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Fyora's Biggest Fan

by giggilogalmewmew


"Welcome, welcome!" a petite faerie Bruce bubbles as he opens the door to a quaint cottage home. The sweet, pink trimmed house is located comfortably on the clouds of Faerieland, a perfect location for the Faerie Queen's biggest fan. It's easy to enter; the hallway is not cluttered with junk and knick-knacks from regular living. Instead, the home is lined with pink shelves, trimmed with some of Faerieland's fanciest vases and toys.

"Come and sit down!" He smiles, ushering me towards a large table in the living room, marked with a set of pink faerie wings. When I sit down, I notice that my host has disappeared, with only the sounds of kitchen clinking to inform me that he's nearby. When he returns, a tray rattles in his hand with a pile of Fyora Day Sandwiches and two glasses of Fyora Day Fizz. Apparently, the feast is just for us, and it takes me barely a second to begin nibbling on part of a delicious sandwich.

When I've finished sipping some Fyora Day Fizz (it really is quite fizzy!) I grab my notebook and settle down. The real reason I'm here is to interview this little Bruce. According to many a Neopian, he's Fyora's biggest fan, holding Neopia's biggest collection of Fyora items!

"First off, thank you for letting me come here! It's quite the travel from Neopia Central. I understand the rest of your family lives there. Is there any reason you live so far away?"

The Bruce finished chewing some food before shrugging a bit, and glancing around his home. "Well, I'm a big fan of Fyora, so that's part of it, but really the climate here is great. We're up in the sky so the wind really regulates the temperature! Plus, with all the faerie magic around, gardening is really easy. It's an ideal location if you can afford it."

"How DO you afford to live up in Faerieland? And how did you afford to get painted faerie?" I asked.

"Well, my sister painted me faerie. I was a Kougra when she was going to paint me, but while we were at the Rainbow Pool I started flipping through the species and colour combinations. When I saw how beautiful the Bruce looked, I decided I wanted to be morphed first! I earned the morphing potion on my own the same way I earn the neopoints required to live up here - I work at the Job Agency!"

"Oh, so you pick up jobs there?" It really didn't sound quite exciting. I would have thought he would be running errands for Fyora, or something along those lines.

"No, I work at the Job Agency. I help list them. It takes messengers to get the requests from shop keeper to Faerieland. It's all shop keepers by the way. How did you think the shops restocked?"

"But there are so many junk items!" I burst, unable to believe that the Job Agency was how shop keepers restocked their shops! There had to be a better method, and where did all those rare 99's come from...

"Yeah, well, that's just how it is."

Settling down again, I finished off a sandwich and cleaned the crumbs off my notebook. It was time to get back to the real questions. "Why did you choose Fyora to idolize?"

He grinned, suddenly getting up and rifling around in a cupboard nearby. I couldn't help but wonder if he was going to pull out a sticky hand or something. Being up in the clouds isn't ALWAYS a good idea.

"This!" he burst out, returning with a glass container. Stuffed inside the too small compartment was a Faerie Queen Doll, the simplest but most elegant Fyora piece. "Isn't it beautiful? This is my favourite faerie doll ever! It looks just like Fyora. I saw this in the Hidden Tower and just knew I had to have it. After much saving I finally got it, with two avatars to boot! This cute little toy is what sparked my obsession. And look- her eyes glow when you squeeze her!"

By then the toy was out of the glass entrapment, being squeezed energetically by the faerie Bruce before me. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the toy. It was being squeezed so hard the eyes were not only glowing, they bugging out too. "Great... So what makes you Fyora's biggest fan?"

The Bruce dropped the doll back into the glass container, closing it with a click and setting it next to a sandwich. Apparently, the toy was going to enjoy one as well. "I have every Fyora related item in Neopia. From this beautiful Fyora original table, to my latest collection piece, the Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll! I have a full gallery which you can visit if you want. Here - I'll show you a photo of my Supreme Deluxe -"

"That's really not necessary. I'll look at the gallery later. I'm sure the doll is in there."

The Bruce frowned, putting away the photo album he had pulled from under the couch.

"So, Fyora Day is nearby. What do you do to celebrate this special occasion?" I smiled, knowing he would probably have something really special planned. Any Fyora fan would, right?

"That's simple! I take some saved neopoints and I buy a Deluxe Fyora Day Cake! Plus a whole bunch of Fyora Day Sandwiches, Fyora Day Fizz, Fyora Pops, tacos... TONS of food! I host a party, give out Fyora themed goodies and all of us Fyora fans celebrate the special day deluxe style! Plus, I gather some of Fyora's favourite foods and items and send her a special gift." The Bruce explained everything with pride. It sounded like a wonderful event, and suddenly the host of glitter and fancy coloured pens on the desk nearby made sense. He was already preparing!

"Wow, that sounds just great! I bet the cake is the highlight of the party. As a fan, is there anything you do special in daily life to make sure you remember how great Fyora is?"

"Oh yes, I eat Fyora foods EVERY day. Anything made in Fyora's image, or anything that she recommends herself. I NEVER eat anything else. I also have decorated my house in Fyora things! I never forget to brush my fur with my Fyora Hair Brush, and I've found that Fyoras Magic Airspray keeps my wings really neat. When you're living in Faerieland, you have to look good!" It seemed reasonable that a pet would have to look good if they lived in Faerieland. The faeries always looked amazing!

"It sounds like you take good care of yourself. As a final question, do you have any tips for an aspiring Fyora fan?"

The Bruce nodded, smiling and taking a final sip of his Fyora Day Fizz. "Of course! If you want to be a Fyora fan, or a fan of anything, all you need to do is completely immerse yourself in their essence! Eat their foods, wear clothes they like, and own items in their name. Go to all your idol's events too! Anyone can be a superfan, but nobody will be as big of a Fyora fan as me!"

Smiling, I thanked him and finished up my own glass of fizz. "Well, thank you for the interview! I'm sure there will never be another Fyora fan as great as you! By the way, I feel silly for forgetting this, but what's your name?"


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