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Paint Brush Polls: Baby

by kallykat_03


Awww, wook at the pwetty wittle babies! They're so pwetty, yes they are! Pwetty wittle--Oh! Um, ahem... So, you might be wondering why the latest Paint Brush Poll is about the Baby look. After all, there's no holiday during the Month of Celebrating that celebrates Baby pets, right? Wrong! Well, sort of... In honor of Neopets turning a year older last month, this article is all about the pets with the least amount of years under their belts (or diapers)--plus they just love birthday parties, especially the cake part. Besides, it's high time a "cute" color got some attention in these polls. If I didn't do it now, there'd be an awful lot of cute-pet-loving users out there going completely mad from Paint Brush Obsession, and I would never be able to live with the guilt. On top of that, a classic fashion like Baby never goes out of style. Oh, and there's also another holiday this time of year during which families come together and are thankful for one another (particularly their younger members, of course). And, well, um... the meepits made me do it! Yeah, that's it...

Even though most Baby pets don't much care to know or follow the current trends (not because they're rebellious, but because they're just so innocent), they still manage to captivate users with their sweet and simple style. And, let's face it, who can resist those huge pleading eyes? Obviously not this author! It's a good thing I didn't have to make the decisions. Once again there was a wonderful turn-out of users voting in this exceptionally difficult poll--difficult in part because there are currently 52 pet species that can go Baby! (The only exceptions are the Krawk and the relatively new Lutari species.) Read on to find out what the top trends are for those who want to get in touch with their inner cub and look fab while doing it!

#10--Kiko (210 points)

The first thing all babies learn is how to use their eyes to their own advantage. While this takes practice for some, the Baby Kiko is a natural. With huge, dewy, round orbs like these, there's not a soul in Neopia who can say "no" to one more nursery rhyme or Kiko Lake Cookie. The single curlicue hair and characteristic Kiko bandage add a unique touch to this look, and the pacifier is a great boon--both for its accessorizing value as well as its practical utility in keeping baby happy and owner sane. Cute as a button? Indeed, and shaped like one too!

User Comment: "The Kiko is my favorite baby. I like how the lines are bigger than the others, and anyway, it's just SO cute!" --destiny_babyhead

#9--Uni (215 points)

The Baby Uni is one of those pets who needs no flashy wardrobe or accessory to make a statement. Pretty in pink, he's the classic ideal of cuteness incarnate. The pure white mane and tail, apart from being soft and fluffy, are also symbolic of his innocence. The single tooth is always a bold move as it tends to create a focal point in the face and draw attention away from the eyes. However, in this case, it serves to balance the intensity of the horn quite nicely. The tip of the horn is also rounded to prevent injury when playing with friends and damage when stumbling into furniture. The overgrown hooves and undergrown wings are the final touches without which this look just wouldn't be complete.

User Comment: "I like how its eyes are closed into a cute slit." --cyclingeddie

#8--Bruce (220 points)

Okay, so the Baby Bruce sometimes gets a bad rap. But just because Boochi zapped your Darigan Buzz into a wriggling grub last week, that doesn't make him any less fashionable. (And after reading this article, you might even want to thank him!) Even without the enormous eyes of his contemporaries, this pet still manages to get his way as he crawls uneasily across the ice, looks up at his owner innocently, and, in baby gibberish, asks sweetly for his very own ray gun. The red bow around the neck adds some zest to the pastel pink and yellow color palette, and the huge head is a typical Baby device put to good use here.

User Comment: "One thing comes into my mind when I think of the Baby Bruce. Boochi. Evil Boochi." --silverdragon52

#7--Ogrin (240 points)

While most Baby pets stick to soft pastels in the pink, blue, or yellow color range, this one is different! The Baby Ogrin's sense of style says green is the way to go, but not just any green either--a thicker, richer, (dare I say?) more asparagus-like green. *glances around nervously as if expecting someone to appear* And the yellow paws, muzzle, and belly actually complement, rather than water down, the primary hue. His large eyes are alert and inquisitive. The standard stiff Ogrin hair keeps him looking perky and frames his playful face. He's more than just another cute kid--he's a feisty fashionista!

User Comment: "I never knew asparagus could be so cuddly looking." --animules229

#6--Usul (270 points)

The Baby Usul lives by the creed: "Bows, bows bows! One can never have enough bows!" That's why he's included three in his wardrobe, one of which is the largest (and probably the heaviest) ever worn in the history of Neopia. No wonder he can't walk and has to be carried everywhere. But such is the price of fashion! And just to gain that extra edge above the competition, his eyes are made even larger by the thick, dark lashes that line them. With a naturally fluffy tail and fetching pastel purple shades, this is one pet who knows how to pull together a look.

User Comment: "It's a little purple fluffball with a bow on its tail! Is it really any wonder people love it?" --c_i_before_e

#5--Bori (300 points)

There's a fine line between trying too hard and not trying at all, and it's easy to tell when a pet has erred on one side or the other. But there's one pet who really understands how to hold the balance between being gaudy and being boring. The Baby Bori's style is simple with a pale pink coat accented in golden-brown and relatively proportional features, yet the tasteful blue bow strategically placed to balance the look and the inviting countenance keep him from sinking into the shadows of obscurity. It's that natural chic we all strive for!

User Comment: "I like how the Baby Bori looks a lot like the adult Bori, but is still super cute. The little bow, I mean, how can you resist?" --help_animal

#4--Xweetok (400 points)

Who would have guessed that patterns could ever be combined in such a way and still come out looking fashionable? With the customary striped back of the Baby Xweetok's species, most would never dream of breaking the ordinary bonds of fashion by adding spots. And somehow, he does it and does it well. The small blue and white polka-dotted bow combined with the large mauve and black stripes create an adorable yet spunky look that spells success in the Neopian fashion world. The wavy tuft of fur sticking up from his head and the button nose are added benefits.

User Comments: "The innocent expression is to die for, and the sweet bow really ties (haha) it all together. Pwn!" --buttercreamfairy64

"I love how it looks like it's fallen and it can't get up! And, to top it off, the smile makes it look like the fall was the best in the world!" --goodgirl_yahright

#3--Pteri (475 points)

If there's one Baby pet that pushes the envelope, it's the Baby Pteri. Without a visible face, body, or feathers, his style is vastly different from any other Pteri, Baby pet, or Neopet in general. The hard, off-white shell is smooth and shiny, the orange spots are strategically placed for asymmetrical aesthetic appeal, and the tilt of the egg at rest is genius. It's simple, yet irresistible. Never mind that he doesn't move around much or make a lot of noise--you won't have to worry about him getting into trouble (unless of course he rolls off the kitchen table, or someone tries to scramble him, or he's mistaken for a Draik Egg and is whisked off to be hatched). At any rate, it's not how much trouble a pet might get into that makes a difference in the fashion world. And this pet's style is more than an avant garde approach to a youthful look, it's a work of art!

User Comments: "It's clear that TNT put a lot of thought into this one! It is clever, original, and perfectly logical - after all, a baby bird starts out as an egg! This is a good example of classic TNT!" --cookiegirlusa

"Come on, it's hilarious." --coolham227

#2--Kougra (550 points)

While having a head so large that you can scarcely hold it up is usually considered an impediment, this pet makes the best of his considerable cranium. By combining it (and the slouching effect it creates) with drooping eyelids and a humble, only barely curled tail, the Baby Kougra begs for attention--and always gets it too! He knows how to work his eyes and expression for the saddest and most pitiful effect utterly unrivaled up until the emergence of the Grey Paint Brush. Horizontal stripes are a Kougra must-have, and they create volume and add texture to his coat. The large, notched ears, padded paws, and soft fur of the species are accentuated here by their disproportionate magnitude, directly-visible positioning, and numerous exceptionally fluffy and unruly tufts, respectively.

User Comments: "I like the Baby Kougra because, unlike the rest of the Baby pets, it doesn't have ugly clothes and nappies or dummies stuck in its mouth. It looks like a young, small Kougra... " --blinkalink

"Who could resist a big head and eyes?" --air10116buddy

"This Kougra seems to be just threatening to cry... if I owned one, I would want to keep it happy all the time!" --violet_nose

#1--Lupe (690 points)

Number one in our countdown, a pet that users go "ga-ga" for, is the ever-adorable Baby Lupe. Talk about playing up to the crowd! This pet is a perfect ham in the limelight, using his charming grin, bold eyes, and cuddly features to engender heart-warming sighs of "Awww" from his captive audience. The red and white polka dotted bandana around his neck is the perfect accessory, not too much and not too little, and it's also unique in replacing the worn-out and predictable bib. Fashion is more than just a cute face or trendy wardrobe--the way one holds oneself can make all the difference, as this pet well knows. His tilted chin, wrapped tail, angling of the body, and single flopping ear are the signs of a pro well-accustomed to admiring eyes. And he should be a pro seeing as this is one of the original Baby styles created, which makes it even more impressive that he's number one since the novelty of a look is one thing that usually makes it attractive. So kudos to the Baby Lupe for his ageless appeal!

User Comments: "The colors are perfect, and the bandana makes a great fashion statement - much better than bibs and diapers." --tri_kay

"It's the scarf. It makes the Lupe go, 'Sure I'm cute. But I'm cool, too. Don't hug me in front of my friends. Please don't.'" --thunderchao101010

"I love the cute neck thing! It makes me want to give him a huge hug!" --aedail108

"It's the bandana." --slaanesh666

Awww, they were some pwecious wittle babies, huh? (So hard not to talk like that.) Thanks to everyone who participated by sending in votes and comments. I really appreciate it. Here, have a rattle! *gives rattle* Now that you've been sufficiently hypnotized by all those irresistible eyes, I know you're going to rush right out of your Neohome and purchase a Baby Paint Brush (or, for the less wealthy, at least some fish to tempt Boochi with). And I hope you now know that babies can be stylish too, even in their innocence. So, once you've secured your very own toddling tot, make sure to crawl over to Serbris's petpage to see what pets you can vote for next and find out how. *chases you away with tickling* Goochie-goochie-goo!

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