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Glorious Guilds

by lihiaxox


Guilds, guilds, oh glorious guilds! There are so many different kinds of guilds, so how do you choose which one to join? Well, you want a guild that will describe you! Your personality, things you're interested in, or maybe just a place to talk to your friends! If you don't like a guild, try something new! Every guild is different, so find one that's right for you! Maybe you would like an active guild where you can talk to your friends every day, all day. Or maybe you would like a smaller, not as active guild where people come on once or twice a week to talk, but it's always a blast! No matter what kind of guild you are in, you can always trust that there will always be something fun for you to do, and someone who you can talk to once in a while.

If you are going to own a guild, make sure you can handle it. Owning a guild is a lot of work. You have to handle all the problems and arguments between members, and it will be up to you to keep the guild up to date. For example, if you own a guild about the Altador Cup, make sure to update it with who won the rounds, which team got the highest score, and so on! People love a guild that's active and up to date! If the guild gets too much to handle, you can quit leadership and become a regular member, or assign a co-owner who can help you with everything. Just make sure it's someone you can trust. Advertise for your guild, but don't spam the boards. If you tell the same person over and over again to join your guild, the person probably won't join.

If you own a guild, you might get tired of having the same guild, so you would want to redecorate, or make a whole new guild but have the same members. Before you decide to do this, you should know that not everyone is going to want to join the new guild. They may want to stay with the original guild. Maybe this isn't the first time you've made a new guild and there tired of moving, or maybe they just like the original guild. You can't force them to join the guild, and if you make a new guild you might lose half your members, maybe not. Before you make any huge decisions, talk it over with your guild.

A lot of guilds have guild bashes, or little guild "get-togethers." If you are going to do this, it's best to do it in your guild and not on the public boards. It lets everyone see your guild conversations, which is ok but sometimes they use those conversations against you. Of course, there will always be those few people who want to ruin the fun, which is another reason to keep the guild fun in the guild. If you have to have the bashes or get-togethers, you cannot give out giveaways. It's still against the rules.

There are many reasons why you should join a guild. You can have tons of fun with games and activities. You can see what other people think about things on Neopets, like what other people think is the funnest thing about a guild! For me and lots of others, the funnest thing is meeting people from all over Neopia! If you're looking for something to do on Neopets, you could always join a guild! An active one is even better! It gives you something to do every day!

Ok... so you can't give out prizes. Bummer, huh? WRONG! You could always make an award! Maybe make a banner and use it as an award. That way, your winning members can show all of Neopia that they are good at Guess The Neopet!

A lot of people think that numbers are important in a guild. Well, it's not really. Small guilds are fun because you get to know everyone better. Big guilds are fun too because you get to know more people. You can have a great guild with 4 members, or 400 members! It doesn't really matter how many members you have. If you have fun in your guild, stay there! If you don't feel right in it, it's ok to quit and try something new. Not every guild will be right for you, and no guild is perfect.

A really good guild is sometimes hard to find. Some things to look for in a good guild is:

1. An active leader. If the leader isn't active, the members probably aren't either.

2. Lots of posts. The number of posts will tell you if the members talk to each other a lot.

3. No fights. If the members get along together, you will probably have more fun.

These are things most people look for in a guild. You don't have to look for these things. If you want a quiet, inactive guild, that's ok. Some people don't come on a lot and would feel uncomfortable in a very active guild. If you are having trouble fitting in to your new guild, give it time. It might take a while to get used to the new surroundings. You might want to get to know the leader of the guild, and the members. If they welcome you with open arms (or paws), it's probably a very friendly guild. But if nobody's on when you join, and nobody says anything for a day or so, it's probably not an active guild.

You don't have to join a guild. Maybe you have to go to Neoschool and don't have time to take the classes and go halfway across Cute City to get to your guild. It's your choice to join one or not. But think about what you could be missing in a guild. You could be missing a lot of fun. Or maybe you are missing just another day of sitting around drinking Neocola waiting for someone to talk to you. It's your choice.

Yes, it might be hard to find that great guild. But if you look around, and try new things, you'd be surprised at how great guilds can be.

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