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Attack of the Petpetpets

by shadowmaster3334


Many Neopians know nothing of the life of petpetpets. Their daily life, their actions, and their lifestyle are completely overlooked. While the rich Neopians live lavish lives, they remain ignorant to the troubles of those discriminated against. Their patience, however, is growing thin as little or no action is being taken to correct the problem. While the problem is widely unknown, the discriminated petpetpets have more influence than anyone realises or gives them credit for. For the sake of Neopians everywhere, I hope you are made aware of the issue by this article.

Maybe I happen to be delusional (I could have sworn a ghost took off with a handful of my NP a few days ago...), but it seems to me that petpetpets have got it fairly rough. Who knows what it is? The long name? The size difference? Your guess is as good as mine. No matter what the cause, petpets are always itching for a fight; maybe a little bugged? Yes, yes, I know, bad jokes... But nevertheless, petpetpets never quite got the welcome that petpets did.

The prejudice, once found only in the hearts of their petpet habitats, has leaked into their neopet friends and even so far as the Game Room! Games such as 'Itchy Invasion' and 'Cooty Wars' clearly base themselves on discrimination of petpetpets. The scary side is that you and I have probably taken part in it without thinking about it. 'Itchy Invasion', for example... Vaporizing petpetpets living in the fur of your petpet because they have nowhere else to go? One figure comes to mind with the thought: Sloth... Now I've got more evil in me than most (Darigan's long lost step-nephew...), but even I hesitate to vaporize a petpetpet...

Let's take a look at petpets. 'Petpet Rescue'? 'Ultimate Bullseye'? Extreme Herder'? I would say that with the exception of 'Feed Florg', petpets have only been accepted with open arms! Sure, Turmaculus isn't the best companion... but we all have our days, right? Petpets have always been given the royal treatment while innocent petpetpets starve on the streets.

Please, with the goodness of your heart, do what you know is right and accept the petpetpets for who they are... Your neopet's pet's pets. All they ask for is are table scraps, a warm bed at night, and a little extra lovin'. Is that so much to ask for?

So what's the solution? Adopt a few! The shop wizard is packed full with petpetpets and there are even more living on the streets of Neopia Central. Until the petpetpets have proper housing, this is the best the average Neopian can do. Thanks to my underground informants (not like I'm Illusen's cousin or anything...), it has been brought to my attention that certain legal battles are being fought between the mysterious unknown king of the petpetpets and The Neopets Team. Other than assist the homeless, the only other thing that can be done is support the King's battle. Rumor has it that he has gone into hiding in the vast world of Neopia (or maybe even that which orbits it). Maybe with some luck, you can seek him out... Who knows how many petpetpets he has in his army ready to strike against their giant opponents should their case be lost... How to support their cause? I'm sure all those favors my cousin has been asking for are going to a good cause. ;-) And what exactly is Sophie stewing up? An Growth potion for the Unknown King? Not like I would know... *shifty eyes*

With modern morphing potions, who knows who among us may be a petpetpet in disguise... While petpetpets have always been our friends, their knowledge of the circuitry of the Hidden Lab Ray is far more than we give them credit for and petpetpets are known for their elaborate air raids... If the right thing isn't done soon, who knows when their patience will run out...

Imagine, if you will, the power of their strike. Every petpet shot by the Petpet Lab Ray turned to a pile of sludge, every neopet shot by the Secret Lab Ray having its stats reduced to zeros, Balthazar doing the bidding of the Unknown King for fear of scratching all his fur off, and funding from every Neopian millionaire with its petpets held hostage. The Neopian society would fall to its knees before the Unknown King... And all they ask for is to be treated equally with petpets... Is that so much to ask?

Why has none of this happened yet? Petpetpets are our friends and they would like to keep it that way. They are kind, considerate, friendly, and want nothing more than a little extra love and some spare food. World domination is not, and never will be, a priority for these simple citizens. I hope you see the injustice of their situation.

"3 years I have been living on the streets of Meridell," reported one mootix who refused to release his name for fear of his life. His pale green complection quivered in fear of being caught as he continued to describe a day in the life of a homeless petpetpet. "I was eating just about anything I could find... poisonous jelly, piles of dung, maybe a piece of rotting driftwood if I was lucky. Even the Money Tree was out of my league. All sorts of greedy neopets would shove me out of the way trying to get a bag of neopoints. I almost got crushed underfoot on several occasions... Oh, what I'd do for a neopoint... a neopoint could buy an entire ummagine!" The sad fact of the matter is that the petpetpets are poorer than poor. While rich Neopians roll around in gigantic piles of money, thousands of petpetpets would do anything for a single neopoint! One thing is for sure, one neopian is behind the Unknown King 100 percent.

Vowing to keep Neopians everywhere informed - Will Delucia

(All hail the Unknown King!)

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