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Week - 498

Meepits: The Rulers of Neopia
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: Dear Neopia,

I have been doing research on Meepits...

Week - 502

A Guide to Island Chef Academy: Being the #1 Chef
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: Come play Island Chef Academy to see if you can be the next greatest chef!

Week - 531

A Guide to Time Tunnel: One Code at a Time
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: Welcome to the Time Tunnel! Gorix is looking for a way in and you need to help because what's inside may be the key to saving the Neoverse from Sloth's evil reign!

Week - 576

The Crazy Techo Fanatic: King of the Stadium
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: The Crazy Techo Fanatic, also known as the Techo Super-Fan as well as the Angry Techo, has made quite some noise in Neopia ever since his discovery in the Altador Cup.

Week - 577

A Guide to Freaky Factory: Working for Krelufun Ind.
by faeriequeenoffire
Description: So, Krelufun Industries has seen it fit to hire you, eh? The job assigned to you here is to produce Neopets miniatures for the company, and you better do it quickly!

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