the Ancient Neopian world of Neoquest often spend most of their time on the site trying to thwart the plans of the evil bosses and minibosses of Neoquest. As such, they rarely have time for such nonsense as restocking, reselling, or saving for that matter! I mean, they’re saving the Neopian World, what more do you want from them?! In addition, much of the money they do end up scraping up goes towards more Neoquest-themed items. With more items coming out each day, Addicts of Neoquest can expect to sacrifice much of their potential profits in exchange for more game-time. But hey, Neoquest is still too much fun to quit!

    Neoquest is a journey about many things. Neoquest represents the resilience of a lone traveller in the face of insurmountable odds. It represents the inevitable triumph of good over evil. But most importantly to many Neopians, Neoquest represents their own pet’s possible strength. Unlike many other adventure games in the world, the Neoquest game’s protagonist is-- you guessed it: your pet! Because of this, many Neoquest addicts like to make sure that their pet is ready for the trials ahead. While having a stronger pet doesn’t necessarily promise a better shot at surviving in the harsh world of Neoquest, many owners feel that having a pet who looks up to the task will be more ready to fight, rather than flee, when the road gets tough and the enemies strong. Some owners will trade an arm and a leg to gain access to a pet with a Neoquest-related name! But even when they’re not trying their best to get a nicely-named pet for their next Neoquest adventure, many Neoquest addicts could be easily identified by a brief conversation with their pets. I mean seriously, what pet wants to spend days on-end fighting the toughest monsters in old-Neopia? Ask any Neoquest-addict’s pet and they’ll tell you: Neoquesting is no cake-walk! Whether it’s obvious from their dress, their strength, their name or their words, Neoquest addicts can very often be identified by their pets.

It’s not just about the “big three” identifiers for Neoquest addicts. In addition, Neoquest addicts can be seen grumbling in the corner about “no Neoquest Three for ten years…” and “no updated and new content…”. They can be a salty bunch when it comes to their favorite games! Neoquest fans are often seen on the boards, chatting about Neoquest when possible, and rerouting conversations to Neoquest when directly talking about Neoquest is not possible. In addition, look to the Neosignature and Avatar combo while you’re on the boards to identify a lover of Neoquest. Typically, they will be supporting a Neoquest font with a Bionic Cybunny avatar, as is customary for the loving followers of Neoquest.

A Neoquest addict is no doubt common in the lands of Neopia. Neoquest is an incredible game that provides players with the unique opportunity to have their pet be the hero in a unique story of good and evil. Battling their way through hundreds of possible enemies, Neoquest is a favorite of many Neopians. Some, however, have a love in their heart for Neoquest that sometimes can border on addiction. When looking to identify a Neoquest addict, first look to the gallery. A Neoquest addict will no doubt have it filled with Neoquest-related treasures, always expensive! Because they spare no expense on such a gallery, the bank account is a good way to measure the extent of a Neopian’s addiction to Neoquest. Look to the pet of a potential Neoquest addict to identify how their pet is affected by their pastimes. Finally, the grumbling, signature, and avatar of a Neopian can all be tell-tale signs that they are addicted to Neoquest.

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