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Neopedia : King Skarl

Name: King Skarl
Pronunciation: (Skarhl)
Species: Skeith
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown. Old and grumpy, that's for sure...
Interests: Eating, taking credit for the actions of others.
Darkest Deed: Allowing his knights to steal a magical orb from Darigan's kingdom.
Honoured For: His role in leading Meridell successfully through two terrible wars.
Quote: "Bring more food!"
Related to: King Hagan of Brightvale (his brother).

Though known for being grumpy and prone to eating too much, King Skarl has nevertheless ruled his kingdom with fairness and his own special brand of wisdom. He is held in mild contempt by his brother, King Hagan, whose enlightened kingdom often looks down upon the simpler land of Meridell. Meridell, in turn, slightly frowns upon the haughty and often self-righteous kingdom of Brightvale.

Skarl's kingdom has displayed a tremendous loyalty to its king, who has led its people through a dreadful battle against the Darigan Citadel, a peace that he attained afterward with the people of Darigan, and finally, yet another fierce battle (this time with Lord Kass). King Skarl's kingdom, after years of trial and hardship, has proven to be a strong land, with a King who's slightly smarter than he looks.