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Neopedia : King Hagan

Name: King Hagan
Gender: Male
Species: Skeith
Colour: Green
Age: Old and wise is all he'll reveal.
Interests: Philosophy, wisdom, learning, and pretending Skarl doesn't exist.
Honoured For: His guidance and the schooling he brings to his subjects.
Quote: "Knowledge is a gift that can never be returned."
Related To: King Skarl of Meridell (his brother).

The polar opposite of his brother King Skarl, King Hagan of Brightvale is renowned for his wisdom and knowledge. His most notable quality, however, is the desire that he has for each and every one of his citizens to be well educated and a shining beacon of knowledge. Though some are of the opinion that Hagan goes too far with his beliefs, it's difficult to chastise someone for wanting his populace to be knowledgeable. The biggest concern that critics of Hagan's wishes have is the social gap they create with the neighbouring kingdom of Meridell, which is known to consist mainly of simple farmers.

Since King Hagan is apparently more than happy to see the kingdom of his doltish brother being made to look like fools, one must wonder what Hagan's true motivations are. Is his quest for a learned populace based upon what he feels is best for his citizens, or could it be derived from a subconscious desire to set himself apart from his brother (and, by extension, his kingdom apart from the land that Skarl rules)? If he is driven by the latter, then his plan has worked well, since Brightvale's relationship with Meridell is as strained as that of their brethren kings.