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Neopedia : Ryshu Goes on a Grand Quest

Once he'd dedicated himself to excelling in the martial arts, young Ryshu had quickly gained a reputation as one of the hardest working students in the Mystery Island Training School. Having applied himself, he sped through his courses, often scoring at the head of his class. Now, the time arrived for Ryshu to undertake his first Grand Master Quest, which would test his defence abilities. Were he to succeed, Ryshu would take his first step towards completing the five Grand Master Quests. Upon completion of the five Grand Master Quests, Ryshu would finally finish his studies at the Training School and graduate as a Battledome Grand Master.

As it came time to receive his quest, the once-arrogant Ryshu now found himself quite nervous. As his belly rumbled, he stepped before the Techo Master and bowed.

"Ah young Ryshu, it gives me great pleasure to see you before me today. Why I remember a time when your dread of Battledome training made an event such as today highly improbable. And now, as you await your first Grand Master Quest, I just want you to know that I take great pride in your progress, and regard you as one of my prized pupils. I'm sure that one day, you'll be a brave and ferocious warrior.

And now, for your quest: You must succesfully sneak into Cannibal Village and bring back the scarlet stone from the Tribe of Pango's ancestral monument, the Golden Orb."

A sudden look of dismay came across Ryshu's face. "Um, master...please forgive my asking, but isn't the Golden Orb a sacred shrine used to honour the Tribe of Pango's ancestors? Wouldn't it be awful disrespectful to steal part of such a monument?"

A smile came across the Techo Master's face. "Young Nimmo, your concern reveals that you are a kind and considerate soul. The Training School has an arrangement with the Tribe of Pango...they understand this is merely a training exercise. After your quest is completed, the scarlet stone will be returned to the tribe. However, don't think of this as 'only' a training exercise. There is great risk of injury on a quest, and the rate of failure is quite high. Remember, you only have six hours, so there's no time to waste."

And with that, Ryshu set out to fulfill his quest. Fighting his way through the thick tropical brush, he slowly made his way to Cannibal Village. As he staggered upon a momentary clearing, to his left he saw a haggard, foreboding cave. And then, in a seeming flash, emerged a fiery, roaring inferno. It was Flame the Tame, a ferocious- looking Kougra who, despite his fearsome looks, was actually quite gentle and shy.

However, Ryshu was quite unaware of Flame's docile manner. As the the Kougra approached him (in hopes of getting Ryshu to read him a story, no doubt)the Nimmo was scared silly. Figuring that his blocks and punches would do little against the flaming feline's battery of fireball attacks, he decided to make a run for it. As he hurriedly dashed off into the woods, he failed to hear the Kougra's impassioned plea, "Wait! Please, I don't want to hurt you, I just want to play..."

As he hid on the outskirts of Cannibal Village, Ryshu devised a plan by which he could sneak into the Cave of the Golden Orb. First, he climbed up into a tree, and plucking the largest coconut he could find, made himself a helmet exactly like those of the Pango Tribe. Then, he made himself a grass skirt. Lastly, since there was no time to go to Neopia Central to use the Rainbow Pool, Ryshu resorted to using a regular paint brush and a can of tan-coloured paint. With his red skin concealed, he felt ready to make a run for the Cave of the Golden Orb.

Nervously walking through the town square, Ryshu noticed that his grass skirt was failing to hold up. Soon, his red legs were plain for all to see, and within moments he was encircled by members of the Tribe of Pango. However, remembering that this quest called for a display of his defensive abilities, he countered their volleys, not with an offensive of his own, but rather with ducks, blocks, and feints.

Backpedaling as he slipped the punches and dodged the kicks of the tribesmen, Ryshu had managed to position himself for a dash towards the cave. Taking one final look back, he decided to make a run for it. As Ryshu approached the cave, only one more tribesman stood between him and the cave. With a jarring fake and a spin to his left, Ryshu made it into the cave. As he ran along the corridor, a few of the quicker tribesmen were gaining on him.

Up ahead, he saw a rope that hung from the scaffolding above the monument. Just as a tribesman reached to pull him down from behind, he desperately clutched the rope and swung towards his destination. Landing safely, he grasped the scarlet stone and raised it over his head triumphantly. At that point the members of the Tribe of Pango, who in an instant went from being antagonists to admirers, let out a cheer and congratulated Ryshu on his brilliant display of agility, courage, and defensive prowess.

However, Ryshu only had forty-five minutes until the time limit on his quest had expired. There would be time for celebrating later, he thought. And so, he bid the tribesmen a fond farewell and hurried to make it back to the Training School. Running through the town square and into the woods, Ryshu was careful to watch where he was going. A sudden injury or an encounter with another Kougra would doom his quest.

Luckily for Ryshu, he managed to avoid any major obstacles on his return to the Training School, and made it through the front door with five minutes to spare. Gasping for breath as he staggered up to the Techo Master, he collected himself and took a deep breath. "Master..." Ryshu declared, "I've got it...I've got the scarlet stone."

With that, the Techo Master took the sacred ruby from Ryshu's hand, and hugged his beloved pupil. "Congratulations, young Ryshu. Once again you've made me proud with your bravery and skill."

His classmates let out a loud cheer, and soon he was carried off on their shoulders like a conquering hero. Sevarin, a classmate of Ryshu's, jokingly asked him, "So, got any plans for your Strength Grand Master Quest?"

To which Ryshu replied, "All in good time, Sevarin. Let's just enjoy this one first."