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Right to the point -- will TNT ever consider putting the Daily Dare scores users got (i.e, Uberiffic, Spifftastic, etc.) on their lookups so that the Daily Dare Competition will always and forever be in Neopia's memory? (eh he, or just so that the users who got ranks can show off their spiffyness to Neopia) ~momorealian
Not this time, no, since a lot of people weren't aware of the scope in the early days of the competition. Fear not! We have a feeling AAA will be back soon and all bets will be off. ;)

Oh dear, I am beginning to run in circles! @_@ *DIZZY* I have searched to the point where I am re-searching my searches! Do magical plushies disappear after your Neopet plays with them? Oh, and while I am here I might as well ask if you can get put in the editorial more than once? Okay, I am done. Hehe... *runs away* ~anatomy101
The magical charge of a magical plushie is consumed when you play with one. For example, if you had a magical green Yurble plushie and allowed your Neopet to play with it, the magical charge would turn your Neopet into a green Yurble, and the plushie would turn into an ordinary green Yurble plushie.

Where are my SPARKLIES?!?

Okay, this has been driving me absolutely CRAZY! Sorry, back to my question. Where do you sign up for a side in the Faerie Wars plot? I just can't seem to find it. I've seen a lot of articles in the Neopian Times about a "Faerie Wars" plot. I am obsessed with Neopian plots, but I have absolutely no idea of how to join. Thank you TNT, you rock! Also, can you remove my username from this editorial question?
Hehe! Looks like those mischievous Neopian Times writers fooled a lot of people this April Fools' Day! ;) The "Faerie Wars" were simply a prank they collectively pulled on Neopia and, just so you realise how cool the whole prank was, we'll add that they did so without any assistance on our part (well, aside from the lovely Droplet catching on and deciding to publish the submissions involved).

The editorial was simply flooded this week with people asking where to sign up, so as much as we don't want to ruin their prank, we must assure everyone that there is no such thing as "Faerie Wars." Don't worry, though; if you're looking for a plot, we've got that and something much larger in the making. Keep your eye on New Features!

Do you lose your trophy if a game is taken off the site or put in the graveyard? ~shannon_22180
No, once a trophy is placed in your User Lookup it is yours forever, regardless of whether the game is removed from the site, your score is surpassed, or the high score table is cleared.

TNT, is it against the rules to have "Get Rich Quick Guides" on Neopets? Also, my brother and I were having an argument. He says that there is a strawberry paint brush (I don't know where he heard that). I disagree. Who is correct? ~s_m_s_freak
As long as they are legitimate guides and not scams/pyramid schemes/actual cheats, that is fine. Listing "cheat codes" that have purposely been programmed into the games is fine, too. Anything that would violate the Terms and Conditions is obviously not tolerable. As far as the strawberry paint brush, yes, Neopia does have one! It doesn't seem to be very popular, though...

I don't see why!

I've been waiting for a couple of days, and I just was wondering: where in the world are the Uberiffic and Spifftastic prizes? ~ariacari2
They were released on April 5th, actually! Those who didn't notice it in the news can pick up their prizes here. Don't worry; you weren't the only one to miss the notice. It seems quite a few people were so engrossed in the new Dandan colours that they didn't even notice the prizes were released.

The following message comes up on my Neopet's book page: "WOW! 42 books is quite a lot... maybe your Neopet could be in the running for the Neopian Book Award!!!" So, does that mean it WILL win an award, or is it just, like, a suggestion? Please explain what this means before I start *headesk*-ing. ~playme41
Alas, that's been there since the very early days of the site, and back then, 42 books probably really was a lot. The notice doesn't insinuate you will get a reward; rather, it's just notifying you of the Neopian Book Awards' existence, in case you're interested.

When your home is "held over for consideration by the judges," is it best to never resubmit your entry again, or to do so after a couple of weeks if yours wasn't chosen for the spotlight? One winner told me she resubmitted every 2-3 weeks; another has said that once you're "selected for consideration" you should never resubmit, because there's a list, and if you do, you drop to the bottom of it. I've been up for consideration a long time, and would like to know if I need to resubmit, or if I should leave my entry alone. Thanks! ~kikiscamps_mom
We spoke to our master judger of Neohomes and were told that, unless you've made some seriously big changes to your Neohome, then please don't resubmit. For the most part it just sends you to the back of the line. If you've been held over, then you have caught the judge's eye, so hold fast. Remember that there are a LOT of entries. Also, keep in mind that if an especially good entry is received then it might be put up sooner than one that is being held over.

Hi! I was wondering, for the PPL award, does it matter how long you have had the Petpet in that colour, or just altogether? Like, excluding the Petpet Lab, if I have a Meowclops and I have it for a year, and then I paint it plushie and have it that way for another year and then win the PPL, what will it count for? ~syia
The PPL counts how long you've had the Petpet attached, regardless of the number of times it's been painted, so you'd be rewarded for two years in the case of the Meowclops.


There is a tiny bit of a war happening on the message boards. A couple of people claim to have found Sweetheart and have posted screenies of said find. Hundreds of other people are claiming that the screenies are fake. So please, Dear TNT, tell us: IS Sweetheart findable or is the reference in the news just to make us want to go play Snackrifice? Thanks! ~angie_hall
O.O Wow. It was just a little joke to go along with the news. I guess if we don't make plots up fast enough, you guys are more than happy to provide them for each other yourselves! ;) To make things abundantly clear, Sweetheart is NOT findable, nor related to any plot or activity. It was just a fun way to introduce the latest game.

ZOMG LYK ITZ TNT!!!! *glomptacklehug* Ahem... anyway - I see a lot of threads on the avatar board about someone who lent out a Neopet and the person they lent it to won't give it back. I was wondering, though... is the person being lent the Neopet under any obligation to give it back? Will they be frozen and/or reported for scamming? I know Neopets in the pound are "free game," but does that include ones being lent out? I don't plan on lending Neopets or receiving ones, but this should be helpful to people thinking about lending/receiving an avatar Neopet. ~retribus
ALL Neopets in the pound are fair game, but that doesn't mean people are allowed to scam you to get you to abandon your Neopet.

If you have an expressed agreement with someone that you are lending something to, and they do not return it, then it is considered a scam and they will be frozen. This goes for Neopet transfers, too. They can't claim it was "fair game" if they tricked you into abandoning your Neopet by claiming they would return it later. On the other hand, if a third party that you do not have any lending agreement with intercepts the Neopet, they are under no obligation to return it to you. (However, this doesn't mean that we tolerate people who *intentionally* intercept Neopets mid-transfer and "steal" them. Yes, this means agreeing to a trade and then stealing the Neopet on a side account so it looks like a third party is not allowed.) Just remember, there are lots of people in the Pound seeking new Neopets, and most of the time it's just bad luck that they happened to grab your Neopet while you were transferring it. Please use your best judgment before pointing fingers, and DON'T take it to the boards. Report the person if you think it's suspicious and let the monitors determine if it was an intentional snag.

Hi! I'm just wondering, can you be frozen for logging in and out of an account too many times? I have a graphics page on one of my side accounts, and I sometimes have to log in and out of it as many as 10 times in one day. I only collect dailies on my main account, and I don't cheat, but I just don't want to get in trouble! Please answer my question, whether it's published or not! Thanks! You guys so totally rock! ~softball_slugger
Nope. You can log in and out of your accounts as often as you like. Just be sure to enter your password correctly each time, since too many password errors can lock you out of your account for a while.

Hey you! *shakes fist at TNT* I attached a Petpet and, a few minutes later, I checked the news and it had won the PPL. However, my Petpet's name didn't show up on the list... why is that? Could I have been, like, a few seconds late attaching it when it was chosen to win the PPL? (please leave my name out)
Much like a lot of competitions, the PPL is done earlier in the day, and then when everything is ready the news is made live to everyone. Trust us, we're running around like little ants all that morning and the previous afternoon to bring you the news everyday. It's not something we can just slap up a few minutes before being made live. :(

Sorry you missed me. :(

Mustaches in the Workplace: A Growing Trend or A Passing Fad?
Greetings, sensation-seekers/TNTers. I am doing a school project-type thing on facial hair (honestly), and I was wondering just how many members of your fine staff had a mustache of some sort to his/her good name. Also, if you wouldn't terribly mind, how many (and I am only looking for a rough estimate here) of the lot without mustaches are embarrassed by their inability to grow anything beyond peach fuzz and ergo invest in the ever-popular false mustache industry? Fanks fairy much for your time; keep up the fabby work, all for one and one for the road, etc. (: (: (: ~sapphire_sno_wolf

Hrmm, let's see... there are 12 staffers with mustaches (just one with a handlebar), 9 staffers with beards, and 3.2 staffers have both (don't ask). El Picklesaur recently shaved so he's disappointed this question wasn't asked sooner, and Dirigibles wishes he could grow facial hair but hasn't yet invested in a false mustache (have you seen how much they go for these days?).

Keep in mind, that's not including goatees and fu-manchus.

Is there anywhere where there is a poetry contest? I am really good and I would love to share my poems! ~andrearoszko1
We're happy to hear that! In addition to the Neopian Times and Storytelling Contest, we also have a Poetry Competition. You can submit your Neopian-themed poems here.

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