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I was going to send my non-Neofriend a Neogreeting, when I had a question: would they continue getting emails from, or is the Neogreeting a one-time email? Thanks! ~twoballoons
The email address will only be used to send the Neogreeting, and is not stored on our system. That means you can send Neogreetings with reckless abandon without having to worry about your friend ending up on some mailing list!

First, I would like to thank everyone for working so hard on the manual distribution of awards for past contests like the caption and poetry competitions. *gives cookies* With that said, I am wondering: has it been brought to anyone's attention that people are still waiting to receive their awards for the Wocky Day Art Gallery? Waiting isn't so bad, but it would be nice to know that they will get here eventually. Thank you! Please remove my username. ~username removed
Our Art Gallery judge says: "I'm on it! Art Gallery prizes are awarded automatically, but sometimes there's a hiccup in the script. Always feel free to report unawarded Art Gallery trophies immediately. :)"

Could you add a direct link to Neovia to the main Haunted Woods page? Right now we still have to go through the Gypsy Camp, which is a bit annoying. ~ghoti
If you click on the sign with the arrow in front of the camp, it takes you directly to Neovia. :)

Hi! I was wondering if we could resubmit the same Neopian Times entry on a different week if we are rejected during a previous week for the reason of having too many good entries in a given category. A lot of us work rather diligently on our submissions and some of the topics require a good bit of research to write on. Please remove my username if you decide to answer this! Thanks. ~username removed
Absolutely! As the Neomail states, "Please try again next week." This doesn't just refer to making new entries. However, you can always give your work another look over.

Why is it that all of your posts are deleted when you get messages, warnings, etc.? ~brynchilla
It's a function that serves a few purposes:
1.) Clearing any and all inappropriate messages.
2.) Stopping multiple monitors from warning you for the same infraction.
3.) It basically "cleans your slate" so that you have a chance to heed the warning and change the behaviour that caused you to be warned.

Happy February! I'd throw confetti, but you would probably make me sweep it up. :/ I just wanted to tell you how much I love-Love-LOVE the new wearable Drumset Foreground. Is there any chance that a set of all-species drumsticks is in the artists' queue? ~wallythorp
Well, that'd certainly be useful, wouldn't it? We've passed your request on to our Content Department.

Hey there! I have a suggestion, a life-changing one at that, so brace yourselves. I strongly believe that, as a token of appreciation to your longtime users, you should hold a one-time "Change that terrible username you now completely regret" day! I know this has been addressed before, but Pam no longer loves Fred, and she hasn't for a reeeeallly long time, so it would be nice not to have that unpleasant reminder every time I log in! Please consider my wounded pride! Thanks! ~pam_loves_fred
OOF. Unfortunately, unlike tattoos, Neopet account names can't be altered. We don't have the ability to be able to do so without rewriting the site. :( Maybe you could adopt a pet rat named Fred?

Then every morning you could say to him,
♥ "Fred, you little rat." ♥

*TARDIS materializes* WHIRROO WHIRROO! *creeps past Neopet statues, staring* Doctor Who quote... oooh. How many of you watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, and / or Supernatural? ~purpleixi_13
*watches as half the office raises their hands* Erm, yes to all of the above?

I just realized that my Lenny has an accidental swear in his name. It's fairly hidden, but I don't want to risk my account. Do I have much to worry about with him? (please remove my name) ~username removed
No need to worry. :) Plenty of words contain that assortment of letters. We do our best to judge intent before we deem a Neopet name or account name inappropriate.

Hi, TNT! There's pretty much a spotlight / trophy for everything except guilds. Leaders such as myself work very hard with council members to make a guild that stands out from the rest. I was wondering if you guys could somehow create a spotlight trophy or something similar to recognize our hard work. :) Please remove my username, thanks! ~username removed
We used to have a Guild Spotlight, but it just didn't work well. Some guilds abused the attention, and there's also the question of who gets the trophy. A guild is about many people, not just the leaders. Would just the leader get the trophy? The council? What about all the guildmates that make the guild great? Would the guildies that haven't ever made a single post get an undeserved trophy if all guild members were awarded? While it's a nice idea, once you get into the details of it, it becomes a nightmare.

Can we get in trouble for things we do offsite? For example, we might have a blog where we post adult content (and a lot of people from our blog know we play Neopets). As long as we aren't cheating or scamming other Neopets players, this is okay with you guys, right? Please take out my username! ~username removed
Unless it's directly having an impact on the site (i.e.: account selling, cheating, scamming, selling artwork containing our intellectual property), what you do outside Neopia is your own business! You can reference Neopets on your own blog, regardless of its content, but you can't reference your blog on Neopets, either directly or indirectly by giving "hints" to find it.

Fine: Posting on your blog, "My Neopets username is X."
Not fine: Posting on Neopets, "My blog username is the same as my Neopets username. ;)"

Before I ask, I'd like to clarify that I have not participated in such schemery, but was just wondering since I know that people can drive up prices by buying out certain items and the like. My question is: when it is a group of people working together to monopolize a certain item, it is against the rules. Why is this? We as Neopians set prices on items one way or another -- if a group bands together to drive prices up on items, is this not just Neopian economics at work? Again, I have not done such a thing -- I don't have the FUNDS to do such a thing -- I'm just genuinely curious as to how this came about, I suppose. Was this a major issue in the past? *hands a non-inflated cupcake* ~midnight_rising
While Neopets has a huge social aspect and awesome community that helps each other out, at its core Neopets boils down to individuals progressing on their individual main accounts. While offering gifts or advice to other players is awesome, where we need to draw the line is with multiple people working as a unit to advance accounts. This is why we don't allow multiple players to control a single account, or multiple accounts acting as a single account. While, undoubtedly, there are single accounts out there rich enough to control some aspect of the economy, there are limits. If multiple accounts like that worked together, just a few accounts could end up controlling a huge portion of the Neopets economy. We like the Neopets economy player-run, not dominated by Neopian coalitions.

Neopia: small business friendly since Y1.

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