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Hi TNT! *hands over some freshly baked cookies* I have a really big problem with the new games room. I can't find one of the games! It's called Qasalan Expellibox. I really want to find the game and I can only get to it with history!!! I wonder if you forgot or... you just felt too sleepy to do it right in the middle of the night? But anyway, please put it back there. ~clovermint209
Qasalan Expellibox should be back! Have fun playing. :)

Dear TNT, somebody gave me their password (seriously, I'm not joking here... she gave it willingly). She said she wanted me to log on to her account to get her some Neopoints by playing games since "she wasn't very good at games". She said that she trusted me very much... (maybe giving her really cheap codestones was a part of that... but that's not the point). What should I do? This is all very confusing since I've never known anyone to give away their password just like that... and I don't want to report her (I don't have the heart to). Any piece of advice please?:) ~roons7686
First off, you are NOT allowed to log onto the account of someone else, even if they hand you their password on a golden platter. Here's a few of the many reasons why: 1.) Playing Flash games for someone else for any reason (like getting avatars) is cheating. Result? Both you and they are frozen for cheating. 2.) As stated prior, it's against the rules to access another person's account. Result if you do? You are frozen, and possibly their account as well since the account security has been compromised. 3.) It's a common scam. Yes, that's right. We won't go into the details here, but most of the time when someone is "giving" their account away or encouraging you to access it, it's a sneaky way of actually stealing YOUR account. So honestly, folks, there's no good reason to ever log into the account of someone else.

Hey, it's my birthday soon, and I'll have the birthday sidebar. But I was wondering, hypothetically speaking, say you went on your side account on your birthday, and got loads of REs and and SHHs; isn't that sort of like you playing games for us and giving our side accounts things we can send off to our mains? And can we send them off to our mains? Thank you so much for putting this in the editorial if you have. I read it every week! P.S. Who are you, o person that answers editorial questions. You have to tell me, seeing as it's my birthday soon! ~microscopiic
Random Events are all yours to keep as long as you aren't trying to abuse the system. There's really no point in hanging out on side accounts trying to get REs on your birthday, as you're just as likely to get them on your main. However, if you purposely lied about your birthdate on all your accounts, making them all different so you could take advantage of the birthday sidebar and just happened to, you know... refresh a bunch on the sides on that "birthday", then you might see us coming with a big ice stick. Side accounts are for taking care of more Neopets and other benign storage reasons, not a way for you to make more Neopoints. As for the identity of the Editorial writ- brb. Meepit attack.

Hello there. :) I had a thought. I dislike the fact that when you paint a Petpet, there is no way of getting it back to how it originally looked. If you paint a basic Neopet, you can always repaint it a basic colour, but you can't for Petpets. Is there any way we could have a Petpet Paint Brush that returns Petpets to how they originally looked? So if I painted my Snowbunny plushie, I could get it back to a normal Snowbunny? Thanks! ~xxleopardxx
Oh, actually you can. A Snowbunny would have to be painted white to return to its standard colour. Another example would be a Cyodrake having to be painted purple to go back to normal. Each Petpet has a base colour which is different depending on the Petpet.


We (the users) love you guys! Do you love us? ~velkaeanne
We sure do! Much like doting parents. You guys drive us a little bonkers sometimes, but nothing makes us as happy as making you guys happy! :) We know it sounds sappy, but it's true!

Wow, nice job with the new avie, TNT! But I noticed it has the same name as another avatar. Will this be changed? And does this mean the other avatar is no longer available? ~skizzabella
We updated the name a bit. The old avatar is still available along with the new one. :)

In the last edition of the NT editorial, you mentioned something about "warning tallies". I was curious to know, firstly, how many strikes can we have against us before we are frozen? And secondly, is there any way to redeem yourself of warnings? Thanks. ~bad_toffee
There's no set number of strikes you can have against your account before you get frozen, as every situation and player is unique. However, it does affect how long your suspension will be if your account is suspended (not frozen). The only way to redeem yourself and your account is to be on your best behavior for a very long time.

I was looking on a board the other day and the person was claiming that they had been scammed (they had screenies and everything). The 'scammer' wanted to give her old account to the other person. She claimed that it wasn't against the rules since she isn't asking for anything in return. Just wondering, is it against the rules to give away your account for free? ~13th_of_friday
Hmm... we wonder if this is related to that first question we answered. To make it even more clear today, if you are found to be trying to "give away" your account, the account will be frozen, because even if there is a chance that you aren't actually trying to scam somebody, you obviously don't want your account, and since you're not allowed to give accounts away, we'll just help you out by freezing it.

Hi, TNT! I love the new bowling game! It's amazing! -drool- I was wondering if it was okay to put money together during an auction snipe, then split the money afterward? Like for example, let's say I combine my 2.5 mill with my friend's 2.5 mil, and I snipe a Draik Transmogrification Potion for 4 mil. Would it be okay to split the 10 mil we make from selling it? Thanks! -goes to play bowling- ~kupo333
Glad you're enjoying the new game! Unfortunately, pooling Neopoints to buy something isn't allowed, and for good reason. We're not saying you would, but what if you decided that since you did the hard job of sniping, you deserved more of the profit? Or hey, just give your friend their 2.5 mil back and thank them for the lend. Or heck, just run off with everything! There's just way too much room for someone to get scammed, and then we need to spend our time tracking the fiend down and sorting things out. Allowing this just isn't worth it to us, and will probably just end badly for those pooling their Neopoints, so that's why we don't allow it.

Why is the Lemon Sun Cake "layered with mouse and cake"? I don't think mice go very well with lemons. ~blandfish
Hahaha, now that was a great typo. Thanks for spotting that for us. It's been fixed. XD

Now with 100% less mouse!

Hey TNT! Let's just say that somebody accidental logged in on one of those fake Neopets login pages because they were too foolish to check if it was the real one. And then their account got hacked and they lost rare items and Neopoints. Would you replace their money and items? I'm wondering because it happened to me and I lost 200,000 Neopoints and a lab map piece. So can you replace them? ~twilight_vampiregirl
Sorry, but you are responsible for the security of your account. :( We very rarely return items or Neopoints lost in this fashion.

Well, I was frozen not too long ago (about 2 months ago, maybe?) for posting a link on the boards. I was alerting people about a scammer and silly me, I forgot to take the link out when copy & pasting the Neomail for proof on the board. Then, STRAIGHT AWAY, I said something along the lines of "OMGOMG Please ignore the link it was an accident PLEASE" and I said it numerous times! And other people were like, "OMG we believe you with an account like that!" And such and such. Well, if there are real people who read the boards, how come they never read that post. It was the second post on the board. I know people could mindlessly click the link, but with everyone else saying, "Don't click! It's an accident!" don't you think people wouldn't click? ~tirrany
When someone posts a link on the site that is most likely a cookie grabber or some other extremely malicious site, we don't typically peruse the rest of the thread to see if it was accidental. We have to get rid of those boards ASAP before people visit the link out of curiosity. There's no reason you need to repeat a scam on a board. If you receive a scam in the form of a Neomail, please just report it directly. You don't have to give it more attention and spread it around on the boards. You are responsible for what you post, even if it's a quote from someone else. Never repost or quote an inappropriate post or scam on the boards.

So I was just wondering, TNT, do you ever have dreams about Neopets or nightmares about Meepits and such? :o ~xxautumnxx
Hmm... we don't recall any dreams about Meepits. They may be blocking that area of our brains. Though Dragona did once have a rather amusing dream about zombies attacking Neopets headquarters and us barricading ourselves behind an overturned desk in one of the offices and fending them off with shotguns!

I think that it would be great if Neopets came up with a way to mix your paint brushes so you could have a baby Maraquan pet, or grey plushie pet. You know, something along those lines. Do you think Neopets would ever make this? ~hippoluver1239
We're pretty certain this is never gonna happen. The best we can offer you is the mixed clothing. Drawing art for every possible combination of Maraquan/starry or baby/plushie for every species... /head asplode

To clarify a response from an Editorial a couple weeks back: Yes, you can assist siblings who are interested in playing, but not capable of playing alone. This is not to be confused with making five accounts "on behalf" of your two year old sister, and playing them yourself. Assisting someone who lacks the mental ability to play the site is fine. Sharing accounts, or assisting someone who just stinks at flash games to get a better score, is never allowed.

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