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Continued Series

Intrigue at the Altador Cup: Part Six

In Fredrick's professional opinion, the cells in Altador were fairly decent.

by herdygerdy
The Water Faerie Necklace: Part Six

"Apparently the scroll wants you to think outside of the box when you complete each quest."

by jbergz8495
A Trip to Remember: Part Four

"Wake up, sleepyhead! We're on Mystery Island – and it's sunny outside!"

by majikel
Life With the Newbies: Part Three

I would have cried another river if I could. But why would I waste perfectly good tears over someone that never truly loved me?

by xxxmagiabellexxx
Finding Kayla: Part Three

"I know what your problem is now." He scowled at me as he left in disgust. "You're being yourself."

by fallingrain05
The Curse: Part Two

Lockwood settled himself in an armchair, looking gloomily irritated. "I detest traveling and I detest farms."

by jokerhahaazzz
Roomies 4: Part Two

Jhudora shot her a look. "First of all, never call me 'Jhudy' ever again."

by vanessa1357924680
Teleported: Part Two

"You guys don't owe me anything.' Trinity beamed. "This was a gift from me to you."

by crazy_4_sushi
Invaders of Meridell: Part Three

He knows these five Neopets are just Meridell villagers just like the rest of them, but their famous exploits have been retold so many times that now they have been removed to the realm of legend.

by ginny_invisible
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"Color Blind" by devil2425
Almost everyone in the room was painted, and the only three who weren't were clumped together in a corner of the back of the classroom. It set my head to thinking, and I looked down at myself. I saw immediately what was wrong; I just didn't fit in...

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