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Short Stories

The Perfect Petpet for Sophie

Sophie had been on her own for almost a year now. She was carefully reading one of the many spell books she had found in the old shed...

by a_greenparrot
True Friendship

Today was Saturday, the day when all of the neighborhood kids went out and played at the local park. The Aisha was looking forward to showing her friends her new plushie.

by lovesdogsago
The Moonlit Adventure

Ariata's first time at walking home alone turned out to be more than she expected.

by ilove_virtualpets
Diary of a Teenage Faerie: Persephone

In the centre of the room was a large cake with twelve candles on it, each one burning with a flame of a different colour.

'My twelfth birthday,' she thought. 'Soon I'll be a real faerie!'

by rookina

The Royalty Club

I'd wanted to be Royal since before Mom had adopted me, for as long as I could remember. I almost started drooling, but that wasn't a very appropriate thing for a Royal-to-be to do...

by animetriplicate
Von Roo's Tale

Von Roo continued, "I have been treated horribly, and wish to redeem myself to the citizens of Neopia. I wish to befriend them, not to scare them."

Also by akeyz

by chat_adik

A Trip to the Dentist

"Julia, we have to go," Olivia said. "The appointment is in five minutes and we've barely made it outside the house."

by maltese51191
Memoirs of a Meepit

My name is Sir Fluffs, and I'm a Meepit.

by averryyy
A Tale Written

It was a long time ago, nearing the beginning of the world. Faerieland was only for faeries in this time...

by buds_and_authors
From the Files of Phil M. Nwar

The Morningside rental office building was not the nicest place to situate your business, but it was cheap, and that was what counted.

by goosher
The Mystery Island Breakfast Line

When waiting in a long line outside of a food store, do not let anything distract you, or else you'll end up like them.

by skullkandies
No Choice

I have nothing. I start from scratch every day, scrambling to recover what I have lost.

by laurapet131

Reverie and May were the same age, but that was the only similarity between them.

by punctuation_ninja
Zafara Rogue

Winter was her enemy now. She realized, as each footstep got a little bit more difficult, that she was running out of time.

by yellowsugardog
Where Faeries Come From

"Flutter, PLEASE? I just want to know. Where do Faeries come from?"

by skutterbotched
Truly Rainbow Lane

Fireworks rock!

by tiquandowitch
The Perfect Petitioners Day

Caspus was just thinking what a lovely and most perfect day it was when, as perfect things often do, everything went wrong.

by sariphe
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"The Perfect Petpet for Sophie" by a_greenparrot
Sophie grabbed a stool and looked down at her concoction. It was a bubbling brown. She shook her head. "This isn't right," she muttered to herself. Suddenly the brown goop began to dry out and shrink. Soon all the she was left with was a pile of brown pellets. "Where did I go wrong?"

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