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Dear TNT, I really like what you guys have done with Neopets! Way to go guys! I hear everyone talking about these constellations in the Neopian Times and I have no idea about how to find any! Could you give those of us who have no idea how to find constellations a couple hints? ~zebradude911
We suggest you go pester the Yurble Foreman in the Hall of Heroes in Altador. He might know something. If he's no help, perhaps the Lenny in the archives can be of some assistance.

And remember, not all the areas of Altador are clearly labelled.

How is this a clue?!

What's new, TNT? I was wondering, if a Neopet is painted a certain color, are they limited to what they can use? For example, if a fire Neopet played with a snow Petpet or a snow toy, would it/they melt? Or if an ice Neopet played with a fire toy, wouldn't they melt? Just curious. ^^ ~dixielover
Nope, Neopets are very smart and hardy creatures and are not encumbered by their colour at all. Though the fireballs that are sometimes unleashed at the Wheel of Excitement don't seem to affect fire Neopets... but that's an oddity.

I was wondering how you choose the items for the Advent Calendar and why do you not sell the items regularly, and do you ever put something in the advent calendar twice? Thanks for listening. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ~msmurray1girl
Most of the time items are created just for that special day, and it would take away from their uniqueness to sell them in the shops. They are special gifts to all our players. Hrm, and no we don't put anything in the advent twice, and if we have, it was probably on accident. Happy holidays!

December 21's news… Baby Blus can already be painted Christmas... just in case you forgot. ;) ~your_friend_sarah
O.O! Uh, of course we didn't forget. *nervous laugh* We just… erm, updated it, that's all. Isn't it pretty?


If Jelly World Doesn't Exist... Where is it NOT? (Reverse psychology for you guys!) ~bluefairy123123
Jelly World doesn’t exist everywhere! ^^ Everyone doesn't have a little bit of Jelly World in their hearts. Aww.

Hi TNT! When I first started Neopets, I was in the 8 & under section. I just turned 10, though, and I don't belong in that section anymore. So I was wondering if there was any way to change it to the next oldest section without starting over my whole account? Thanks! (P.S. You guys ROCK!) ~purplegerbil96
No worries! Your account grows with you and will update by itself. :)

I know you've probably had questions like this before but I'm worried that I might lose my account if you think I'm using more than one. See, my home computer broke down and I don't want to miss out on the Advent Calendar so I'm at a library where other people use neopets.com as well. I don't want to be accused of multiple accounts. What can I do? ~dee121105
Don't worry, and just play normally. We are well aware that many people use public computers, and take that into consideration when investigating accounts. We would like to stress, however, that you please, please, PLEASE remember to log off your account when you are done if you are ever using a public computer. If you don't, the next person to visit Neopets may end up in your account!

I have heard that JubJubs are soon to be limited edition. I have read about this on the boards. I just wanted to get the correct answer from the creators of the site. TNT, is this true? ~tickle_telly_timbits
This is absolutely NOT true, and those that attempt to maliciously spread this rumour will be warned.

Hey, stop spreading rumours about me! *grr*

Hi there! I hate to be a pain, since I know you get a LOT of questions about side accounts, but this one has been bugging me for a while. If you have two email addresses, and all the space on one email address is filled (me, like a ninny, self froze all of my old accounts, thinking it would free up space...*hits head with keyboard*), can you create a side account on a second email address, and use it on that same computer? Or would I be in trouble?? *trembles* I wanted to ask before I did it, because I don't want to break the rules... thanx if you answer this!!!! ~saphire_magic
Nope, you won't get in trouble at all! We ask that you use the same email address, but it's not a requirement, especially in a situation like yours. Thank you for being responsible and disabling your old accounts! We really appreciate it.

Hey, TNT. I was wondering, is it allowed to have two main accounts, as long as they don't interact with each other? ~mr_sunshine718
No, even if you never send Neopoints or items between the accounts you still may only have ONE main account.

You got me hooked on this game (Godori)! Imagine my surprise when I went to play it today and it was gone. What happened? When will it be back? Why??? Nice job with the Borovan Day Advent Calendar prank, by the way. I wasn't fooled of course (looks around nervously). ~ania205
The game caused some unforeseen site issues (you may have noticed the site acting a bit buggy yesterday because of it). We've taken it down to work on the issue and will put it back up as soon as we can. Sorry about that! Oh, and *cackle*

I went to the Mystery Island training school, and it said for Grasshopper level courses you had to have at least one codestone. It doesn't tell you what type of codestone you need, though. Are you expected to know what type of codestone you need? ~sakamya
Once you sign up for a training course you will be asked for one of the 10 basic codestones, so hold off on purchasing one until after you know. If you already have a codestone, you can sell it and purchase the one you require, or try to trade it for the one you need via the Trading Post.

And remember, endurance = hit points!

Can Petpets and Petpet Paint Brushes be given out by the Advent Calendar, and if so is there a limit? ~stevensteven0
It's happened in the past, though who knows what's in store this year? If they are given out, they are given to everyone who visits, just like any other present, so no, there is no limit aside from one per person, of course.

I absolutely LOVE Xweetoks, and one day when I was logging onto Neopets it hit me to ask this question: how many Xweetoks are there in Neopia, and also, which rank would they hold if there was a Neopian popularity board? ~stella6552
Well, it took *quite* some time to count them all up, but we're pretty sure there are roughly 5,741,012 Xweetoks in Neopia at the very second this is being typed. That would rank it 13th overall in the popularity scale. What? You say you don't believe we counted them, and just looked at the stat page? NEVER!

First off, allow me to humble myself before the mighty TNT! I love you guys! And... on to the question. Is it okay for me to take care of a buddy's account while they are gone on vacation? And, if I do this, am I going to get frozen for collecting their daily "freebies" for them while they're gone? I wouldn't take them for myself-- it would be their items. Please let me know! ~isthefox
No, you are not allowed to even access their account at all, let alone playing Neopets for them. This would be considered sharing accounts (even if only for a short period of time) and playing someone else's account for them is cheating. You would both be frozen.

Hi TNT! The Petpet lab ray can change your Petpet's name, but I've realized that there aren't too many different names that it generates. Do you think it's possible to add more names to the list? I know there's someone there that's good for creating new goofy names! Thank you! And, while I'm at it, don't you just love unlabelled tin cans? :P Too bad they aren't Petpets! Thanks again. :) ~kittykat00
Hrm, you're quite right, the list is rather limited at the moment. We'll place this on our magical dry-erase "todo list." You are quite right, we do delightfully excel at making goofy names! It's one of our few talents – erm, many talents! And yes, we love unlabelled tin cans. It makes lunch *so* much more exciting.

Am I tomato soup or green peas?
Only one way to find out!

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