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Advertising Jelly World

by zivina


"What is that Nimmo wearing?"

     "Ha-ha! It looks like a giant jelly is running around!"

     "How many times has he passed us now?"

     "Honestly, some neopets have no shame."

     The comments buzzed as Ixabar continued jogging laps around Neopia Central, hoping to gather a large enough crowd. He had spent all night last night creating a cardboard cutout to wear for today. And he knew that he must wear his giant jelly outfit with pride.

     Finally, after four laps around, he slowed down to a halt to face the curious crowd.

     "Good afternoon, Neopia!" he called out, waving his arms in the air.

     Thank goodness he was an athletic Nimmo, or he would have been too winded to speak clearly from having to wear the heavy cardboard and running that many laps under the burning sun.

     As though they had been waiting for him to finally stop jogging, a large crowd of curious neopets quickly formed around the Nimmo.

     A few rowdy pets cheered; obviously amused by the strange display that Ixabar had been putting on, while more of the older pets kept their eyes on the Nimmo, waiting for an answer to all of his shenanigans.

     A low murmur filled the crowd, but all eyes continued to be on the split Nimmo wearing a cardboard cutout of a jelly food.

     "Some of you might be wondering why I have been running around and wearing this!" the Nimmo called out again. He thumped his cardboard outfit triumphantly with a fist.

     "I am just SO pumped up right now!" he continued, not waiting for a response. "Just ask me why!"

     More of the crowd cheered; everyone was obviously catching onto Ixabar's energy. Several responded to him, while others guessed why.

     "It's because you look so awesome today!" one called out.

     "No way, it's because he won the beauty contest with that amazing look!" another replied.

     Ixabar's eyes glinted excitedly, waving away the supplied answers "It's because... I JUST came back from Jelly World!" Ixabar punched his fists into the air victoriously a few times.

     A loud groan filled the crowd.

     "I knew he was a nut..." A Pteri rolled his eyes before flying off.

     "You know what they say about split neopets," a Kacheek whispered loudly to the Uni standing next to her. "Even their minds are split to the point of insanity." The two neopets giggled.

     "I knew it existed!" An Usul stared up dreamily towards the sky.

     "What a waste of my time," a Shoyru huffed.

     "Can I still get your autograph, man?" a Techo pleaded.

     "Wait! Wait! Don't leave!" Ixabar's eyes grew wide as the crowd he had worked so hard for started to disperse. "I'm telling the truth! Please believe me!" The Nimmo waved his arms uselessly; the crowd already thinning out.

     "I wonder..." A voice rang out from within the throng of the crowd, causing those who were leaving to pause for a moment, to listen to what this other neopet had to say.

     A large translucent looking Chomby stepped forward. The Chomby himself looked as though he might have been made of jelly, but Ixabar quickly shook that thought from his head. Instead, he focused his mind to be ready for whatever the Chomby may ask him. "I wonder," he began again- his voice demanding the attention of everyone around, "if you can show us where Jelly World is?"

     A few of the pets began to redirect their attention back to Ixabar.

     "Yeah! Prove it!" an anonymous voice called out, followed by the chanting of everyone else.

     "Show us!"

     "I won't believe it until I see it!"

     "Take me there!"

     "Autograph pleeaaase!"

     "Prove it!"

     Ixabar looked around at the crowd, his energy from before sparking back. "It would be my pleasure," he replied, a wide smile forming across his face. "If you would just follow me, it's not too far away from here." He began to hop forward.

     Most of the crowd did follow him, surprisingly. Only about five or six neopets decided otherwise. However, much to Ixabar's dismay, he did have to drag his usually upbeat pace down to a slow walk for everyone to keep up with him. It wasn't so bad when he did slow down unintentionally as he focused on signing his name on a Techo's T-shirt, and was able to leap forward a few hops to regain his previous pace.

     "It's not that much farther now!" he called out to the crowd, as they passed by a very surprised soup faerie. Even a few of the pets who had been eating there began to follow the crowd out of curiosity.

     Finally the Nimmo rounded a corner and stopped in front of a very large building. Carefully, he removed his cardboard outfit and leaned it up against the building.

     In bright red lettering across the front it said: 'Jelly World, the one stop shop for all your jelly needs'.

     Ixabar paused for a moment to ensure that everyone had the chance to read the sign on the front of his store. "It's the grand opening of my new shop!" He finally cheered, unlocking the front doors and pushing it open. "Just one peek inside, and you won't feel like you're in Neopia anymore! I have every sort of jelly item in there and in mass quantity too!"

     Several laughed, while a few rolled their eyes. "So he was telling the truth all along!" they mumbled to each other.

     Even the strangely colored Chomby from earlier appeared a little relieved.

     Ixabar smiled a bit sheepishly before leading the crowd in and then taking his place behind the front counter. All around the store was everything imaginable in jelly. Ixabar's main pride of the store was that at the very center was a large mountain he had constructed, using at least one of every jelly food that he had owned. It was very colorful, and simply completed the look of his store. Thanks to his devoted advertising and unique approach, it was a thriving business for the entire day. Many neopets even vowed to return for more items the next day.

     "So it's not the fabled Jelly World?" a neopet would occasionally ask Ixabar in disappointment. The Nimmo could only shake his head, showing sympathy.

     "Sorry to let you down. But we all know that there is no such thing as a real Jelly World." He smiled, allowing his imagination get the best of him. "If there were a real Jelly World, it wouldn't last very long, for it would be gobbled up within a week!"

     The neopet would always nod their head in agreement, then either look around some more, or make their purchase and leave.

     The store was well stocked, but the time did eventually come for Ixabar to close down for the night.

     After waiting patiently for the last few customers to make their purchases, Ixabar took one final glance around the store, pride welling up in his chest.

     "I'd like to buy this," a voice stated from behind him, causing the Nimmo to jump in surprise. He had been sure that his store was clear of all neopets for the day.

     "You surprised me!" Ixabar turned around to see the Chomby from earlier. "You blended right in with all of my merchandise." He grinned, glancing at the price tag on the green jelly the Chomby had been holding out. That'll be forty neopoints."

     The Chomby nodded knowingly. "I'm not surprised that you didn't see me," he answered, fishing out the neopoints then placing them on the counter. He turned to the front exit and started his way out. Just before he left the shop, Ixabar could have sworn he heard the Chomby say these words as the door closed: "...shop certainly reminds me of my home."

The End

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