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Why Yooyuball is Allowed by the PPL

by emilyralphy


Have you ever wondered why the PPL allows Yooyuball to be played? Sure, it's an important tradition, but why should anybody be allowed to hurl petpets around like that? Yooyuball might seem like a dangerous sport for Yooyus at a glance, but the PPL has made sure that it presents no problems for them whatsoever. Here are five of the most important aspects that the PPL has carefully monitored since the tournament was created.

5. Health

Contrary to some nasty rumors, the Yooyus always receive three well balanced meals a day. The PPL makes sure that every Yooyu stays within a designated weight range. Rather than making them lighter and easier to throw or heavier to encourage stronger throws from the players, the PPL keeps every Yooyu as close as possible to a standard weight. The Yooyus also receive plenty of exercise every day. They frequently practice even during the offseason to keep of the pounds. They also always make sure to drink plenty of water to keep from getting dehydrated. Without a doubt, every Yooyu in Yooyuball is the picture of health. In fact, the PPL hand selects only the healthiest, fittest Yooyus around to participate in the Altador Cup. Any Yooyu who even wants to try out for the Altador Cup is required to attend a special training camp. After months of building up their muscles and improving their skills, the Yooyus then attend their own little tournament to see who gets the best spots, who will have to be benchwarmers, and who will have to hope you better luck next year. Of course, their results also determine which matches they will be in. You certainly can't stick a Yooyu who is perfect for games in the Lost Desert on Terror Mountain without expecting issues after all.

4. Safety

I bet you're wondering how being thrown all over the place can possibly be safe for anyone. I can assure you, however, Yooyuball is a very safe sport. It is played in stadiums with relatively soft soil to lighten any impacts. The gloves that the players wear are also very well padded. Landing in one of those gloves feels much like landing on a pillow. Even if some players do tend to throw a little hard, the Yooyus are ready for almost any throw. Their skin is as tough as leather, so they rarely ever feel anything when they hit something. I'll admit, a few Yooyus are hurt every once in a while for one reason or another. The worst injury I've ever seen a Yooyu have was only a bruise, though. The PPL always makes sure any injured Yooyus receive the proper medical care no matter what the injury is. If a Yooyu feels like they are too badly injured to play or they just don't feel well, they are always free to step out of the game. There has never been a single Yooyu who was forced to play Yooyuball with any kind of illness.

3. Stress

As you can imagine, being the icon of Neopia's most famous sport can be a very stressful job. Yooyus have to face roaring crowds, hustling players, and a referee with an extremely loud whistle every single day during the Altador Cup. The pressure that the Yooyus are under can get extremely intense, especially during the finals. I can guarantee you, though; every Yooyu always gets his or her fair share of relaxation time. I have seen quite a few Yooyus getting spa treatments or massage to help them relax after particularly hectic games. Yooyus always look out for each other too. They help each other unwind by telling stories about their favorite games, gossiping about the players, and by debating which team is the best. When all else fails, a bit of fan mail can always perk up a stressed Yooyu. Celebrity Yooyus often get letters from impressed audience members and their envious petpets. Those wonderful letters always leave Yooyus feeling appreciated and very lucky too. Not every petpet species is so famous after all.

2. Retirement

As Yooyus get older, they must retire to make room for younger Yooyus who want to become famous. But what is out there for a retired Yooyu? I'm sure many of you will remember seeing Yooyus in the prize shops over the years. Those Yooyus have retired from Yooyuball for some reason or another to enjoy a more laid back life with your pet. Not all Yooyus are lucky enough to be taken in by a Neopet, but that doesn't mean they can't retire. The PPL runs a special retirement center for elderly Yooyus without owners. There, Yooyus can remember the good old days with some of there friends and relax. Exercise facilities are provided just in case they need to stretch their joints. If they'd rather spend their days in a quieter way, they can always borrow a book from the library, play some card and dice games, or just snooze away in their extremely cozy beds. Players frequently visit the center to tell the Yooyus all about the current situation in the Altador Cup. The players often bring over souvenirs for the Yooyus to enjoy too.

1. Fun

Now that you've seen that Yooyus are well taken care of, you must still wonder how Yooyuball is fun for Yooyus. Yooyus always have a blast trying to impress their fans, chatting with the players, or relaxing with their fellow Yooyus. They could still do that in any game, though. What Yooyus love the most about Yooyuball is the feeling of flying through the air and whooshing into the goal. They always claim that nothing will ever beat the feeling of the air rushing past you as you hurtle into the goal just seconds before the goalie tries to catch you. Getting to be famous and loved by everyone couldn't possibly hurt either.

Doesn't Yooyuball seem more Yooyu friendly now? Always remember, the PPL would never allow any sport to be played if it didn't meet their very high standards. I hope this clears up any doubts you might have had about Yooyuball. Feel free to let the PPL know if you have any more questions about Yooyuball.

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