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Hey! Someone just pointed out on the Neoboards that they can't find any info on Finneus, the Altadorian Archivist. I did a search for him in the Neopedia too and, sure enough, he's not there. When will an entry about Finneus be added? In fact, when will there be any entries about any famous Lennies added in general? ~magicquill
You know, you're right. Lennies do seem to get the short end of the stick most of the time (even though they are pretty spiffy), don't they? Never fear, then... we'll make it up to those clever Neopets by adding a Neopedia about one of the greatest among them!

Is there going to be a flash version of NeoQuest? The first one was fine, but there's too much waiting, refreshing, and loading. ~tararntula
Mr. Insane, our NeoQuest guru, will just pretend he didn't hear that! We never know what the future holds, but we don't have any intention of going back and remaking the old NeoQuests into Flash.

PHP is your friend!

Dear TNT, I'm going to be moving at the end of the month and I was wondering if I could still play on this account at my new house. I also have to change my e-mail when I move, so would I have to make a new account? Please answer this. Thanks. ~raven62014
Of course! Lots of people travel all over and still enjoy playing on their main account. Regarding the email address, no, you can update your email with us so we can keep in contact with you regarding your account if something crops up. No need to make a new account!

Heya TNT, some people have Neomailed me and said congrats on getting into the Neopets magazine! I didn't know I had gotten into the mag; I didn't even submit an article! Do you sometimes take submissions from the Editorial or comics that we submitted to the Neopian Times and put them in the real life mag? If so, what issue did I get into? Thanks so much! ~draaka_html_testing
Articles/comics, no, but Editorial questions – yes! Any question that is sent to the Editorial also has a (very small) chance of being put into the magazine edition of the Editorial. Your particular question appeared in issue #21 (the one with the blue Kacheek playing Destruct-O-Match on the cover). To clarify, please do not send articles/comics/questions to us asking that they be put in the magazine. The Editorial questions in the magazine are just normal questions like the ones we answer here, except they're published in the magazine instead of online.

How many new topics are created on the boards each day? ~ piupiudbst
Interesting question! It took some scrounging to uncover, but in the month of June, there were almost 33 million messages posted, so that's a little over a million messages a day. (Now we REALLY appreciate our Monitors!)

I know people can just lie about their age on Neopets and that you've said in the past that, if there is proof that they are lying, then you will change their age on the site. However, is there a way for people to change their age on their own? Not, like, a child who wants access to all the site features and decides to change their age to 13 after their account it created, but more like someone who accidentally put in the wrong age when making their account and wishes to change it to their real age afterwards. Or, do you think it even matters what age someone is (or says they are) on Neopets? I think I'm a little confused about this topic.... ~g_and_frends
Alas, we can't risk players under 13 altering their age, even if we ask them not to. On Neopets, as long as you are 13 or older, it doesn't matter much what your age is unless you are deliberately trying to trick people into thinking you are a different age for some nefarious purpose. You can always state your true age on your UL if you like, as long as you don't include your birth date, which would be bad. :X Please remember that not allowing those under 13 without permission to post is not just a Neopets rule, it's also part of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (aka COPPA). We get lots of mail asking why we don't allow players under 13 to post, and this is why – it's the law!

I've noticed that The Neopian Times has its little mascot... that little chick! I don't see it anywhere else on the site, though. What is it? ~lucky6189
That little "chick" is actually a white Weewoo. Weewoos (which are normally brown) come from Krawk Island. If you're interested in owning one, check the Trading Post, or grab some dubloons and camp out at Little Nippers.

Dang. I'm expensive! :O

Can you get frozen for using your side account to restock when you're restock banned on your main? ~nub_king
Yes, the bans are in place for a reason! The only ban we can think of that is okay for you to skirt with a side account is a Neomail ban (but that's only if you are honestly not spamming people and only got a little, erm… enthusiastic with the amount you were Neomailing people). That restriction does not affect game play.

We are also often asked if it's okay to restock on side accounts when your main account is suspended. Please note that a suspension is basically a "time out," and we request that you not do dailies or restock on your side accounts while awaiting the lifting of the suspension.

If your main account has been frozen, you can use one of your side accounts as a new main if you like (and discontinue whatever it was that got you frozen). If the original account is unfrozen, you're welcome to make it your main account again.

I had zero NPs and a ghost stole forty. I now have negative forty NPs! How can you have negative NPs, and how can a ghost steal NP from me if I have none? ~kookie_pawz
They're ghosts! By their very nature they don't really seem to care much about what's physically possible. D: Of course, physically stealing NP at all isn't quite possible either since it doesn't physically exist. But it WAS stolen, and can something that doesn't exist be stolen? We guess there must be a difference between existence and physical existence. Argh, now we're just making our heads hurt.

So, Nigel the Stockbroker Chia, does he drive a Ferrari Testarossa or a Ferrari 512TR? His car looks more like the 512 to me... just wondering. ~_spoiled545_
Cars don't exist in Neopia. That outdated art is just a figment of your imagination. *waves arm mysteriously*

Well, I hit the meteor with a stick. It gave me a Spiced Apple Pie. I whack Lord Kass with a stick. I get an avatar. I hit the Turmaculus with a stick, he eats my Petpet, but I get an avatar (and have to buy a new Petpet). What else can we use sticks for? Certainly you can find a use for sticks that does not reward or promote violence. After all, this is a family-friendly site. Thank you for your time. ~dortho
Umm… you could throw a stick for a Doglefox to fetch! That would be non-violent. Or your could *pokes you with a stick and runs off giggling*

Tee hee hee!

Hey TNT! I recently signed up for Neopets Mobile and now I can use Neopets and go to Lutari Island on my cell phone. However, I still can't go to Lutari Island on the Neopets website. Can you only go to Lutari Island on your cell phone, or is the website messed up? And, for future reference, can you give me the link to un-sign up from Neopets Mobile? ~alextheguineapig
Lutari Island doesn't exist on the Neopets site aside from that one faded out image of the island. Lutari Island only exists actively in your cell phone. On your cell, you can interact with the different areas and play games that are unique to Lutari Island. If you are unhappy with the service, or were just interested in testing to see what it was like, you will need to go through your cell phone service provider, as Neopets can only link you to the websites that offer the service.

Now that the Altador Cup is over, I want to remove my team background from my Neopets. How do I do this? The Help Window says click on the "remove" button, but there isn't one! ~cordeliav49
To remove any item, first go to the Quick Ref page by clicking on the image of your Neopet on the left side of the screen. Then click "customise." At the top along the blue bar that says Items View, select "applied." This will show you the items that are currently equipped to your Neopet. When you click on the icon view of the item it will appear in the area beneath your Neopet. Click the remove button that is now active to remove it.

I've noticed in places like the Battledome Chat Board that users post ridiculous boards that are obviously pointless spam, but get around the spam rule by posting things like "DBD does Icons" -- not even saying how many icons, but rather just throwing it in there to not get in trouble. Is this allowed? Why aren't these people punished? ~asrai_fae
Heh, no, no one is falling for that silly trick. It's not as if you could post something completely off topic and the monitor will see that and say, "Oh! My, well, they were on topic after all. Ho hum, I'll just move along then." If you're spamming, you're spamming. Trying to get away on a technicality won't work.

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