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Games Master Challenge FAQ

1) Is AAA involved in this year's GMC?

AAA is back and ready to watch two well-known Neopians duke it out again this year. AAA has recruited the help of Hanso and Brynn to serve as the team captains in this year's Games Master Challenge and settle once for all which is better, knights, or raiders. Both are prepared to lead their respective teams in a week-long competition and see whose squad has the better gamers.

2) What is the difference between Team Knights and Team Raiders?

While there is some overlap in the challenges that the teams will receive, generally speaking, a lot of the games will be based specifically on the challengers.

4) Once I have selected my team, can I change it later?

No. Once you have selected your team, you are locked in for the duration of the event.

5) How do I help my team?

You can earn points for your team by participating in the challenges.

6) Does each team have the same number of challenges?

Yes. No matter which team you select, the level of participation required is exactly the same.

7) Are there different lists of qualifying games for each team?

No, the list of qualifying games is the same for both teams. This is a complete list that includes all of the qualifying games for both teams.

8) What is the meter?

The meter keeps track of which team is winning. At the end of the event, participants on the winning team will receive a prize.

9) How do timed challenges work?

There are a few challenges during the GMC that will be timed. Once a challenge timer has been activated, you will have 12 hours to complete that challenge. If you do not complete the challenge in the time given, you will not receive credit or a prize for that challenge.

10) What do the check marks mean on the Progress page?

When you complete a challenge on the day it is released, a gold checkmark will appear over the challenge icon. If you complete a challenge on a day other than the day it was released, then the check mark will be green.

11) Do I have to complete each challenge on the day it is released?

Completing each challenge on the day it is released will earn you better prizes at the end of the event. However, it will not affect the daily prizes you receive or your team's performance.

12) When does the Games Master Challenge start and end?

The Games Master Challenge will begin at midnight (NST) on November 23rd. Day 1 will last only 24 hours and will end at 11:59:59 pm NST on November 24th. Similarly, days 2-6 will be typical 24 hour days from midnight to 11:59:59 pm. Day 7 will last for two days, from midnight on November 29th to 11:59:59 pm NST on November 30, marking the end of the Games Master Challenge.