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Kreludan Mining Corp: Forgotten Wonder?

by master_chief63


KRELUDOR - The tattered robot struggled to obtain the Kreludan Metal, determined to get enough money to feed his family, but things were getting entirely too difficult. The soil was becoming rougher, and the little robot was having the most difficult time trying to mine around the dangerous alien fungus who had already shut down at least 4 different miners this week. That's when the brave robot suddenly got a brilliant idea- he would find someone to operate remote drones to mine the Kreludan Metal for them!

Kreludan Mining Corp is one of the most underrated and overestimated games in the history of the Action category. Some people think it's too hard. Others think it's just a waste of time. But in fact, it is packed with cool things including music, and it really isn't that bad when you get the hang of the controls- and learn some valuable secrets. Join me as I try to help you figure out how great this game is, and hopefully, it won't take a devastating visit to the graveyard.

One morning, I found that it had 0 plays in the game popularity, and the first thing I thought was, are you kidding me? You can earn just about 1000 neopoints each play if you know how to control your drone and if you know just what to do! Why aren't people playing this game much? Well, I hope this article will open the doors to a new life for this forgotten game. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get to the tips!

When you begin, the game puts your drone directly over the Kreludan Metal, or what I'll call it, the orange orb. To guide the drone, you have to know NOT to press the keys too long, but simply tap them slowly. If you want to go faster, slowly increase speed, but NEVER go full-throttle unless it is absolutely necessary. Remember- there is no time limit on the levels, so you can take as long as you like to get used to the controls and to stabilize your ship. A good way to learn how to do this would be to practice in large caverns, like the starting area in the first level. Get the hang of controlling your ship before you continue through the levels, because, like any good game, the levels do get harder as you get farther.

On the first level, all you have to do is simply slowly drop down towards the orange orb and press B for the tractor beam. A blue line will attach to the orb. Don't let go of B until you've flown upwards a little and removed the orb from the ground. Now it's attached to your ship, and if the orb touches the ground, both you and the orb explode. This is why going slowly will help.

The orb also swings to and fro, making it more difficult to contain it. Sometimes, you have to try and hover in one spot and try to slow down the wild swinging of the orb before you return it to the base.

When you have the orb attached, you must fly it into the bright, yellow section of the base. Now, in some of the harder levels, the base will be nowhere near where you start off, and you must find it yourself.

Another part of this game is the creepy alien fungus. If you stay in one place for a while, they'll shoot you with slow-moving but lethal fungus balls. Dodge the balls and shoot the aliens right on the head. Sometimes, you can stay out of their shooting range by dropping below where their eye can rotate, but only if they are close to a gap in the ground. Also, another good way to destroy them is to fly slowly around so they can't lock on to you, then position your gun to face them and shoot them quickly. Be careful, though. Try to keep your distance from them, because if you get too close, you won't be able to dodge their cunning bullets.

A good thing to do before you retrieve the orb is to shoot all of the fungus in the level before you get the orb, because it's more dangerous carrying the orb while trying to shoot fungus at the same time. This tip is especially important in the later levels, because the base won't usually be where you first respawn.

Now, also, in the later levels, starting in World 3 (the world with brown soil), there will be strange gems hanging from the ceilings or protruding from the ground. No, they aren't just fancy next-level decorations, they're valuable gems! You can get them by facing the rear of the ship towards the gem and sucking them in with your tractor beam. They're worth 20 points each, and there's a few of them in each level. Add that up to all the fungus aliens you've destroyed, and you're racking in the points!

Also, some levels are like a maze. You have to figure out where to go and which way to turn. Also, there are ways that lead around in a circle, and you have to choose which way is the better way to go to get to your destination. Some halls may be wider, and some thinner. But, through thick and thin, careful observation will lead to triumph.

Are you addicted to this game yet? Hopefully, this article has shown you the light and has led you to the fact that this is a great game indeed. So, contrary to the popular belief, this game is, in fact, a great way to earn Neopoints and great fun, too! All you need to do is master the speed of your throttle, and how to handle your orb and keep it steady. Once you've learned that, here's a game where you can easily win 3000 neopoints a day with. Now that's something to squeal about!

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