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The Diary of A Pirate Snowbunny

by sarahbunnii


16th day of Celebrating, Y13

Dear Diary,

     It has been a year since that dreadful blizzard. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I was out alone near the peak of the mountain when the wind began to howl as small shards of ice bit at my face. I almost didn't make it out alive. But, thank Fyora, a kind Bruce saved me. Sadly, though, I now dread blizzards and I abhor snow because of it.

     The Bruce, to whom I owe much gratitude, took me to a small store down in Happy Valley. The sign above the door read "Wintery Petpets". And within my first week of living there I learned that Neopets from all over the Neopia come here to buy the finest Petpets from Terror Mountain.

     The Bruce also noticed my love of learning one day when I knocked a book off of a shelf and attempted to read it. Over the course of the past year, he has bought me many books that have expanded my knowledge in vast amounts. Just recently, he bought me you, my new diary. Hopefully I have plenty of chances to write in you.

     Anna, the Snowbunny

     17th day of Celebrating, Y13

      Although, the temperature is well below freezing today, the awful blizzard has almost subsided and many of the other Snowbunnies are out playing in the fresh-fallen snow that glimmers in the valley. It looks beautiful, but I prefer the warmth of the crisp, crackling fireplace beside me. Here inside, the warm building, I don't have to worry about being cold or getting stuck in a snowstorm. Hopefully, whoever buys me, lives in Mystery Island!

     See you in the sun,

     Anna, the only Snowbunny who hates the snow.

     25th day of Celebrating, Y13 - Day of Giving

     Dear Diary,

     Today was the Day of Giving! Many, many people stopped in the store today, and most of them bought Petpets from the kind Bruce. Terror Mountain is especially famous for its festivities around this time of – A shooting star! I just saw a shooting star! I think I remember reading somewhere that I get to make a wish. Well... well... I wish that I could move to some place warmer with a real owner to care for me. Now I'm quite tired... Good Nig--

     I am hearing a loud banging on the front door. But it couldn't be the shop owner, because he is closing the shop for the night. I am quite curious, but also stuck in the bedroom, since no petpet is tall enough to reach the door. I'll try my best to figure out what's going on.

     I hear a gruff voice, nearly yelling at the kind Bruce.

     "Ye hearin' me correctly?" the scary voice says, "I be lookin' for a Petpet!"

     "But sir, we are closed for the night. You see, I was planning to spend tonight with my family--" the Bruce replies.

     "I didn't come all the way 'ere for ye to tell me I can't have one!" I hear sounds of scraping metal.

     The Bruce now sounds terrified. "Okay! You can have one, just please be peaceful!"

     I can hear the footsteps of them coming towards the door.

     Oh dear, I dread the thought of being this nasty owners Petpet! Maybe if I can hide in the corner...

     26th day of Celebrating, Y13

     Dear Diary,

     I am in a small box with barely enough room to move. There's a small bit of food, but I am too terrified to move, let alone eat anything. Last night, after I stopped writing, the large door swung open almost immediately and I froze. I desperately wanted to get away, but my legs wouldn't budge.

     I heard the Neopian with the scary voice say, "Me thinks I want that one."

     He then picked me up. His grip was tighter than fear's cold grip on my mind.

     "Yes, me thinks this is good." I could feel his repugnant, warm breath on face, which smelled of nasty old fish.

     The only thing I could do was close my eyes, and frankly this is the first time I've been brave enough to open them for more than a few seconds.

     I am never eating fish again,


     30th day of Celebrating, Y13

     Dear Diary,

     After many days of travel in the little box, we've finally reached Neopia Central. Throughout, the few days I've been with my new owner, I've learned that his name is Captain Scarblade by listening to some of his interactions with other Neopians. He finally let me out today and let me explore the new city for myself. Neopia Central is very different from Terror Mountain, where I used to call home. It's much warmer here, which is a nice change, and there are many more shops here. Captain Scarblade just told me that he has a surprise for me tomorrow, but I'm not sure whether to be happy or afraid about it.

     Wish me luck,


     31st day of Celebrating, Y13

     Dear Diary,

     Well, this was the second worst surprise of my life; the first being that awful blizzard, of course. I think I know my dreadful fate now. Scarblade woke me up early this morning and dragged me down to the Petpet Puddle where he painted me pirate. As soon as I saw my new color, everything began to connect. I remembered a book a read about Captain Scarblade a while back. He and his crew were known as the fiercest pirates on the Neopian Seas. And I'm the newest member of the motley crew.

     I hope I don't have to use awful grammar and eat old fish,

     Anna, the now-pirate Snowbunny.

     14th day of Sleeping, Y14

     Dear Diary,

     I am spending the night in Krawk Island, and then tomorrow it will be my first official day as a pirate Petpet. I am quite nervous, but things have gotten better since the last time I had a chance to write. Captain Scarblade's breath isn't quite as obnoxious as it used to be and I've even dabbled a bit in pirate speech! Arr, ye landlubbers!

     This could be a fun adventure after all,


     15th day of Sleeping, Y14

     Dear Diary,

     Today was absolutely dreadful. If it took me a half of a month to learn how to deal with one pirate, then imagine how long it will take me to learn to put up with an entire crew! As soon as I boarded the ship with Scarblade, about twenty ill-tempered pirates got into a brutal fight over who was going to be my new owner. Thank Fyora, that I was able to make it out in one piece! I ran and hid behind some barrels, where I still am now.

     I don't know if I'll ever have the nerve to leave my comfortable confines behind the barrels, especially after the horror that I witnessed today.

     The pir... pirates, t... t... they were using poor Petpets for cannonball practice! Can you believe it, diary? How could anyone do such vile things too poor, harmless Petpets?

     As I sat there and watched them continue this horrid practice for about an hour, I can remember slowly realizing that I was probably supposed to be the cannon's next victim... My now-grey, but still beautiful Snowbunny coat would be covered in the cannon's soot, and who knows if I would even survive...

     I am never leaving the comforts of these barrels--

     Oh no, someone is coming this way! I can hear the sound of boots echoing, getting louder with each step.

     Sorry to leave you for now, diary; hopefully everything turns out okay.


     Dear Diary,

     I am relieved to tell you, that I am still safe and happy. After I stopped writing, a pirate Shoyru came over near my little hiding place and began to rummage through some of the barrels. I let curiosity get the best of me and I poked my head out. He immediately saw me and held out his hand, which I shied away from.

     "It's alright, I won't hurt ye," he said a kind voice, which didn't smell of fish at all.

     I was quite nervous, but I realized that I couldn't live my whole life behind a barrel. I slowly walked into his outstretched hand.

     He took me back to his room and gave me some leftover morsels from his dinner.

     "Welcome to the crew. My name is Dylan." His voice was a bit somber. "Tis' my first voyage too... I am having a pretty rough time, but I can't imagine what things must be like for you. "

     I then handed him you, diary, which he really enjoyed reading.

     "Did ye write this?" he asked, looking very surprised.

     I nodded, and beamed at the fact that Dylan was surprised by my vast knowledge.

     "Wow, I can understand 'e fear o' th' cannon. I wouldn't want to face that meself... Well, 'e are welcome to stay in my cabin. Ye just has to help me with some of the meager new recruit duties."

     Hopefully these duties aren't too difficult,


     15th day of Awakening, Y14

     Dear Diary,

      Sorry, I haven't written to ye in a while, I have been quite busy, helpin' Dylan. Ye would be surprised at how much pirate I've learned in the past month!

     The other day, I had a chance to speak with some of the other pirate Petpets on the voyage as we helped our owners raise the mast.

     "This be my eighth voyage, and I've been shot by th' cannon more times than I can count," a veteran Buzz said.

     "I am also a new recruit," an Angelpuss began, "I remember being terrified, but after I flew through the air and soared straight through the basket... I wanted to go again and again."

     Maybe I will have to try this cannon thing after all,


     1st day of Running, Y14

     Dear Diary,

     'Morrow I am tryin' out the cannonball game. Dylan has been practicin' to try 'is best not to miss and I would hate to let him down. Hopefully everything goes okay.

     I will write as soon I survive!


     2nd day of Running, Y14

     Dear Diary,

     Not only did I survive, I also had a great time!

     I almost backed out when a pirate began to stuff me in the cannon, but Dylan shot me a smile, which boosted my confidence or maybe gave me a false sense of bravado...

     Dylan adjusted the cannon to make the shot for what seemed like hours, then suddenly, there was a loud bang and I was sent flying through the air!

     I could feel the wind on my fur, and I wished that I could fly like this forever. But the flight didn't last long; I flew straight into the basket and slid down the old mast.

     Realizing how fun the whole experience was, I begged Dylan to let me go again. We made three more shots, and won the game for today!


     19th day of Running, Y14

     Dear Diary,

     I think my Day of Giving Wish has come true. I love the warm air and me new friends. I have also gotten used to the odd pirate talk and even the smell of fish has gotten better. I am enjoying my new life as a pirate!

     I have endless adventures on the high seas, sailing with the best crew ever known in Neopian History! Of course I still love reading, learning, and writing in you!

     Thanks for always being there for me,

     Anna, the adventurous pirate Snowbunny!

The End

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