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5 Tips to a Better (Neo)Life!

by sweetj912


Neopets is full of creative and interesting ways to have fun, but for the long-time user, we can become so accustomed to the site that we stop seeing the potential it has.

Instead of repeating the same bland actions every day, here is a list of five ways to spice up your game!

1. Use the Neolodge for its intended purpose.

The Neolodge- our favorite and most convenient way of feeding our pets. But abusing its fab prices just to conveniently keep our pets fed takes away both the point of the Neolodge and the point of, you know, food.

Have you ever actually gone to the various food stores of Neopia and browsed? There are thousands of food items, none of which your neopet has ever tasted. And the Neolodge is meant for vacations. Use it when you actually have to be off Neopets for a few days. And really treat your pet when you do! The Cockroach Towers or Fleapit Motel is NO place for an animal.

Neopets are supposed to teach you responsibility. If you actually treat them like pets, and not just objects that are required to play the game, you will have a lot more fun!

2. Shop for fun, not as a chore.

Those of us who restock at Neopian Shops know all about how tedious and frustrating it can be. (Same goes for sniping, and auction hunting!) Do you know the reason why it's frustrating? It's because we treat the art of restocking like it's a chore or, worse, a job. Many people use restocking as their main form of making Neopoints, which is fine. But what if instead of seeing it as a chore, you saw it for what it really is...?

Bargain hunting! Who doesn't love going out and finding amazing deals on the bargain racks? If restocking is your biggest source of income, that's fine, but why not occasionally bargain-hunt for items YOU like, rather than for items that makes the most profit? Instead of waiting to snag an item that will earn you neopoints by reselling, why not snag that handsome shirt your Neopet would love? Or that adorable plushie that would look great in your collection of cute items? Shopping is a lot more fun when it's for you (or your pet.) I promise!

3. Treat your Neopet like a pet!

As mentioned in #1, Neopets is a lot more fun when your Neopet becomes a pet and not an object. And there are so many things you can do for your pet!

There are grooming items, clothes, foods, toys... all things you have, all things your real pets have... so why not give them to your Neopet? They're all readily available, and your Neopets even thank you for them!

Also, every Neopet is unique, with their own identity and personality. Users who put a lot of effort into making pet pages and personalities specifically for their neopet tend to be happier, more active users. Why not try that?

We older users remember life before Neopets had clothes. Now that they have them, try building them a wardrobe! Customize outfits for them, take pictures, and post them on their petpage to show off. You could also draw outfits, write stories, and just really bring your pet to life. Read to your pet, be close to them! Design a beautiful room for them in your Neohome, and make sure each pet gets an opportunity to be your active pet. Neopets would not be Neopets without them, you know!

4. Make Neofriends.

You'd be surprised to find out how many people play Neopets every day but don't have a single friend to talk to. They just go through the motions, no friends, no guild, never venturing onto the boards... that's so lonely!

Neofriends are AWESOME. They send you gifts, you can trust them in Key Quest, and in general it's just fun to have friends! Bumping into them on the boards is the equivalent to running into a friend in real life. If you happen to be in a guild together that's even better. Life is just so much better with friends, and Neopets is no exception! And the best part is that on Neopets, you're not limited by state, country, or even continent! No matter who you are or where you're from, everyone accepts you as an equal. Having even just one good Neofriend really makes all the difference in the Neoworld.

If you're not sure how to make Neofriends, all it takes it letting everyone know you exist. Join a guild and start there. Find a Neoboard you really like and become active on it. Once you've talked to someone on a public message board a few times, neomail them. Ask them questions about their neopets, their gallery, or just whatever you can to break the ice. Once you start conversing through neomail, your friendship is usually pretty set! Very easy (:

5. Find a way to be unique.

My final tip is to make it a goal to set yourself apart from the others. There are users who excel at graphics and become popular graphics-makers; there are users who are popular Neopian Times submitters; there are even users who are just popular in general on the Neoboards!

Work on finding something that sets you apart- that makes others recognize you.

Maybe you're amazing at customizing your pets? You could make a whole petpage of unique or attractive customizations for people to use as ideas. Some people make their name by generously donating to users' goals and wishes. Others use their lab maps to zap pound pets and give them away as dream pets. Find a talent, an interest, or a goal, and work for your fifteen minutes of fame!

So there you have it- just a few ways to make your time here that much better! And don't be shy about finding your own creative ways to have fun.

Remember, your neo-life is what you make it!

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