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A Guide to Freaky Factory: Working for Krelufun Ind.

by faeriequeenoffire


So, Krelufun Industries has seen it fit to hire you, eh? The job assigned to you here is to produce Neopets miniatures for the company, and you better do it quickly! Using the material provided for you – Kreludite – all you have to do is drop the colours into their respective vats and make sure the Grundo Thief doesn't steal any of the miniatures, got it? No? Well, I'll help you out since this is your first time, but pay attention because I'm only going to say this once!

See those blobs that run across the ceiling? That's Kreludite. It comes in three colours: red, yellow, and blue. The vats – the containers in the middle – are what you need to put the Kreludite in, but each vat is for a specific colour only: the first vat on the left is the red vat and red Kreludite goes in there, the middle vat is the yellow vat and yellow Kreludite goes in there, and the last vat on the right is the blue vat and blue Kreludite goes in there. Easy enough, right?

All you have to do is click the blobs of Kreludite as they move across the screen and put them in their proper vats. This gets harder later on as it gets faster with the more orders we need to do, but you should get the hang of it by then. Do your best not the get the blobs outside of the vats and onto the floor, and don't put them in the wrong vat, either! If you get them in the wrong vat, you lose some of the Kreludite you already have in there (one unit for the smallest size blob, two units for the next size, etc.) – and you generate waste, too. If you miss the vat completely and spill it, then it also fills up your waste metre – if the metre hits the top you'll lose your job, so watch out!

The blobs themselves are different shapes and sizes – that's because Kreludite is so unstable – and the size determines how much your vat gets filled by. A tiny blob only gets one unit in the vat, and a really large one can get much much more! The vat can only hold 8 units of Kreludite, so don't overfill it or your waste metre will go up.

On the right is the screen where you can see what colour miniatures you need to produce next. Sometimes you only need one colour, but when you need two to combine (like with purple, orange, and green) or even all three (for rainbow) you'll need to fill those vats, too. It also tells you how much of each colour you'll need and how many miniatures you'll be producing with that amount, so pay attention.

At the bottom, you'll see the production line – this is where the miniatures will be coming across from production to submission. At the left of the production line you'll see a screen that tells you how many miniatures you have left to produce and what your bonus is: the higher your chain – the amount of miniatures that are produced in a row – the greater your bonus! You have to complete a certain amount of miniatures every level and you have a certain amount of time to do it; if you're not sure how much time you have left, just look up at the clock in front of you!

Oh, and one more thing about the blobs of Kreludite: there are actually some that will help you – or hurt you – depending on how you use them. There are some colour blobs that aren't fit for production so don't click on those because that'll fill your waste metre a lot depending on how big the blob is – these will hurt you no matter what you do. But for the blobs that help, don't hesitate to use them if you can do it right! The most common ones that you'll see are the freeze blobs and the glowing blobs – all others have varying degrees of rarity in the game, but these are the ones that show up the most often.

The freeze blob – a light blue, frozen looking blob – slows your production line. This is useful for when you want to make a huge chain bonus, and even more useful if you're close to completing a vat but don't have enough time to finish it to make it part of the chain.

The glowing blob – a green blob with a glow around it – upgrades your miniatures one level. Primary coloured miniatures go to secondary coloured miniatures, and secondary coloured miniatures move up to rainbow miniatures.

The speed blob – a violet blob with wings – speeds up your production line and gets your miniatures submitted quickly. This is useful for when you're running out of time and need to get those miniatures in before the timer runs out.

The angel blob – a white blob with a halo – fills up one vat to the maximum. If you miss and drop it, this will fill your waste metre; if it misses and hits a miniature, then it will get a halo above its head and will be worth more.

The time blob – a clock shaped blob – gives you more time to finish your miniatures by decreasing how much time has gone by. This is very helpful in the later levels when you have more and more miniatures to produce and the same amount of time to do it as you did in the previous levels.

The soap blob – a pink soap blob – cleans up your waste, decreasing the level of your waste metre.

The atom blob – a purple blob with small red dots encircling it – fills all three of your vats to the top. This is a rare blob and only appears in the later levels, but when it does appear be sure to get it because it'll make your job a lot easier.

Well, that's it for the blobs. And for your training, too! I think I've taught you what you need to know, now get to work or –

Stop! Thief!

You see that purple Grundo near the production line? Watch out for that one – he'll try to steal your miniatures while you're trying to produce them, and if he does not only do you lose a miniature but you break your chain because it leaves a gap! Don't let him touch anything – just bop him or hit him with a blob of Kreludite and you'll be fine.

Ok, now I think I'm done here. Do you think you can handle working here now? Don't worry about it, you can do it. Just remember what I told you and you'll thrive here at Krelufun Industries. Good luck and happy working!

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