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Memoirs of a Meepit

by averryyy


1st day of Storing, Y10

     OK, I’d better be quick; I’ve taken this notebook and pen from Mr. V’s desk and I need to hide it before he comes back from the front of the shop to restock the shop. Right now I’m sitting in the back corner of the cage of Meepits, so I’m pretty sure Mr. V won’t be looking too closely; he tries to ignore us most of the time. Anyway, I guess I haven’t really introduced myself (if anyone is actually reading this journal of mine). My name is Sir Fluffs, and I’m a Meepit.

     If you haven’t already run away in fright, I guess I’ll continue. This journal is to expose the truth about us Meepits. I’m going to record the goings-on of the Meepit cage in the back of the Spooky Petpets shop. You see, Meepits have a very unfair reputation. Just because some of us have turned out bad and have attempted to take over the world, doesn’t mean you should label the rest of us that way! I mean, there are more than a few dark faeries, but we don’t say all faeries are bad! Well, I better get going; Mr. V (the Halloween Cybunny who owns the shop) is coming back.

2nd day of Storing, Y10

     Wow, I can’t believe it. Two days after All Hallows Eve and Meepits are as unpopular as ever! Today a couple of snot nosed Kacheeks were browsing through the back of the shop and saw our cage. Of course, most of us spend our time reading books or sleeping when nobody is around, so when they came back and saw us, well, they sure were surprised. They stomped right back out to the front of the shop and started yelling at Mr. V!

     “What kind of spooky petpet shop are you running anyway?” one of them yelled to a surprised-looking Mr. V. “We went to look in the back and your Meepits were READING BOOKS! What kind of Meepits read books? Not spooky ones!”

     “Yeah, and I bet your Sludgys aren’t made of sludge, and your Dribblets don’t dribble!” exclaimed the other one. And they both stalked out of the shop with their noses in the slightly-smelly Haunted Woods air.

     Well, of course Mr. V wasn’t happy, not happy at all. He ran straight into the back and gave us a lecture for sure. “I thought I told you guys to act SCARY when customers were around! But oh no, you guys just had to read your books! Well, for this you get no books for a week!” And he snatched all the books away before you could say “Meep!”

     Of course, this caused a bit of an outbreak of angry shouts. “But Mr. V, you said customers wouldn’t come into the back of the shop!” one of the larger Meepits, Tinsel, snarled angrily. Did I mention we’re also very smart? We can speak Pet so fluently, you would think it was our first language!

     “Well, there WERE customers back here, and you weren’t paying attention!” That was obviously the end of the conversation, for Mr. V went back to the front of the shop then, still grumbling under his breath. What a day!

9th day of Storing, Y10

     Finally, we get our books back! The past week has been boredom city! I had managed to hide my journal away from Mr. V when he took all the books, but he started watching us closely so I decided not to risk trying to write any more entries.

     Today Mr. V stocked a couple Meepits. Poor guys, their owners will probably expect them to be fierce and mean so they’ll act like that to appease their new pet, because that’s just what Meepits do. Still, I’d hate to be sold. It stinks as it is to act mean and fierce when customers come in; imagine all day! Oh well, hopefully I won’t be sold anytime soon.

11th day of Storing, Y10

     I knew I shouldn’t have said anything about me not getting sold! Knew it, knew it, knew it! I just had to jinx it, didn’t I? I’ve been in here for almost a year and then BAM, I’m sold. Life has a cruel sense of humor. At least I was able to sneak this journal with me, or I might have just turned into a lifeless little thing with no reason for living. Sorry if I’m being melodramatic.

     My new pet is a Darigan Acara who goes by the name of Geo. He seems alright; he told me the only reason he bought me was to make his owner happy. His owner is an evil-loving girl, obsessed with dark things. Geo said he actually wanted to be faerie, but of course his owner didn’t want anything to do with those sorts. Maybe I’ll tell Geo about my true nature; we seem to have things in common.

14th day of Storing, Y10

     Well, today I started telling Geo about me and the rest of the Meepits and our reputation. I said the only reason we were evil is because a couple Meepits gave us a bad name and now people only buy us because they expect us to be evil, so we act evil to make them happy. He seemed pretty surprised to see I knew his language, but he totally understood me. Then I told him about my journal and how I hope to get it published and tell everyone about the Meepits. He was totally cool about it and got me this really neat pen that I’m writing with right now.

     “Wow, that’s so awesome, Sir Fluffs! I’m so happy you’re not actually evil. I’m honestly not into that kind of stuff,” he admitted, a bit embarrassed. “I guess we’re like two peas in a pod, eh? Don’t worry, I’ll buy you lots of books and stuff,” he added thoughtfully.

     I’m so happy I got an owner who actually understands; this is great!

15th day of Storing, Y10

     Today I conducted an experiment for the sake of this journal. Geo and I went out into Neopia Central to get some books, and I recorded how people reacted to me. Most the reactions were shock, short, stifled screams, and sudden changes of directions. But there was one interesting confrontation.

     “Aw, what a handsome Meepit you have, how sweet!” one old Aisha said, petting my fluffy head.

     I smiled up at her and she grinned back warmly. “I have my own Meepit at home. She’s a faerie; her name is Gigi,” she added before returning to her shopping.

     Anyway, the reactions were more or less what I expected. The bookstore shopkeeper even refused to let me come in the shop, and laughed when Geo said he was buying books for his Meepit. Oh well, this journal will change all that one day!

16th day of Storing, Y10

     Well, today I was sold. Geo started sobbing when his owner told him they desperately needed the neopoints, which resulted in a lecture about acting tough followed by me being dragged off to the trading post and traded to a mean-looking blue Zafara. So far he has shown signs of wanting me to be bad, but I’m hoping for the best.

16th day of Storing, Y10

     My pet’s name is Zaq, and he’s a bully. He bought me to scare the pets he bullies even more than before, to build up his reputation. It figures; this is why Meepits exist, to intimidate. It is a pity that we have such a rep that causes us to be so unhappy. Well, this will be my last entry before I embrace my new life of evil. I will send this to the Neopian Times headquarters and hope that it is published, so future Meepits can hopefully live happily.

     Just remember, if you have, meet, or even see a Meepit, try and get to know it before expecting the worst! Thanks, many Meepits will appreciate the effort.

-Sir Fluffs

The End

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