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Yeah, so... I entered an answer to Round 288 of the Lenny Conundrum, since I knew what the answer was. ;-) However, when the answer was revealed, the correct reply was "brooce" (whereas I had answered "bruce"). Therefore, my answer was kinda wrong in some way. Does the Lenny Conundrum only accept exact answers? ~6bryan9
Indeed it does. When answering the Lenny Conundrum, please only enter the exact answer (or, if it's specified, be sure to read in what way we'd like the question to be answered).

Hey, TNT! Why are there two Turmac Balloons?!? One's worth 8-9000 NP while the other's the AAA gift, worth 15-20 NP. The situation may create problems... ~ritwik_291194
Oops. We've corrected the issue to avoid further confusion, along with a couple of other items that were reported. Thanks for the alert!

Sorry to bother you with yet another transfer problem, but there seems to be a pretty big glitch. In the times when I have tried to transfer my island Aisha to a new owner, I've gotten an error message after clicking the "confirm transfer" button. The message says, "An error occurred when trying to move this Neopet. Please try again later." I have been trying for 3 days. Her Petpage is cleared and so is her lookup. She has no Petpet, no NP / NC clothing, and I've disabled my PIN. Other users are having this same problem, and it seems to be affecting mainly Neopets with paint brush clothing. Is there a glitch, or just a huge backup? When will transfers be back up and running? If this gets into the Editorial, thanks for answering it. =] ~rpwehp12
We got a lot of questions regarding this issue and are currently working to fix it. :X

Hey there, hi there, ho there! I am curious. Not long ago there was the small (but fun) Petpet Park plot thingy. I was wondering: have the prizes been given out for that yet? Unfortunately I had a major computer meltdown and have lost the link to that game page. Thanks for all the fun times. :) ~tigerakp
Yep, if you've played through the entire mini-plot you can collect your prizes in the same area that you visited for the plot. Head to this page and click you-know-what to enter the mission area and receive your prize.

Hi TNT! *gives some cookies but eats one* Do you actually watch and check the movies, comics, etc. for anything inappropriate, or do you just choose them randomly? *eats another cookie* I wanted to know this because I like watching the videos, but I want to make sure they're all kid-friendly, since I'm only ten. *notices all the cookies have been eaten, so gets more out of the fridge* ~jessebug29
Yes, all user-submitted content for our contests is viewed by staff, so areas like Neovision, the Neopian Times, and writing contests should be friendly to all ages.

Mmm... cold cookies straight from the fridge!

I've heard that sometimes, if you're really extremely lucky, Glamour Neggs can sometimes have Blue Pteri Morphing Potions inside. Is that true? Thanks, TNT Editorial Staff. :) ~l1234h3
Sorry, but Glamour Neggs don't give out Blue Pteri Morphing Potions any more. :(

I have noticed that most of the Neopets painted blue do not have hair / fur on their heads (for example, blue Zafaras and blue Tuskaninnies). This only happens when the Neopet is blue. Is this a glitch, or are blue Neopets supposed to be bald? ~marshy_mallow160
This is a glitch. We currently have one of our artists working to correct the issue. Thanks for the heads-up!

Hi, TNT. Recently on the Help Chat I have seen people taking some commonly-known appropriate words that have been lesser-known meanings of gross / inappropriate internet slang and then creating boards asking if that username is reportable. Most of the time people don't know the definition and say that there's nothing wrong with it. I can easily say that, in almost every single one of these boards that I've been to, a person will say, "Look it up on Google." The thing that I want to know is: wouldn't saying this be just as bad as putting the meaning up on the boards? I think this has been a topic of controversy for quite a while, and it would be great if you could clear it up. :) (Please keep out my username, thanks. ^^) ~[username removed]
First, posting words that have double meanings or words that sound very similar to inappropriate words and putting them in a context that obviously shows you are intending them to be seen in the innapropriate way is not Neopets-friendly. Purposely posting these types of words and then whinging when the monitors warn / freeze you as you claim innocence because "technically" you weren't saying anything wrong is not going to fly. Secondly, no one should be posting off-site links or websites encouraging players to leave the safety of the site, especially to look up words that may have inappropriate meanings. If you see anyone participating in this type of poor behaviour, please report them immediately so our monitors can deal with it.

Out of curiosity, I was wondering why every Neopet has one of its hands (or both) in a fist? Was it just some random idea (you know, someone decided it would be fun to make them all look like they would beat you up and steal your lunch money if you forgot to feed them one day), or is there an actual reason behind the pose? ~shades_of_dust
While it would be amusing (to us, at least) for starving Neopets to attack, the reason behind it was so that Neopets could hold items in their hands.

Hey, TNT. Seeing as you can find TCG cards on the ground, does that mean you can even find a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG)? Thanks for answering! *gives you a cookie* ~kadfisch
Yep. If you're one extremely lucky player you could find one on the ground! There's a lot of different cards so the chances are very slim, but it can happen!

Hi. :x Well, I went on this school field trip from the 1st to the 3rd, and as a result I missed the first and second days of the Advent Calendar. I was wondering: is there any way that I can claim the prizes I missed because of this or not? (Also, could you leave my name out? Thanks.^^) ~[username removed]
Sorry, once the day for the Advent Calendar has passed you cannot go back and claim the prize in any way. You can purchase the items from other players to complete your collection of the items, though.

If your friend entrusts their password to you and asks you to get their Advent Calendar item(s) for them, is this allowed? I know that it would always be preferable for everyone to get their own Advent Calendar items (to avoid confusion, etc.), but is getting someone else's things for them actually against the rules? (Just for the Advent Calendar, of course -- nothing else like transferring items or redeeming other dailies) Thank you. :) (Please remove my username) ~[username removed]
Under no circumstance should you give your password to a friend. This very much includes for visiting the Advent Calendar. Even if you trust your friend, it's still against the rules regardless. We see "friends" steal accounts and items from each other all the time, which is just heartbreaking. Don't make it easy for others to steal from you; always keep your password to yourself.

Players who give away their passwords will
be lucky to have coal left in their account.

Could you please make a Neoadventure board to advertise our Neoadventures? It would be helpful for people if they have just made a Neoadventure. *Hands the editor a cupcake* ~hp_fan_98
Hmm, we think the Neopian Writers board would be the best place to chat about and solicit readers for your new Neoadventure. Or, you know, get into the Editorial. We bet it worked real well, heh.

I came up with a guess for the Mystery Pic competition, but then got a message saying my submission was too long. I went back, made it shorter, and re-submitted, but then got another message saying that I can't enter again until next week. Please help! :( ~elizabethgl
D'oh! You can only enter the Mystery Pic contest once per week, so we're afraid your entry got consumed when you attempted to submit the guess that was too long. :(

So, I was browsing through past Editorials with hopes of finding the answer to a particular question, "Is it possible to free up one of your five account spaces by self-freezing one of your accounts?" and I found you contradicting yourselves. In one Editorial, you said, "Yes, if you have 5 accounts, deactivate one, and then make another, that is fine." In another Editorial, you said that this was not okay, but that you could make a new account on a new email address; this left me quite confused. Could you please clear this up once and for all? Thanks! ~maddy123096
The two responses were regarding two slightly separate things, actually. We'll clarify here. The first response is informing players that they can enjoy a maximum of five accounts on the site. If you already have five accounts and think of some SUPER COOL username and want to create an account using it, we ask that you delete one of the older accounts so you don't have more than five total accounts. (We're assuming) the second statement was made with regard to email addresses. Only so many accounts can be created using the same email address. Even if that account is frozen (either by monitors or yourself) the use of the email address is still consumed. This means that, if you freeze your old account to make a new one but have already met the limit for the number of times you can use a particular email address, then you will need to create or use a new email address for making and activating the account.

Erm... say we accidentally typed a username wrong when we were transferring and that person hasn't been seen in a long time on Neopets. Is there any way to back out of the transfer? If not, does the Neopet go back to you, or does he/she go to the Pound? ~babyspirt108
As long as you keep the spot empty for its return, your Neopet should come bounding back to your account in a couple of days. However, if you fill up with four Neopets before then, the poor thing will be redirected to the Pound.

Assuming you're on an Ultimate Riches account (or whichever one has the highest rate), how many NPs would you need to get 1,000,000 NPs of interest per day? :o ~matjake44_3
It'd take 2,920,000,000 NP according to our calculations. Best start saving!

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