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Naming Your Neopet

If you need name help, take a look here. (:

by danielleplicka
Omelette Full of Lies

The Tyrannian Omelette is an intricate conspiracy.

You heard me. I've done the research for you.

by yellowsugardog

Key Quest Horror: How to Survive a Super Key Grabber

Every Keyquester's greatest joy is finding themselves with this elusive Power-Up. It is also their greatest nightmare to be on the opposite side...

by dragonoftheseas2
What is a Chia Mite?

What are they? Scary looking, that's for sure. But are they really Chias? Or something else?

by hermione_890_neo
Berry Bash - The Complete Guide

You play Rufus - a yellow Kougra and the Grand Bogen. His job is to keep all the customers happy...

by mistress_sama
Gourmet Home Cooking

Read on to find out how to make a full three course meal straight from the restaurant's menu without having to sell your home.

by luvy_duv

Are you tired of wearing your socks? Here are some fun things to do with socks!

by emmabat_3
Fyora's Biggest Fan

"So, Fyora Day is nearby. What do you do to celebrate this special occasion?"

by giggilogalmewmew
Altador Cup IV: Which Team is Right for You?

There's a team for everyone.

by niddyz
A Faerie Queen Banquet

Most of my time is spent with tasks that I actually enjoy – like organizing the Annual Faerie Banquet.

by iloenchen
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"Fyora's Dilemma" by geneames1
Restless, she finally stood and summoned her attendant who was waiting on the other side of the door. "Fimbria, I'm going for a walk," said Queen Fyora abruptly. "There is no need for you to accompany me..." Fimbria peered closely...

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How Hoban Got His Hat
"Lin, I'm not sure this is the best idea..."

by x__guiltypleasure


The Grundo Thief
He had slept little, if at all, lately, terrified of what it was that he sensed night after night in this factory...

by mars_angel22


Finding Kayla: Part Three
"I know what your problem is now." He scowled at me as he left in disgust. "You're being yourself."

by fallingrain05


Faeries: Before the Fame - Part One
Fyora drummed her fingers on her desk as she waited for her class to start. Teaching new faeries was her favourite task...

by a_greenparrot


Starry Stuff Fyora Special
Warnings are there for something.

by marilltachiquin


The Neopian Square
Nothing like a random Battledome Challenge to start your day!

by juppielion

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