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Daily Dare: Story

The siblings turned their heads and looked up to the sound of two torches igniting simultaneously. The menacing figure of Roothless, their captor, appeared on the balcony above them.

"At last we meet," he said, in a haughty tone. "You know, I've always wanted to prove that I'm the greatest gamer in all Neopia." He gave his statement a dramatic flourish with his hands meant as a cue for his servant, Scram. Scram was oblivious to his master's cue and looked to be playing with a yoyo, much to Roothless' obvious annoyance. "Ahem... I said, I'm the Greatest Gamer in all Neopia!" Scram pulled himself together and gave a thumb's up and forced a smile to help convey the point. With his other hand Scram pulled a rope which released confetti onto his master above.

"That's why I captured you, mister "Games Master", allegedly Neopia's best gamer, and forced you to challenge countless Neopians. To those who made the cut, I have presented an offer. They are free to reject my challenge, and keep their winnings... OR they can square off against me. If they win, they'll earn a truly staggering reward. Even if they fail they shall get something... but let's just say their winnings shall be far lighter and easier to carry away."

"And now, one last thing before they decide..." Roothless cast a meaningful look at Scram who was now busy with an elaborate display of two yoyos. Roothless made a mental note to harm Scram later. Then, he reached out his hand and cast a pouch full of sparkling dust onto the siblings below. Scram, who was in the midst of yet another yoyo trick (his third one now), lost control and accidentally flung a yoyo forward catching some of the dust.

In an instant, all three of them were transformed and found themselves inside a video game!

On the other side of the screen Roothless laughed. "Since so many played every day to help you and your sister, they'll probably want to accept my challenge. After all, it looks like it's the only way you'll escape this game and my dungeon. No pressure, though! Muahahaa.