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Neopedia : Wishing Well

The Wishing Well Location: The Neopian Plaza
Age: No one can quite remember when it was built...
Best Known For: Granting wishes big and small (but usually small)
Darkest Deed: Giving all those poor Neopets a baby paint brush plushie
Greatest Deed: Every Sporkle syrup it has delivered to an ill Neopet
Quote: "Plunk."
Arch-nemesis: The Alien Aisha Vending Machine

Nestled in the northwest corner of the Neopian Plaza, the Wishing Well has been there for as long as any Neopian can remember. No one is quite sure how the small, blue well works - whether it is imbued with a spirit or is simply magical - but all Neopians know that this Wishing Well does have the power to grant wishes.

Over the course of each day, countless Neopets whisper a wish and toss a handful of Neopoints into the well, all hoping for the one certain item that is their heart's desire. Upon awakening the next morning, a few of those Neopets will be astonished to find the very item that they wished for sitting at the foot of their bed!

Though the odds against having their wishes granted are staggering, that fact doesn't stop Neopians from tossing their shiny coins into this very mysterious well and making a wish.