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Hello. I was looking at stamps today and noticed that, while I have more stamps than them, another person was on the top 100 for a while. How do you do the scoring? Is it on stamp rarity or number of stamps? ~silentnite_alchemist
It's by the number of stamps. However, you must manually register your score to update your position on the High Score list. You can do this by visiting your stamp overview page. You also need to do this each month after the score reset if you want to keep your position visible on the stamp High Score Table.

I have been logging onto my main account and my side account at the same time for ease of access to my Petpages. Is it legal to do that, or should I stop? Also, is it legal to play games on my side accounts as long as I don't pool it all into one account? ~ahrim_zamora
Logging into multiple accounts at the same time is fine, as long as you aren't trying to pull any shenanigans by doing so (such as attempting to scam or trick people, or causing issues on the boards). As for your other question, no, you may not play games on side accounts for any reason, regardless of what you do with the Neopoints.

I know that you may NOT give someone a paint brush in trade for a Neopet. However, is it technically legal to put up a trade on Mystery Island and have them BUY the paint brush off you for approximately half of what it's worth? I have no idea, and I certainly would not like to be iced after all this time. :/ ~_tamagotchi1fan_
No. You may trade a Neopet for a Neopet. If any items or Neopoints are being exchanged in the deal, you're doing it wrong and are putting your account at risk.

Hi, TNT! I was looking through my TCG cards, checking off the list online, when I ran into the Werhond card. I instantly fell in love with this Petpet's design, but when I tried to look it up it did not exist! I was wondering if you're planning on ever releasing Werhond(s?) into Neopia? Thanks for answering! ~shift
Oh, we'd forgotten about this! Not sure why it was never released. The Petpet is from our Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing PSP game. We'll look into what art we have and see if we can release it, or find out if there was a reason it wasn't. :)

Update: We found the art, at least!

Hi TNT, for like the sixth time this week. Anyway, I'm thinking of making a second Gallery on my side and wondering if that's allowed. Is it? Thanks! ~ixiblues
As long as you don't exceed five total accounts, you're welcome to put Galleries on all your accounts as long as it's completely funded by your main account.

So the Bonju avatar was recently discovered, and now all of a sudden avatars are being released fairly often. Is this because Bonju was finally discovered? I'm asking because avatars went through a period during the last few years when they were hardly ever being released. ~insanewondurland
Haha, that's actually just a coincidence, but we can totally understand why you guys might have gotten that impression. :)

*throws Meepit at you* Why is it so hard to get into the Editorial?!? I never make it in. So, here's a question for you to answer: why is it so difficult? Do you just prefer some questions over others? Thanks! *puts leash around Meepit and restrains it* ~nevaire
We guess it's kinda like winning the Caption Contest, huh? XD (And no, you're not getting prizes for Editorial questions.) It's a numbers game, but it's also about asking something we can answer, and in a clear manner. We have the time to answer roughly 13-15 questions a week, and it takes many, many hours just to find that number of suitable questions. Sometimes we find plenty of questions easily, and other weeks it's like pulling teeth trying to find enough questions to fill the Editorial. Please remember, though, that there are quite literally hundreds to thousands of questions asked each week, and we only have time to answer so many. :(

I think Jhudora's Cloud really needs an update. Could you maybe work something out with your wonderful artists to give it a graphical update? Even Illusen's page looks better than that, and we can't have that now, can we? ~lttay
Haha, we did notice while happily clicking around the new Faerieland map that the old Jhudora art was rather, erm... dated. Our artists are always frantically busy, but hopefully we can get some new art for her at some point.

You've created two of the same Starry Kau Plushies. I think someone was tired... ~ohvauser6
This actually wasn't another "lack of coffee" incident! (Surprising, huh?) They may look the same, but one of them is quite special!

The secret is in the URL!

If I have an MME that went through to the 5th change and I gave the first step to my friend, will it morph for my friend or are they out of luck? ~eyeofspirits
Once an MME has reached its final stage, it will cease to morph whether you keep it or gift it to another Neopets user. The same is true for all of the previous states (items) that are deposited into your Inventory once the MME reaches its final stage. To see if your MME is still "active" (i.e. still in the process of morphing), check the item (in your Inventory, Closet, or SDB) to see if there's a special "?" symbol in the lower right corner of the image. If it's there, it's still going!

Is there another way to get levels for your Petpet instead of the Petpet Lab Ray? ~milaza
Yes, you can also gain levels for your Petpet by participating in the Petpet Battledome at the Darigan Citadel.

Are Halloween Eizzils dressed like muffins? :o If they are, that is the best costume idea ever. ~moon_hates_you
Hehe, yes they are, in honour of our beloved Muffin Queen! *heart*

Okay, I have noticed that newbies ALWAYS seem to win the big lottos! Is it just me? Please respond! ~i_sell_food
Random numbers don't usually prefer one account age or another. We're assuming it's most likely because newbies play it more. We know we sure played it a lot when we were new players ourselves, hoping for those instant riches!

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