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Budgets: Solution or Simply Impossible?

by super_star_08034


Are you someone who feels a need to buy everything you come in contact with? Do you find yourself not being able to pass up that shiny new paintbrush or that rare weaponry? Chances are, if you agree with the above, you have a spending problem. What’s the solution? A budget!

Budgets are quite simple, and not very hard to keep track of. All a budget is, is a certain amount of neopoints that you never spend more than, which will keep you from overspending. So, are budgets really the answer to all of your spending needs?

Budgets are great for those of us that can’t help but spend. They’re simple, don’t require any kind of sacrifice (other than being thrifty), and within weeks you’ll notice your bank account getting bigger, and your piggy bank getting heavier. So, what’s the first step to a budget?

The key to budgeting is getting only what you need, and trying your hardest not to go over your budget price. Let’s say, for example, you want to buy toys for your pets (which most of us do). You walk into the toys shop, and are immediately surrounded by pricey items. And then, before you know it, you’ve spent thousands on items you could have gotten for a lot less!

Now, let’s take the same situation, and add a budget (and a little common sense). Our budget will be 1,000 neopoints. That’s surely enough to get a toy for each of your pets right? RIGHT!

And, here’s a little secret *whisper, whisper*: it’s better to buy items on the Shop Wizard. Most of you probably already know that anyway. This way, you can scope out nice toys for your pets, without going over your 1000 neopoints budget! See how much money you saved, just by using a budget?

You should have different budgets for different things. For instance, you shouldn’t even have to spend money on food! You have the giant omelette, monthly freebies, and the non-existent giant jelly!

Your budgets for items (other than food) should range from 500-10,000 neopoints. If you’re spending over 10,000 on a quick smoothie run or birthday present, then you’re turning your nice little budget into a full-on shopping spree. Shopping sprees are fine, but you should try to balance out your budgets and sprees. Try not to spree more than twice a month.

“Where’s your proof of this actually working?” you ask.

“I have it right here, in fact,” I answer.

So, what is my proof? Here’s an interview with two random citizens I found on the streets. One of them is a calm, faerie Acara named Diamond. The other is a quirky, Darigan Grundo named Crimson. Diamond uses a smartly planned budget. Crimson... er... doesn’t. You be the judge: does budgeting work?

“Yes, I use a budget,” Diamond replies to my question, “I don’t know how I could survive without it.”

(Diamond continues) “My budget is actually quite simple, and very effective. Every week, I withdraw 5,000 neopoints from the bank. Since I only live with my sister, that’s enough for us to get by each week, and still I am able to buy toys and entertainment. I rarely need more than that, so it’s the perfect budget. And this way, if I ever want to get an extravagant present for a birthday, I can go to the bank, and I have quite a lot of cash saved up. Budgeting saves me hundreds of thousands a year!”

“No, I do not use a budget,” Crimson growls. “Budgets are stupid. Now can you leave me alone and let me finish my burger?”

“That quite a pricey burger,” I reply, glancing at the expensive slab of meat. “How much did you pay for that?”

“12,000,” he replies, munching his burger some more. “What’s it to ya?”

(Crimson continues) “Since you won’t leave me alone, I guess I can tell you about my financial life. I spend around 100,000 each week and I don’t care. I like spending and I like expensive stuff. Now, will ya leave me alone already? What? I don’t care how much money I can save with a budget. I ain’t cutting back to 5,000 a week. Now GO AWAY!”

After the interview with Crimson, I thought it’d be best to continue my research with books and more reliable sources *coughs* *Internet*.

So, I’ve come to a final conclusion. Based on interviews and my own research, budgeting is a solution for the over spender. So, next time you reach into your wallet to pull out the cash for that pricey petpet, think about your budget! And on the topic of thinking, here’s what you should tell yourself every time your inner spender takes over:

1. Do I really need this item?

2. Is it really fairly priced?

3. (if it’s a toy or recreation item) How long will it be before I get bored with it?

4. Do I REALLY, really, need it?

5. Would someone else enjoy it, or am I really just buying it for me?

6. What else could I buy for the same price?

7. Could I possibly find a better price somewhere else?

8. Is this item really worth my hard-earned neopoints?

9. Would it be smarter to put it back?


If you ask yourself these ten questions, you should have a pretty good idea on whether or not to spend or save. But just in case you don’t, here’s a tip: if you answer all three “Do I really need it?” with a yes, chances are you REALLY NEED IT. If that’s the case, then feel free to fork over the cash. Otherwise, I’d think about it before buying it.

So, what have I done today? Ah... yes. I’ve mentored you in the fine art of budgeting. So remember, next time you see a pricey item in the window, remember your budget, and remember to ask yourself the ten essential questions.

Remember: Budgeting = power and success!

That’s all for now! Hope this budget guide has helped you!



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