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My little brother tried to log on to his account, and it asked for his b-day. Why is this? ~anonymous
If an account has been inactive for a while, when you log in it will request that you provide additional information to prove you are the true owner. This is to stop people who try to steal older accounts by guessing the password.

People have been making invisible boards and when people come in, they say it's against the rules and that it is reportable. There is no section in the rules that says anything about invisible boards. Most of them are off topic, but I made one because people want to see what they are. However, mine was on topic because I made it on the battledome boards advertising a battledome item I was selling. Are they reportable on topic or off? Even if you don't publish this question, at least say something about it in the rules. Thanks! ~std1994
Basically they are viewed as spam and an annoyance. If one person makes one, then EVERYBODY wants to be cool and make one, causing X number of people to make them, and another XX number of people to spam the boards asking HOW to make one. If a monitor finds one of these boards, they will most likely just delete it. However, if someone continues to make them, or the situation gets completely out of control, warnings may start to be handed out. It's up to the monitors to make their best call and deal with the situation as they see fit.

Remember, if a monitor has deleted or locked your board, even if you didn't get a warning for it, PLEASE don't recreate the board. The monitor has chosen to let you slide once, but it's doubtful they'll give you a second chance in the same matter.

Play with invisible sand... not boards!

It's really unfair that the Haunted Woods has so many users who play for them. I mean, we loyal Darigan Citadel players are hopelessly outnumbered. There's no way we can even attempt to win. I should know. I used to be Brightvale, and I flattened the Woods seven times in a row. (Please omit my username. Thank you :-) ~anonymous
We're not sure why you think you're so outnumbered, but don't worry! As stated on the previous round pages, it doesn't matter if another team has more members:

"The Altador Cup Committee bases scores on win/loss/tie record, point scores, individual performance, and a weighted average based on team membership. Translation: A team with more players has no advantage over a team with fewer players!"

In other words, don't give up or feel you are at a disadvantage! Just do your best and have fun! ^_^

Is it all right to have a user lookup that's not Neopets? Just as long as it doesn't have anything bad. Or should we try to keep our lookups Neopets related? ~naturegirl27122
Yes, it's fine to have your lookup themed any way you want, as long as it's appropriate. Please note that scantily clad rock stars or anime characters are NOT appropriate. If you really want to dedicate your UL to them, please choose tasteful pics. Also, please be aware that if your UL is NOT Neopets themed, it will be immediately disqualified from consideration for the UL spotlight. This of course goes for any gallery or spotlight.

Also, this may be obvious, but we should add that your UL or other areas of your account cannot be politically or religiously themed, or anything else outlined as inappropriate in our terms and conditions. If you can't chat about it, it shouldn't be in your UL either.

You know you want a lookup about me!

I know if you logout and enter the username of an account that has been frozen, and try to log in (I just hit submit on the password page, I don't try to enter a password, not that it makes any difference since the account is frozen)... anyways, on some older accounts, it says,

"This account has been FROZEN for the following reason:

Our automated system does not know why you were frozen. Please contact us by clicking here if you'd like more information."

What does this mean? Was it frozen for no reason? ~anonymous
Every account is frozen for a reason. :) However, long ago, there was no system in place to tell a user the exact reason for a freeze, and the user had to write in via email to inquire. We thought that was quite silly, and created the system you see now. Accounts frozen before this were frozen for a reason, of course, but because it was before the system was created, the system itself doesn't know what that reason is.

We'll also get this out here. Many players seem to think we sit around randomly freezing accounts on a whim because it's "fun." We can assure you that's just as absolutely absurd as it sounds! If your account was frozen, there WAS a reason. You (or someone in your account) did something against the rules, or your account security was compromised. If you've never read the Terms & Conditions, you may not realize that what you're doing is against the rules. Perhaps you are sharing an account with someone who scams people on other accounts? There are a number of reasons why people claim to have been frozen for no reason, but there is always a reason.

We understand it's hard to guess what's happening behind that mysterious curtain that separates us from players, especially when you can only see the effects of our actions and not the exact reasoning behind those actions. But please, have faith in us that we care very much about our users! If you honestly feel the freeze was not justified, please contact us via email to see if we can work out a solution!

I'm just here to distract you from the fact that
this editorial is long-winded and full of blockquotes!

Hi, I have heard that users have gotten frozen for logging in on different computers. I have two computers at my house and I login on both (not at the same time though!) and I login at my friend's computer also. If this is not allowed to login on different computers I will be happy to choose one to login on. Thanks. PS: If you choose this (which I reallllyyy hope you do) please don't put my username. ~anonymous
No, people are not frozen for logging on to different computers. We're not sure where this rumour started, but judging from notes on many user lookups, it now seems widely spread. We can't go into detail about how we track accounts (since that would only aid scammers in trying to find ways to sneak past our most watched areas), but we can assure you we only freeze your account for being logged in elsewhere if we have solid evidence the account is being shared, has been scammed, or there is some wrong-doing involved. Simply logging on to the site in more than one location will not get you frozen.

I have a Kacheek named trickeymickey. I took a look at him and this is what it said: "TrickeyMickey is not a Trick.. It was hard pickin out her name, So I just came up with something...TrickeyMickey is a really sweet Kacheek.. So speak to her with kindess..." I did not type that and trickeymickey's a boy. What is going on? ~acn123acn
Ahh, you must have created a Neopet with the same name as one that was purged from our database. Sometimes, very old, abandoned Neopets are deleted so that they can be recreated by a new owner. The pet lookup text was probably still left over from the original owner, even though the Neopet itself was deleted. Not to worry! We've cleared the erroneous description from your new TrickeyMickey.

I think I have repressed memories of a former life...

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