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New Series

Messenger: The Journey North - Part One

We're located right behind the Petpet Supplies shop. We're a little red brick building with a corral, a kennel, and a yard off to the side. A wooden sign is nailed to the door, The Petpet Doctor.

by hedgehog_queen
Plushie Island: Part One

At the Plushie Palace, we don't have names. I'd never even heard of a "name" before, until Ginger came.

by majikel
Xavier's Quest: Part One

There were no celebrations to be found: no lights, no decorated trees, no singing from the Cliffhanger cliffs. Surely someone had noticed by now. Surely someone on Terror Mountain had realized what time of year it was.

by phadalusfish
The Fallen: Loved - Part One

The closer the month of Giving came, the further down Javiod sank into his despair. His heart ached as those around him celebrated...

by ayame_23
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Solitaire = Zombies?

The zombification process appears to occur after extended playing of Sakhmet Solitaire. Motivated by boredom or a simple delight in playing Solitaire, Neopians approach the Sakhmet Solitaire Tent in the middle of the City of Sakhmet, greeting the Desert Chomby who lies in wait. The different rules catch many by surprise, but they often ignore the potential despair hiding within the cards to play a quick game. One game turns into...

Other Stories


The Mystery Island Breakfast Line
When waiting in a long line outside of a food store, do not let anything distract you, or else you'll end up like them.

by skullkandies


Truly Rainbow Lane
Fireworks rock!

by tiquandowitch


Living Randomly in Neopia
I am always finding things on the ground or getting things handed to me out of nowhere, randomly.

by darkstormer666


Terror Mountain Tilt Guide
Is your Terror Mountain Tilt score low? Are you a trophies collector in serious need... of trophies? Look no further!

by kissamus


Why the lab ray may not be the best idea for pets with phobias...

by butterflygirl113


The Mischievous Chocolate Factory
What happens when a Chocolate Neopet walks into the Chocolate Factory...

by liloutbomber

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