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An All Inclusive Guide to Grarrl Day

by xilimirg


You may be wondering what is so special about Grarrl Day... maybe not, but that’s okay. This guide will help you understand the awesomeness that we call “Grarrl Day.”


What is a better way to spend your Grarrl Day than trying to get Grarrl-themed avatars? Here are a few avatars that you can attempt to obtain: (I’m not going to tell you the solution, just some information on them!)

Grarrl Keno is always a good option. The basic concept of this game is to pick numbers that range from one to eighty. The more numbers you pick, the better the payout will be. The minimum amount of numbers you can pick is two. Obviously, the more you pick, the more numbers you have to match in order to receive a payout. There is also a “Quick Pick” option, that picks your numbers at random. Sounds like fun, eh? Be careful not to spend too many Neopoints on this game, as it all depends on chance. However, smart bidding won’t hurt your bank account too much. Experiment with low bets to see which combinations work best for you. Remember, you can only bet fifty Neopoints plus two for each day you have played. So for all you math whizzes out there, it is 50+(2 x n), n being the age of your account in days. So if you have an older account, and haven’t played Grarrl Keno before, careful on your bets!

The ever-so-popular “Grarrl Warrior” avatar might be a little more difficult to obtain. Without going into much detail, all I have to say is good luck. Most Neopians know how to obtain this avatar, but just ask around, I’m sure someone will be kind enough to tell you how this one is obtained.

Maybe not as elusive as “Grarrl Warrior”, is the “Grarrl-Galem Darkhand” avatar. Who is Mr. Darkhand you may ask? Galem Darkhand is... well... *flips through notes*... Yeah, why don’t you go looking for more information on him?

Probably the most common Grarrl avatar is the “Grarrl-Darigan” avatar. I mean, come on, this one is obvious. Just remember, Grarrls come in many different colors, and well... You can get this one, I promise.


Now, this part of this article may not be suited for proud members of the PPL. Just like our friend Jetsam, Grarrls can eat petpets. WHAT?! Yeah, I know, that’s not right. Why don’t you organize the first ever “GWDNEPPFF” (Grarrls Who Do Not Eat Petpets For Fun)? Let’s face it, Grarrls are misunderstood so let’s not give them a bad reputation. Grarrls are an important part of Neopian history!


On a less evil and sadistic note, start a gallery. With Grarrl Day coming, why not start a Grarrl gallery? With Grarrl Day comes new items. Looking back at previous Grarrl Days, food, clothing, and toys were released in 2008, and clothing, chocolate, and morphing potions were released in 2007. Nothing shows your intelligence more than a good ol’ history collection of Grarrl items.

**You could also show your knowledge by reading all of the Neopedia, but I’m guessing showing off your Grarrl gallery might be a little less time consuming, just saying.


If you are a Battledome newbie, I wouldn’t suggest throwing your poor pet into battle with the Robo Grarrl. Experienced battlers laugh at the Robo Grarrl, but your poor pet with mediocre stats hold no chance against this challenger. Attacking with its special Robo Grarrl equipment (how original, I know), this challenger will attempt to drain your hit points like nobody’s business. Why don’t you give it a taste of its own medicine with a Grarrl Tailspike or Grarrl Boot? If you are a more experienced battler, take the day off from your other activities, and battle Robo Grarrl all day to celebrate!

Interacting with your Neopet:

Maybe your Neopet does not understand Grarrls as well as you wanted them to. Since Grarrls are an important part of Neopian history, why don’t you buy your pet some books to gain some knowledge? Some different titles I recommend are: Chef Grarrl, Eye of the Grarrl, Grarrl Comics, and Grarrl Power. However, there are many more titles available, so check out the Magical Bookshop and see what you can find!

On the note of educating your pet, why don’t you do some research on famous Grarrls? Grarrls like Deckar, Galem Darkhand, Galgarroth, Gargrall, Gordo Gunnels, Grarrg, Harlis Neybohl, Torakor, and the previously mentioned Robo Grarrl are Grarrls that have made it in Neopian Society, whether it be for good or bad reasons. Why don’t you check it out for yourself?

There are also different items that you can share with your pet. Grarrl-themed TCG Cards are great items to add to your pet’s collection, as well as Grarrl-themed collectable cards. These items may not help your pet’s intelligence, but this isn’t about your neopet; it’s about celebrating a day where one of the most historic Neopets reigns top dog (... dinosaur?).


Make a Grarrl themed room in your neohome. I mean, just go to the Tyrannian Furniture shop. Unlike the famous Grarrls mentioned above, this young Grarrl shopkeeper doesn’t seem to cut it. He isn’t even awake! Get some Tyrannian themed furniture, and throw a Robo Grarrl in the room. You may even be in for a surprise if you have never had a robo item in one of your rooms. But anyway, enough of that talk, who wouldn’t want an item that walks around your room making loud Grarrl noises?

So, you may have learned a lot more about Grarrls than you originally known before, but I guess that’s my job, to educate you. Grarrls are misunderstood, and not all of them enjoy eating petpets (They do eat food too!). If you are looking for a large, monstrous, dinosaur resembling pet, I would highly suggest creating a Grarrl on Grarrl Day! Grarrls are currently 19th on the most popular Neopet list. COME ON, PEOPLE! WE WILL TAKE THE SHOYRU DOWN! (Or just eat our way to the top, whichever is quicker.)

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