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Lucky me! My pet Arzia won the Dream Pet Giveaway. I am delighted about that. Unfortunately, although he is now a stealthy kacheek, he has no stealthy clothes. He says that trying to show off his fabulous ninja skills while naked is really throwing off his vibe, and wearing random jeans and t-shirt just isn't the same. Please help. P.S. This glitch affected all giveaway pets who were supposed to get clothes. ~ jeffty_jeff
Congratulations on winning, and sorry about the oversight! We'll take a look through the list of winners and grant any clothing items that were left off!

Hi Country Queen, Daily Dare you to tell me if there will be a Daily Dare this year. ~ deltamorious
AAA was pretty tired after such an eventful GMC, but there's definitely a chance you'll be seeing him again.

I was never really into NC customization until I discovered trading. So many possibilities! I suddenly found myself spending tons of money on NC! All for Gift Box Mystery Capsules. I'm not always active on Neopets, and it seems like whenever I am, there's no Capsule out at the moment. It's very frustrating. Why not have them always available? I'm sure I'd have spent much more money by now if they were. ~ cherry_pie18
Hi! We only have them available for the last 2 weeks or so of each month, so we can keep refreshing the content with new ones and keep them exclusive. But in case it helps with your purchasing habits, they're always available at the end of the month. Happy trading!

Hi Neopets Editorial! Recently, the Stocking Stufftacular concluded and with it, it brought a very pretty new wearable into our midst: Frosty Eye Makeup I was very excited to try this item out before I quickly realized it did not layer with other eye-makeup items like Rich Golden Eye Makeup. So here is my request - would you please change the item zoning from 'Glasses' to 'Markings' so that this beautiful item can behave like other items similar to it, and allow for better layering of other eye makeup items? Thank you very much! ~ 09004888
Hi, sorry about that! We'll look into it and get it fixed for you!

Hi CQ! I'm really confused! So my Monthly Premium Subscription came to an end on the 16th November (after I had cancelled a few days before that) but I still have the Premium Toolbar and various other Premium Benefits. If I click Manage Membership it tells me I am not a member. I've checked my bank no money has been taken from me. A few Neofriends and other members on the Charter board are also in same position! I've sent a ticket as I don't want to get in trouble (because I haven't been paying for it) but it's been almost 2 months and no one has gotten back to me. :( I'm scared I will get in trouble, can you please tell me what is going on or what I should do? Thanks! ~ cherry_25
Hi, and don't worry, you can relax! We're aware it's happening, without getting into too much programming detail, we're essentially not having the system automatically remove a couple of the premium privileges, like the toolbar or boards, in an effort to make sure actual premium members do not lose those privileges. You did the right thing by sending a ticket, our team will get to it, but in the meantime don't worry, you won't get in trouble for this.

Dearest County Queen...I have a crazy question for you: I see the Haunted Hijinks are still shown in the NC Mall, and it appears that they are still available for purchase. Can you please confirm for me that if I purchase mallets that I can use them for the prizes?? Just wanted to be sure before spending my NC! Don't want to buy but then not be able to use them. Thank you! :) ~ tuttifrutti
Hi, nope! Sorry. The page is up so anyone with a pack could still claim prizes, but the packs are no longer being sold, so you can't purchase a new one.

Hello CQ! -offers fresh cookies- I've always wanted to write a short story for the Neopian times, but I'm a lover of scary and frightening stories. I have inspiration for one staring my pets, and I was wondering if a I could get in trouble(frozen, silenced, whatever) for something that's too scary, while of course there would be no death or blood. Please remove my username. ~ zephagalatica
Hi! Yay thanks! So much for that news years diet. Anyway, you definitely will not get frozen or silenced for a Neopian Times story submission being too scary. Scary is fine, as long as it fits the site rules regarding violence. However, even if it isn't okay to be published, the worst that will happen is that you get rejected, with feedback on what can be done to get your story in for re-submission.

Hi TNT! So, I tried for some new trophies to start out the New Year, but didn't receive them. I thought trophies were handed out automatically just through coding? But, do you guys have to go through and hand out trophies to everyone? Why are trophies sometimes never given out or the day they are given out is postponed? I know a lot of people worked really hard for new trophies this month (including myself), and were disappointed. :( ~ rintintan
Hi, they're automatically given out through a script, which has been a little finicky lately. We have a programmer looking into it, so hopefully this should be sorted soon! We're really sorry for the issues and confusion this caused!

*Happy Thoughts*

Major kudos to whoever thought of giving the Advent Calendar and the Daily Puzzle the same subjects each day. I do both these dailies frequently, and it was fun to discover the syncing of them during this past month. ~jara_hamee

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