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The Mystery Island Breakfast Line

by skullkandies


The overview-- a typical Sunday on Mystery Island. It's 9:57:23 am NST, and here's Brandine and Laela, average customers in average clothes, waiting in line for some fruit from the Tropical Foods Shop to make their late breakfast. Brandine, a cloud Acara dressed in a navy blue T-shirt and skirt, is holding up a mirror to her face and examining the strands of hair in her eyebrows. How silly! Her slightly chubbier friend, Laela, a short, pink Zafara wearing a stocking cap and still in her pajamas, is humming to herself. The quiet murmur of the rest of the crowd overlaps them.

      "I am SO sick of waiting for the line to move!" Brandine exclaims. "What's the hold up in the front of the line?" she asks, turning to Laela.

      "Um... uh.." Laela gets out of line for a moment to peek over towards the front. "The guy up front is bargaining for a lower price on lemwarts." She runs over to Brandine to get her spot back.

      "Hey, no cutting in line!" a brown Kougra shouts, holding on to his daughter's paw.

      "But I--" Laela begins. "I-I was just checking to see what the hold up was! My friend told me to."

      "Well, I'm sorry, but you and your friend will need to move to the back of the line. It isn't fair," an elderly green Eyrie explains quietly.


     Laela swivels around to see the expression on Brandine's face and gulps. Her teeth are clenched and her "gorgeous eyebrows" are in a squeeze. Then she turns around and looks at the long crowd behind her, and understands Brandine's sudden fury.

      "W-well, I guess we'd better get going to the b-back of the line, then, Brandine..."

     Brandine grabs her by the arm and drags her along all the way to the end of the line. Once more, they wait patiently and inattentively as the line before them gets smaller and they come closer to the front of the line. Their thirst is parched and their lips are cracked and dry. Brandine imagines the delicious, fruity taste of a citrus cocktail while Laela's thoughts are set on a big glass bowl of azzlesauce...

      "Psst.... Laela!" Brandine whispers. "We're nearly to the front."

     Laela nods excitedly. Then, suddenly, the stocking cap she is wearing on her head flies off and lands in a mud puddle!

      "Awww, tigersquash!" she mutters. But then she sees two little Aisha boys playing in the mud with sticks, and when they fling her hat around, something tells her she must immediately retrieve it, like it's some sort of precious petpet in danger.

      "HEY! Give that back!" she cries, lunging toward the Aishas.

      "Laela, no!" Brandine warns her, but she's too late. She smacks her hand against her forehead as all watch the ridiculous wild goose chase between Laela, the two Aisha boys, and a hat.

      "Timothie! Tucker!" a woman's voice calls. "We have our juppies now; it's time to go."

     The two Aishas stop what they're doing and run towards the Faerie Aisha, their mother, walking away from the line with their father. Tucker turns around and sticks out his tongue at Laela as they leave. Laela growls tiredly and puts the now filthy hat back on her head.

      "Back of line for you two!" A spotted Ixi, in the line behind Brandine and a Quiggle, chuckles. Brandine sighs defeatedly and walks to the back with Laela. The line is still large, and once again, they have to wait their turn to get to the front. As they continue this endless wait, Brandine constantly reminds Laela NOT to get distracted, and NOT to leave the line for any reason. Laela tells her that she promises not to. By the time they're near the front, it's almost 11:30 am NST, and the two girls are starving. A flying petpetpet lands on Laela's nose, and her nose begins to twitch.

      "A--A--AH--AHH-ACHOOOOO!" she sneezes. Once more, her stocking cap soars off of her head and into the mud nearby. She glances nervously at Brandine.

      "DON'T MOVE," Brandine snarls through gritted teeth. Laela agrees not to. After a short while of more waiting, however, she notices people have been stepping on her hat, urging her to pick it up. "If only my arms were long enough to reach it," she thinks to herself.

     "SQUISH!" A blue Wocky smushes it farther into the mud. Laela clenches her fists. She quickly eyes Brandine to see if she isn't looking, then reaches for the hat.

      "Next!" the shopkeeper calls. Two red Blumaroos standing in front of them hop up to the stand and begin to haggle on some islandberries.

      "Laela, it's almost our tu-- LAELA!!! What are you doing?!?" Brandine shrieks.

      Laela dives into the mud to get the hat. "I'm sorry, Bran, but I really don't like to see my hat get stepped on like this."

      "GRRRRR! It's YOUR fault we keep getting sent to the back, you selfish fool!" Brandine jumps in after her and knocks her down, throwing the hat into an even farther mud puddle.

     "Look what you just did!" Laela screams. She throws herself at Brandine and sends her skidding through the mud. The two girls shriek and wrestle and jump and shout as they pelt themselves in mud, all because of a silly hat.

      "Next!" the shopkeeper calls out again. A white Techo that was standing behind them moves forward in line to get his fruit. The rest of the line does, also, surpassing the girls, still arguing in the mud.

      "Well, THAT's just great!" Laela mutters. "We were almost to the front, and now the whole line is ahead of us again, thanks to you."

     "It's your fault, not mine!" shouts Brandine. Then they stop in the mud and watch the line. After about another hour, all of the other customers are gone, and the two filthy girls are the only ones left. They dash to the front of the stand, excited and happy that it's finally their turn.

     "I'd like a bowl of azzlesauce, please!" Laela squeals.

      "And one of your very best fruit cocktails for me," says Brandine.

     "Well, I'm sorry, ladies, but we're all sold out of everything. Why not come back when we're finished restocking?"

      ...The two girls freeze in their tracks, eyes wide. Tears start to flow from Brandine's eyes. Laela turns around and sees a much larger crowd of people coming towards the stand to wait for the store to restock.

      "So... I guess Giant Omelette is out of the question, then?" she laughs nervously.

      "Anything but food from the Tombola..." Brandine answers, sniffling.

      Laela puts her short, chubby, arm around Brandine, and the two silently walk home, pretty much restless from the whole event that went on today, and very, very, hungry.

      "You know, I still have a whole bunch of pancake mix in the cupboard we could've used this morning, instead of coming here and waiting in line for hours," Laela mentions.

      Brandine turns and gasps, then glares at Laela, and then she knows to keep her mouth shut the rest of the way back to her house, or else their lunch would be Mud n' Mayo from the Tombola.

The End

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